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Wright art; busy downtown

Today, the Martinsen Gallery at Sheridan College begins hosting Wright Choice Art Show. It’s free and the public is encouraged to attend. The show will run through Dec. 22. There will be a reception from 4-6 p.m. today. That’s inside the Whitney Academic Center. The show will honor lifelong local artists and educators Bill and… Continue Reading

Column: Christmas Stroll at 4; “pe-cahn vs pee-can”

Tonight’s the night! It’s not the Christmas season until the annual Sheridan Christmas Stroll, now in its 20th year. It’s Friday — today — from 4 to 8 p.m. in Historic Downtown Sheridan. There’s music, contests, promotional giveaways — always a festive night. And best of all, shop local discounts. Many merchants have in-store refreshments.… Continue Reading

Column: Pecans are a holiday memory

“Thanksgiving,” Edward Sanford Martin (1856-1936), an American editor and journalist once wrote, “comes, by statute once a year; to the honest man, it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.” •••••• A lot of holiday baking is beginning to crank up featuring pecans. I’ve got my mother’s recipe for pecan pie, the… Continue Reading

Column: Goodfellow Fund; largest paper of year

Tomorrow, the annual Goodfellow Fund campaign kicks off. It’s sponsored by The Sheridan Press and, for more than 50 years, it has helped make Christmas brighter for local families. This year’s goal: $8,000. Over time, some $300,000 has been raised. The proceeds are collected here at the Press office and are tracked and donated to… Continue Reading

Local football teams special

If someone just dropped out of the sky, from outer space, or even Texas, one could make an assumption: here lies a “football hotbed.” Sheridan High School — state champions. Tongue River High School — state championship runner up. And down the road a ways, Kaycee High School — state champions in six-man football. ••••••… Continue Reading

Fly Sheridan! air service returns

Nice work by the Critical Air Service Team (CAST), Sheridan Travel and Tourism, Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, Forward Sheridan and all of those involved in getting commercial air service back to Sheridan via Denver. There was a “launch party” today in the Malcolm Wallop Terminal Building at the Sheridan County Airport. Johnson County, too,… Continue Reading

Sheridan air service begins Nov. 19

Next week, daily air service out of Sheridan to Denver will begin. (And back.) Nov. 19, the record will show. Good stuff, this. •••••• “Just like Vietnam,” says one reader regarding President Obama’s decision to send 50 advisors into Syria. Comparison check: Not that much oil in Vietnam. (Aka “geopolitical interests.”) •••••• Dept. of incidental… Continue Reading

Notes, quotes, anecdotes

Russia cheating? To win medals at the Olympics? Golly, Batman. The next thing they’re going to tell us is that professional wrestling isn’t on the level. •••••• Thank you, veterans! •••••• Observations while visiting an older brother in Oklahoma City: • T-shirt spotted at local discount store: I’m out of estrogen and own a gun.… Continue Reading

Season’s Readings donations to begin

Today’s Notebook — comfort fit. •••••• Season’s Readings is kicking off this week in Sheridan. It’s sponsored by The Sheridan Press and puts children’s books into the homes and backpacks of local underserved youth. We work with The Food Group and Missi Hubert, its executive director. With volunteers, they sort the books, present a bright… Continue Reading

Press anecdotes; Cowboys recalled

Tidings from the Sheridan Press… • Last Friday, the Press enjoyed its annual staff Halloween costume party-competition and potluck soup. Thanks to all of the Press staff who made it a festive day. First-place costume winner was Travis Pearson, courthouse-cops-city reporter-writer who nailed “Ace Ventura — Pet Detective” right down to the hairstyle. Runner up… Continue Reading

Whitney/M&M rink; library auction coming

So…… How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet tissue? Don’t know. No one has ever seen it done. •••••• “If you build it, they will come.” So goes the line in the baseball film “Field of Dreams.” There’s a sense of this as well in downtown Sheridan these days, and… Continue Reading

Encore coming for Simpsons

When I first read the story in the Press, I went out and bought my tickets. John Woodward, director of the Sheridan County Museum, sold them Monday afternoon. This event, “An Evening with the Simpson Brothers,” will be a fundraising gala for the Sheridan County Historical Society. The two brothers usually talk about politics, life,… Continue Reading

