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SHERIDAN — Sheridan City Planning Commission voted Monday to recommend approval for a rezone on Val Vista Street.

The rezone would consist of nearly 17,000 square feet of property west and south of Zowada Plumbing, located at 724 Val Vista St. between West Third and West Fourth streets. The zoning would change from R-3 residential to B-1 business.

Dan Black, who owns Zowada Plumbing, which is zoned B-1, and the land behind Zowada that is zoned R-3 submitted the original petition for a rezone since the area behind Zowada has historically been used for parking and staging in conjunction with commercial activity at 724 Val Vista St.

Kent and Katie Sherwood, who own Sheridan Physical Therapy on the corner of West Third and Val Vista streets, as well as the property zoned R-3 south of Zowadas, joined the petition to have the property at 706 Val Vista St. rezoned to B-1.

The primary reason for the rezone request was to bring zoning consistency to the block, Planning and Development Director Robert Briggs said.

“The area is on the fringe of the downtown area,” Briggs said.

Additionally, the use of surrounding parcels is mixed but leans more toward the business/commercial side.

Lots 715 through 743 on the east side of Val Vista are all rental properties zoned R-3 residential, which is the most lenient residential zoning.

Briggs said city staff felt impacts to the surrounding area would be minimal with a rezone since Val Vista is already used for commercial traffic. The properties are served with water and sewer that will be sufficient for the commercial uses allowed under B-1 zoning.

Commissioners held little discussion before voting to recommend approval of the rezone to City Council, which will consider the matter Oct. 7.

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