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Catching a glimpse of greatness

Tamika Catchings found a note recently while cleaning out her garage. It was a hand-written letter from legendary basketball coach Pat Summitt, given to Catchings in the summer of 2002. “I’m proud of you and proud for you,” the note read. “You have a great pro career ahead of you.” Tamika Catchings is retiring after… Continue Reading

Tossing back home-run balls

Good news, guys. If you make a hole-in-one, you get to buy drinks at the 19th hole! Not only did you accomplish something that none of your schmuck golfing buddies did — something with roughly 12,500 to 1 odds — but now you get to drop $30 of your own money to celebrate! If you’re… Continue Reading

Peyton gone, NFL moves forward

Were the weekend’s college football games exciting enough for you? My goodness it feels so good to have football back on the tube. And starting tomorrow, we’ll be in full swing with the NFL ruining our lives for the next six months. I don’t know who can’t wait more, me or Bart Scott. Before we… Continue Reading

Undoubtedly wrong CFB predictions, pt. III

Roll Tide Roll. That’s all the Alabama Crimson Ride have done for the past several years. Roll. Nick Saban is 100-18 in nine seasons at Alabama and a four-time national champion, including last season when he and the Tide rolled Clemson. I’d expect more of the same in the 2016 season. The college football season… Continue Reading

Witnessing Olympic history

Quick update: Bryan Clauson was an organ donor. His organs saved five lives. He extended the race for five people. That’s important, and that’s            Bryan Clauson. Speaking of races, though, the last week and a half has been chock full of them, and we’re not even going to get into… Continue Reading

A love for the track

There’s this picture of race car driver Bryan Clauson. He’s being hoisted in the air by a group of friends — “goofball buddies” one of them posted on Facebook Monday. Clauson was involved in a devastating crash Saturday at a midget race in Kansas, and he died Sunday from injuries sustained in the crash. He… Continue Reading

Oh, say can you Zika

Five hundred and forty American athletes will don the red, white and blue for the next two weeks as the 2016 Olympic Games kick off Friday in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Those poor blokes. When I say that Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city, I mean beautifully corrupt, crime-ridden and… Continue Reading

Cherishing sports memories

My grandmother died Monday morning after a quick but atrocious bout with cancer. That’s redundant, though. All bouts with cancer are atrocious. Cancer sucks. I’ve typed that two-word sentence far too often in this Wednesday column. But man does cancer suck. I tell you this not for your sympathy or kind words and gestures. Although… Continue Reading

Simple acts of kindness

Sometimes, as fans of sport, we have to stop and realize what we are watching. We have to understand that there’s more to it than painting our faces and demanding personal enjoyment from the game we are watching. We’ll always have water coolers to meet at Monday morning and argue over Kevin Durant’s decision to… Continue Reading

Silencing the critics

I’m sure you all were on pins and needles waiting for my NBA Finals analysis last week, and I’m sure you all were devastated when it didn’t show up on the sports page. Well, I was out of town all last week, and I honestly just forgot to send in my column. But it also… Continue Reading

Mailbag: What’s your summertime anthem?

Summer is here. They’re considered the dog days for a reason, especially in the sports world. Hockey is over, basketball is right behind it, and we still have four months until Major League Baseball playoffs. It’s the first summer in three years we haven’t had a World Cup, and it looks like the Olympics might… Continue Reading

Handcuffing lightning and throwing thunder in jail

People called him The Greatest. Heck, he called himself The Greatest. And he probably was. He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee, and was an iconic figure both inside and, more importantly, outside the boxing ring. Muhammed Ali’s death Friday hit the sports world hard. Any death of an icon is difficult… Continue Reading

The Chef vs. the King pt. deux

My NBA season preview all the way back in October predicted James Harden to win the league’s Most Valuable Player award. That was way wrong, per usual. Instead, Steph Curry repeated as MVP and earned the award unanimously — an NBA first — on his second go-round. The Chef cooked all season long, and now,… Continue Reading

Mailbag: Should I recline my seat on a plane?

I like to people watch, especially at the airport. So I’m sitting in the terminal at LAX Saturday, and a normal-looking middle-aged man wonders into my peripherals. Mustache, polo shirt, nothing out of the ordinary. But then he starts talking. There’s nobody with him — no wife, no business associate. He’s pacing, and it’s not until… Continue Reading

Baseball is back! Wait, what?

Yes, folks, you read that headline correctly. I, the same guy who whined about the exhaustion that is baseball in this very same space last year, followed the word “baseball” with an exclamation point. Who is this guy? First of all, let me start by apologizing to all the baseball buffs in Sheridan — there… Continue Reading

Luckie to have met you

It’s tough moving to a new city. A new state, even tougher. It becomes somewhat of a restart — new bearings to tighten, street names to remember and friends to meet. It was tough for me to leave Indiana 22 months ago, packing up a U-Haul trailer and peering at the only state I’ve ever… Continue Reading

Wowed by the UConn women

The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team is bad for basketball. That’s an opinion. It’s not my opinion. If you haven’t watched any of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament — and I understand, women’s basketball has this reputation of not being watched by the casual sports fan — let me bring you up to speed.… Continue Reading

Chef Curry cooking up greatness

By now, most of you have probably figured out my stance on NBA basketball…I freaking love it! And even if you’ve only had the chance to watch one Steph Curry play this season, you should understand why I love it. Steph Curry is a Monstar. The kid is insane. Read any article online about Curry… Continue Reading

Containing Cam Newton

Did you see Cam Newton’s Versace pants the other day? I’m not sure any quarterback has ever had as much confidence as Newton heading into a Super Bowl. At this time last year I was filling this space with 581 words about Katy Perry and Tom Brady’s deflated footballs. Luckily for everyone, this year’s Super… Continue Reading

John Mellencamp ended my career

Have you ever been trotting around the hardwood bobbing your head to that new Gucci Mane as you torch the net with some of the purest jump shots you’ve ever taken? I’m talking about a couple of lazy dribbles to the elbow, ball bouncing to the beat as you make a fake spin move before… Continue Reading

Mailbag: Which athletes would you punch?

We’re back! It’s edition numero dos of the Mike P. Mailbag. I’m not sure how excited you guys are, but I love these. I get to cover a bunch of topics, they’re pretty random and pretty funny. I’m still having to take to Facebook to lobby for questions, so I encourage you readers to keep… Continue Reading

It’s not as easy as it looks

There isn’t much I enjoy more than talking about sports. Whether it’s meeting with Don Julian on Tuesdays in the fall to get all the haps on the Sheridan Broncs or sitting at Powder River Pizza watching a bonkers three-overtime slugfest between the two best college basketball teams in the country. Did you see that… Continue Reading

Great for the game

Mark Jackson, a former NBA point guard and coach and current analyst for ABC’s NBA broadcasts, made some comments during the Golden State Warriors Christmas Day matchup with the Cleveland Cavaliers that caused a ruckus in the basketball world. “Understand what I’m saying when I say this. He’s hurting the game,” Jackson said about Warriors… Continue Reading

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