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Recommended reading……. • Baby Boomers — the generation born in the years between 1946 and 1964 — are as a group beginning to “wrap it up” in earnest. Life, that is. Author and columnist Michael Kinsley, 65, cheerfully and poignantly captures the ethos of aging in “Old Age: A Beginner’s Guide.” He addresses friendships, family… Continue Reading

Theater Festival, baseball, golf

Recently, I shared a table with one of the recipients of the Sheridan Salvation Army’s Good Samaritan awards, Dave Engels, one of the principle engineers of Entech. We were talking about how good the local air service has become. He related the story about the time, years ago, that he and Catherine Engels, “walked home… Continue Reading

Graduates, ‘Longmire;’ Wright art, SA is 100

Congratulations to Sheridan College graduates! It’s commencement weekend. •••••• “Longmire” author Craig Johnson will be reading from his new book, “The Highwayman,” tomorrow (Saturday) beginning at 2 p.m. It’ll be at the Fulmer Public Library. •••••• Artist, curator and historian Kim Fuka of Ranchester stopped by last week. Bids on the art by Bill Wright… Continue Reading

Typewriters, ‘laws’ of golf

Today’s Notebook. No cheese — or bacon — in its crust. •••••• I bought a 1947 Royal typewriter last week from Chris White. She works next door at Grinnell Street Dental. It’s virtually identical to the other 1947 Royal I already have — now, two boat anchors. I also have a 1908 Underwood typewriter, scarfed… Continue Reading

DS: 307 reasons we love Sheridan

Hot off the press! The spring/summer 2016 edition of Destination Sheridan magazine arrives today for subscribers. Tomorrow, we’ll deliver it to visitor centers, restaurants, racks and hospitality-related businesses, in state and out. (Bless those visitors!) The cover story: 307 reasons we love Sheridan. The cover photo is by Justin Sheely. It’s 140 pages of local… Continue Reading

McCafferty named to Creighton HOF

Hall of Famer Mike McCafferty. ‘Tis so. Last month, McCafferty, the CEO of Sheridan Memorial Hospital since 1998, was inducted into the Creighton Athletics Hall of Fame along with his baseball teammates of the 1991 Bluejay team. It was the first and only team in Creighton history to reach the College World Series. The ceremony… Continue Reading

Her name was Helen

I called my older brother earlier this week because I wasn’t sure when our mother had died, 30 years ago. For whatever reasons, I’m usually pretty good with dates and places and baseball statistics and other mindless rot, but couldn’t precisely it pin down. Although I recall the hospital, the doctor, the middle of the night… Continue Reading

Vietnam memorial dedicated at Sheridan College

Allen Hoe was today’s speaker at the Vietnam Women’s Memorial statue dedication at Sheridan College. He was joined at the ceremony by the founder of the national Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington, D.C., Diane Carlson Evans of Helena, Montana. She’s a former Army nurse and lieutenant who has been to Sheridan before as a guest… Continue Reading

-30- for Blackie, the best ever

A few words about Blackie Sherrod, the greatest sports writer ever, who died last Thursday at 96 in his home in Dallas. Sherrod wrote for the Fort Worth Press, the Dallas Times Herald and later, during a pitched newspaper war for readership in 1985, he switched teams and joined the arch-rival Dallas Morning News. Newspaper auditors… Continue Reading

SC performance art; Eberhart’s Arizona ace

Susan and I, over almost 38 years of marriage, have been in the newspaper business in four communities and each had a community college. Each served a specific need. Cochise College, for example, in Sierra Vista, Arizona, focused its curriculum on computer science given its location adjacent to Fort Huachuca, headquarters for U.S. Army Intelligence… Continue Reading

Jasper arrives; SHS WTP team

I had the good fortune to sit in at a newspaper conference last week in Denver. It was the first-ever meeting of publishers and executives from newspapers that are owned and published by Gary Stevenson of Sheridan and Robb Hicks of Buffalo. They’ve been lifelong friends. Their community newspapers are located in nine states. Patrick Cossel… Continue Reading

11 questions with Tim Stubson

Tim Stubson is running for Wyoming’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives that is now held by Rep. Cynthia Lummis; she is retiring. He’s a Casper attorney and has been in the Wyoming Legislature since 2008, currently the third ranking member as House pro tempore. Stubson, 44, along with fellow state legislator Mark Kinner… Continue Reading

