Coleman diligent, articulate, focused

Re: Aug. 19 primary


It is often times very difficult for voters to really know whether their representatives are serving them well or not. In the fog of mailers and verbiage surrounding an election, it becomes difficult to tell substance from mirage. Knowing that, I wanted to let you know that Rep. Kathy Coleman has done a great job representing the people of Sheridan County.

In two short years, Rep. Coleman has proven herself to be diligent, articulate and focused on the interests of her constituents. Time and again she has stepped forward to protect Wyoming’s business climate and to insure that we have a state where people are allowed to succeed. I’d ask you to honor her efforts with your vote and send her back to Cheyenne to continue her great work on your behalf.


Rep. Tim Stubson, HD 56


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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..