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SHERIDAN — The chief deputy to the Sheridan County Assessor is suing a rancher for injuries allegedly incurred during a property inspection.

Rita Glantz, who has worked for the Sheridan County Assessor for approximately 35 years, is named as the plaintiff in the lawsuit, filed in 4th Judicial District Court against Dayton rancher Larry Hanft.

The complaint states Glantz visited Hanft’s property to do an inspection for tax purposes Nov. 6, 2009, when Hanft “negligently struck or hit the plaintiff” in the area of the right shoulder and lower neck.

Attorney Hayden Heaphy said the lawsuit was a complete surprise to Hanft, and he was unaware Glantz had been injured during the visit until he was served papers. Heaphy said Hanft does recall patting Glantz on the back in a friendly manner, and Glantz showed no subsequent signs of injury afterward.

“What happened was a friendly touch on the back, like everyone has seen in a social setting,” Heaphy said, indicating that Hanft’s wife recalls that Glantz continued to tour the property after the interaction between the two.

Glantz is asking for compensation for medical expenses, disfigurement, disability, loss of wages and earning capacity and past and future pain, suffering and disability. Court documents estimate damages to be $500,000.

County Assessor Paul Fall confirmed the lawsuit was filed because Glantz made a worker’s compensation claim when she missed work due to an injury.

Said the lawsuit is originating from an initiative from the Department of Workforce Services Workers’ Compensation Department.

“Any time they pay out money, they want it back,” Fall said.

Fall also said Glantz is still currently employed by his office.

Heaphy has not yet submitted a reply to the complaint, and no court date has been set.

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