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The rise in temperatures this week brought people off of their couches and out of their homes. Locals flooded the area pathways and parks, their four-legged friends wagging behind.

It is great that Sheridan has so many recreation opportunities to enjoy.

The grass along the pathways stays cut, for the most part free of garbage, and dogs are free to sniff and relieve themselves wherever they want.

In the winter months, it is easy to kick some snow over the poo pile and pretend it never happened, but in the spring as snow disappears and more and more people take their pets on walks the situation can get pretty nasty.

You all know what we mean. Once frozen piles thaw and create that wonderful aroma.

We jest, but really how hard is it to tie a couple of the green bags provided along the pathways to your leash and always have one on hand.

When your dog has to go, it has to go, but you should pick it up and deposit it in one of the garbage cans along the way.

We all pride ourselves on the natural beauty and pristine landscapes that make Sheridan so special.
Let’s keep the pathways, parks and other areas frequently used by recreationists clean.

This includes our dog parks. Just because we know others who leave their dogs’ messes doesn’t mean it is OK for you to do so as well.

It isn’t good for the other dogs who visit the parks or for the many children and adults who accompany their furry friends to play in the grass all summer long.
As temperatures continue climbing, let’s keep it clean.

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