City, county to discuss growing list of unsolved issues between the entities

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SHERIDAN — Mayor Dave Kinskey, Sheridan City Council and city department heads have submitted a letter to County Commissioners in preparation for the upcoming city/county meeting at 6 p.m. Monday at City Hall in which the two governmental bodies will discuss issues of concern.

The letter includes a list of successful city/county partnership projects, the city’s perspective on a list of seven issues expressed by the county, and a list of seven issues the city would like to address in the meeting and through staff study over the next several months.

“It is important to note that historically we have always worked very well together,” the letter stated. “We may not always agree on the ultimate outcome but we have been able to come together in a civil and organized manner to achieve a significant number of successes.”

The letter also urged that issues of concern be delegated to staff to gather facts, study the issue and offer policy recommendations to executive governing bodies once concerns have been vetted and cost options explored.

It proposed that the mayor and the county commissioners meet once every two weeks to discuss the projects and concerns that are “works in progress” and brought before the full City Council and full County Commission only if additional direction or policy change is needed.

The list of city concerns includes:

• Funding for Sheridan College staffing and operations, especially funding for infrastructure extension to the new animal science facility north of Sheridan;

• A county resolution stating that Johnson County, Buffalo and the city of Sheridan would assist Sheridan County with funding a subsidy for air service. The city is in support but is unsure of the requested commitments and where funding will be found;

• City operation of a landfill and recycling facility for the county with a question whether some or all services should be county-wide;

• A discussion on whether the county might be able to offer funding assistance for the new interstate interchange in north Sheridan;

• A request that Sheridan County offer funding to support the Northeast Wyoming Congressional Tour currently funded by every northeast Wyoming city and county except Wright, Crook County and Sheridan County;

• A discussion of the possibility of a joint bid process for ambulance services;

• An update to the 2009 Sheridan Joint Area Land Use Plan.

County concerns included an expired Law Enforcement Center contract; a desire to maintain a municipal and circuit court system with a fair workload on each; a desire that the city annex roads when it annexes county land; a request that the city match the level of county One-Cent funds for the Juvenile Justice program; a desire that the city absorb additional debt service when it annexes county Sheridan Area Water Supply customers and begins to receive their revenue; a request that the city perform VIN inspections with the same availability as the county; and a discussion on the renewal of the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax in November.

In the letter, the city said it submitted a revised contract for the Law Enforcement Center to county staff on June 12, 2013, but it never received a response.

It also said the city is awaiting responses from the county to proposed processes regarding county road annexations and SAWS annexations. Regarding VIN inspections, the city simply said it does inspections but is open to additional discussion.

The letter said the city does believe funding for juvenile justice could be better established and discussed. It also said the city would like to assess whether both a municipal and circuit court are needed or if that is an unneeded duplication of services.

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