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SHERIDAN — Sheridan City Council unanimously approved a new liquor license and a liquor license transfer at its regular meeting Monday.

The new liquor license was granted to Luminous Brewhouse, LLC, for a micro brewery located within Warehouse 201, a new restaurant situated at 201 Broadway Street. Warehouse 201 will house three businesses: an eatery with steak, burgers and other diverse dinner options, a winery to manufacture wine and a brewery to produce micro beers. Weston Wineries and Luminous Brewhouse will not have dispensing rooms; both will direct wholesale items to a main dispensing room and secondary dispensing room in Warehouse 201.
Warehouse 201 is set to open May 17.

Chad Franklin, owner of P.O. News and Flagstaff Cafe on Main Street, called the renovation of the brick building at the corner of Broadway and Grinnell Plaza a glorious restoration.
“It’s a huge undertaking. It will be worth the wait,” he said.
The liquor license transfer will move the retail liquor license held by Heritage Center, Inc. (Sheridan Inn) to a new establishment located at the northeast corner of Main Street and Fifth Street.
Owned by WJK, LLC, the building is currently being renovated to accommodate the new establishment and was described as an upscale, sit-down bar to offer another option to enjoy a drink in a non-food atmosphere.

“This particular building is vacant right now and has been for quite a while. So now we’ve taken a vacant building that was on the corner that did not have any traffic going to it, no improvements being done to it, and now it’s getting a fresh, new face and a fresh, new approach,” Councilman Alex Lee said, following the meeting.

“I think that will liven up that corner on Fifth and Main,” he added. “Rib and Chop has done a great job, and Powder River Pizza Pub. There’s a lot of traffic going on in that corner, and I think this will just enhance it that much more.”

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