Coleman is ‘go to member;’ no ‘rubber stamp’ official

Re: Patton endorsement

State Rep. Kathy Coleman has presented qualities of a fine legislator beyond her first time of office. She remains composed when others get confused and seeks information when studying a measure to get a good understanding of the proposal. She gets to the intention of the measure and ferrets out the possible unintended consequences before committing to a decision.

Rep. Coleman’s thoughtfulness quickly gained her respect from many members of the Legislature. Her committee work is demanding. She is a member of the “health committee,” which was faced with the Obamacare Medicaid issue, and she became the “go to member” as this committee worked many different approaches.

Rep. Coleman sat across an aisle from me and I became aware that she was no rubber stamp legislator, nor intimidated by the pressure of political or radical proponents. She is very strong, thoughtful, caring and committed in representing the best interests of Sheridan and Wyoming.

I support her re-election and urge your favorable consideration.


State Rep. John Patton, House District 29


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