Column: Whitney Rink history; 25th holiday dinner

Happy Halloween, everyone! •••••• 25 years! The Notebook received a note and invitation from Erin DeFries and Bob DeFries about the forthcoming Sheridan County Community Holiday Dinner. • The skinny: Holiday Inn Conference Center, Sunday, Dec. 6, from 4 to 7 p.m. Last year, more than 1,750 people were served either at the Holiday Inn… Continue Reading

Column: Bacon, book, Trump, debate

Today’s Notebook — it is bacon free. •••••• Last week, the Notebook had an item about the world’s oldest living human being, a Brooklyn woman who has four strips of bacon daily. She’s 116. I’ve had cancer, and Monday’s stories about the World Health Organization saying it (bacon) and other processed meats are carcinogenic like… Continue Reading

Column: Sheridan named ‘most picturesque’

Most “picturesque place” in Wyoming? Why, it’s right here. We know this. USA Today, with research and “crowd sourcing” says so, too. In the Oct. 26 edition, USA Today notes how Sheridan is the most picturesque city in Wyoming. The story is headlined: “Idyllic America: Picturesque towns in each state.” (Would imagine this distinction doesn’t… Continue Reading

Column: Cleaning up a stack of notes, anecdotes

Today’s Notebook, free of pumpkin spice……. •••••• I read, am a full-blooded “magazine-o-phile.” This penchant for magazine dates back to when the income was modest and not unlike Scarlett O’Hara, pledging, “someday,” I’ll have whatever books, magazines or newspapers available. As a result of something in the mail or online, regularly, the anecdotes and notes… Continue Reading

Western’s new novel; other book/author items

A column about books, to wit: • Sam Western will have a launch party and book signing for his new novel, “Canyons,” come Friday, Nov. 6, at Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery. Would imagine it’ll be a busy place as a number of people hereabouts have copies of his previous books, including “Pushed Off the… Continue Reading

Ignite conference, House notes

Our Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce is presenting a professional development conference, “Ignite Your Business” on Thursday, Oct. 22, at the Holiday Inn Conference Center. There will be nine different training sessions from communications, to human resources, to leadership and much more. John Tucker, CEO of Vacutech, will be the breakfast/ keynote speaker. Call the… Continue Reading

CTG turns 60; SA toasts 100 years

Gene Davis, mover-and-shaker and a leading cheerleader for the Sheridan Civic Theatre Guild, stopped in last week touting the virtues of the forthcoming season. While every season is an “anniversary” of some sort, the 2015-2016 is a milestone — 60 years! The Carriage House Theater is its home and the first production is “Standing By,”… Continue Reading

SC’s vision, commitment

The Notebook has written often — and in support — of the ongoing multi-million dollar investment in new construction and renovations at Sheridan College. In a word: impressive. Our college is in the middle of the “Our Plan to 2020” with a bona fide commitment to higher education and the attraction of students from all… Continue Reading

PO praise; ‘20/40’ ‘Destination’ coming

An “Attaboy!” for the Sheridan Post Office…… Our two-week summer vacation with grandchildren turned into 55 days of medical care and recovery as noted in an earlier column. After awhile, you start missing your mail — you know, the old stuff — letters, bills from utility companies, “special” offers, magazines. We’re still “old school” when… Continue Reading

‘ArtScapes’ showcases Brinton Museum, Warnke

Scattershooting, while going through 55 days of mail… • The Wyoming Arts Council magazine arrives four times a year. Its fall edition featured a terrific story about The Brinton Museum and its distinctive Forrest E. Mars, Jr. Building that opened in June in Big Horn. Writer Michael Shay interviews Brinton curator Ken Schuster and Mars,… Continue Reading

Catching up

After the fog of sudden illness, sedation, surgeries and rehab, the head begins to clear some. And you start to catch up. To wit: • How many of the thousands of Trump supporters who show up and cheer are registered to vote? • How did the Texas Rangers end up in first place? There aren’t… Continue Reading

How I spent my summer vacation

A note about circumstances, or: “How I spent my summer vacation.” •••••• Susan and I left Sheridan Aug 7. Our grandkids (often voted “Most Adorable” by us) and their mom were flying into Montrose, Colorado, for a couple of weeks of vacation and family reunion stuff. If you have grandkids, you know that you’ll move… Continue Reading

Column: Vinich connection to ‘Men at War’

Last week, I recommended Alexander Rose’s fine book, “Men of War.” It’s available from Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery. I forgot to mention an anecdotal backstory. One of the Marines whose story, among many others, is featured in the book is that of Mike Vinich of Hudson. He’s quoted in the book by Rose and… Continue Reading

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