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SHERIDAN — Approximately 50 watercolor paintings made their debut in the Inner Circle of the Sheridan Fulmer Library last week. The paintings are work of members of the Sheridan Senior Center art class and have been in progress since last fall.

The class is taught by Gail Sidletsky who has taught art at the center for seven years. She is a member of the Wyoming Watercolor Society and the Sheridan Artists’ Guild. The class meets twice a week and includes advanced painters, as well as ones who had never before held a paintbrush.

“Oh my gosh, they all do,” Sidletsky said, about whether some of the students have discovered previously unknown talent. “They all have their own style. I have everything from people who have always painted with me to someone who just started in March. We just encourage them to get started. I just go around and work with each one more or less on their level.”

“Some of them paint at home too and they’ll come in and show us what they did,” she added. “We’ll offer little critiques, ‘Oh, we think you need to do this or that’. We all help each other. That is what is so nice about the class. You get a lot of different opinions about what they see.”

“Sometimes it takes a few weeks to get the painting done,” she continued. “Even towards the end of this month, we did matting and framing so some of them have even matted and framed their pieces.”
Artists contributing paintings to the exhibit include Sidletsky, Louise Knievel, Jack Burke, Gerald VanLitsenborgh, Helen Graham, Maxine Gifford, H. Marlene Stratton, Joane Feagins, Mary Ann Frazer, Debbie Richardson, Vickie Koltiska, Gail Eisele Brown and Dave Siebert.

Most of the classes are held indoors at the Senior Center, but Sidletsky said the group was able to make an outing to the Kleenburn area last fall and capture some outside scenes on canvas.
Some of the newer members of the class have contributed just one or two paintings to the show, while others have up to 10 paintings on display.

“I have men and women,” she said about the class. “This year I had almost as many men as women. I have everyone from 52 to 95 (years old). It is amazing. It is a nice diverse class. They are just wonderful people to work with.”

The paintings are on exhibit until June 30. A reception for the artists will be held in the Inner Circle Room on June 4 from 5 -7 p.m.

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