Colo. school funding challenge goes to high court

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DENVER (AP) — A lawsuit challenging Colorado’s school funding system as unconstitutional goes before the state Supreme Court on Thursday, an epic case that can have far-reaching implications on the already cash-strapped budget.

The case aims to settle a yearslong debate: How much money should the state spend on education to adequately fund school districts across Colorado?

Attorneys for parents and 21 school districts, most in rural Colorado, have argued the state has violated its constitutional promise of providing a “thorough and uniform” education system. The attorneys argue that not all students in Colorado have access to the same technology and latest curriculum, especially those living in low-income areas.

Government attorneys have said in court filings that school funding should be up to lawmakers to control and that the judiciary shouldn’t breach its power. State attorneys maintain Colorado has met its constitutional obligation and can’t afford to increase school funding.
A Denver District judge ruled last year that the state’s educational funding system is “irrational and inadequate” and that there isn’t a single district that is sufficiently funded.

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