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Farmers Market tonight!

5 p.m. Downtown Sheridan.




Big Horn Heritage Days is this weekend. Live music, activities, art, wagon rides and such. Why, there’s even a chuck wagon cooking competition, sanctioned by the American Chuck Wagon Cooking Association.

The Big Horn Smokehouse and the Big Horn Mercantile are putting the event on, right there in downtown Big Horn. The fun starts at 9 a.m. Saturday.




So who’s the best college football coach against ranked competition? It’s not Nick Saban.

David Shaw of Stanford is 14-4 (.778 winning percentage) against 18 ranked opponents in three seasons isn’t a large sample, but nonetheless, a tough schedule. In comparison, Urban Meyer of Ohio State has only scheduled seven ranked opponents in the last three seasons and is 5-2, overall he’s 25-12.

It’s no secret that big time college coaches like to load up on the “cupcakes” in early season and the smaller schools with weaker programs like the big payday and publicity that comes with taking on a Nebraska or an Alabama.

Yet the most impressive coaching record, according to Associated Press statistics and The Wall Street Journal: Bob Stoops of Oklahoma. He’s 50-23 against ranked opponents. (160-39, overall.) Saban’s winning percentage is higher (.700 versus .685) than Stoops, but he’s faced half as many games. Saban is 28-12 against ranked teams.

Stoops’ reputation – Big Game Bob – has taken a hit or two from the Sooner Nation, recalling his team’s 55-19 loss to USC in 2004 national championship game and the 43-42 upset in overtime to Boise State in 2007 Fiesta Bowl which would have provided another national title. (The USC loss was erased from the books because of the Trojan’s player infractions.) Stoops has one national title in Norman, but that’s not enough. “We should have had four,” says one loyal, longtime season ticket holder. But they did thump big ole Alabama last year in the Sugar Bowl, 45-31.




“Aggie jokes” are a big deal in the state of Texas. It’s one of the great schools in the U.S., home to first-rate engineering, space exploration, animal cloning and veterinary medicine programs and usually a good football team, nowadays a power in the SEC. In fact, it’s the largest university in Texas, fourth largest in the U.S.


An Aggie, a (Texas) Longhorn and a Baylor Bear are lined up to be shot by an execution squad after being captured in a South American coup. The captain of the firing squad says, “Ready, aim…..”, and the Longhorn yells: “Earthquake!”. The executioners are distracted and he gets away. The Baylor Bear is next and yells: “Tornado!”, and he gets way. The Aggie steps up and yells: “Fire!”

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