FAB Friday; Prince coverage recalled

The fourth annual FAB Women’s Conference (For. About. By.) will be at Sheridan College Friday. After registration (11:30 a.m.), conferees can attend a variety of sessions on professional and personal development. The keynote speaker is Brenda Abdilla, author, business consultant and lifestyle coach whose clients have included the Department of Justice, Cisco and the U.S.… Continue Reading

Jazz concert tonight at SC

It’s pretty darn cool… enjoy lunch at Sheridan College and listen to live jazz. The student ensemble led off Tuesday with Herbie Hancock’s classic, “Watermelon Man.” Tonight, three SC jazz groups, including a faculty group, will perform at 8 p.m. inside the Thorne-Rider Student Center. •••••• One of many laudable aspects of Wyoming politics is… Continue Reading

Jazz Q&A with SC’s Dr. Richards

Dr. Eric Richards is the director of music and band studies at Sheridan College, relocating here with his family last August. He was a tenured associate professor of music at the University of Nebraska and had retired from the U.S. Army (E-8) after a career of performing and arranging music throughout the U.S. and world.… Continue Reading

Cartoons, ‘free’ samples

One “takeaway” from 35-plus years of community newspaper publishing is that readers get riled at opinion page cartoons. They can be provocative. I’ve learned that while you can have entire editorial pages or sections that for years have leaned conservative with bedrock Republican columnists, a cartoon is often more impactful and more determinate at perceptions.… Continue Reading

FAB Conference; phones vs phones

There was a recent story in the Wall Street Journal about “land lines.” Also known as: telephone. We had one. It was black. It was located in the hall. My older brother and I would run to it, exclaiming: “I’ve got it!” Nowadays, when a call comes in on a smartphone, it’s an option to… Continue Reading

3 kind words; books, coaches

Few things amuse more than when a billionaire claims how the system is “stacked against me.” •••••• Three kindest words in the English language? “I love you.” Next three kindest? “You’ve lost weight.” Capt. Don Warriner of the Sheridan Salvation Army stopped in earlier this week to talk up the SA’s 100th anniversary in Sheridan.… Continue Reading

Notes, quotes, anecdotes

It’s National Library Week, in case you’re wondering. We’ve got a good one here, for sure. Fulmer Library is home to an expanding print and online collection, galleries, reading areas; a destination for authors with readings and book signings; a center for social and family archival possibilities; a friendly, competent and welcoming staff. And it… Continue Reading

Column: ‘Spectacular’ venue for Whitney concerts

When the Whitney Center for the Arts concert hall opens later this year, it will be, in a word, spectacular. It’ll be the best concert and performing arts venue in Wyoming, rivaling any similar facility in Jackson or Cheyenne. One can imagine symphonies, even rock and roll bands, desirous of wanting to play here given… Continue Reading

Bottoms Up Bash; P.O. News party

It’s a happening place, downtown Sheridan, Saturday night. • Put on the dancing shoes, the “Bottoms Up Bash” will be held at the Elk’s Lodge. It’s the third annual event, a fundraiser for colon cancer awareness. The Wyoming Cancer Resource Services is also a presenting sponsor. Doors: 7 p.m., music by Narrow Gauge of Denver,… Continue Reading

Column: It’s busy: training, survey, upgrades

There’s a lot going on these days at The Sheridan Press. Equipment and software upgrades. A market and readership survey underway. Training, always training. To wit: • Steve Roessler and Joanna Poe are on site from Newscycle. We are transitioning from Quark to InDesign, a change essential to design and presentation of what you see… Continue Reading

Column: Play ball!

Paul DelRossi, developer of Sheridan real estate and culture, shared yellowed, but in good condition tearsheets that his Harvard roommate had recently sent him. Both are from the Boston Globe in June, 1964. • In one, there’s a story about DelRossi, a lefthander, wrapping his Harvard pitching career, winning his 30th career game against arch-rival… Continue Reading

Kardashians buy Wyarno; Obamas moving to town

I was surprised as anyone to learn how Wyarno was sold earlier this week to the Kardashian family. Usually when Wyoming communities go up for sale — Aladdin, Buford — they’re purchased by some big time foreign industrialist desirous of a taste of the American West. It’s good to know that bona fide Hollywood-types have… Continue Reading

Dooley among top McDonald’s GMs

Some ink for a good fundraiser (and fun night) coming soon. The Bottoms Up Bash #3 will be April 9 at the Elk’s Club. It’s $10. It starts at 7 p.m. and features the Denver band Narrow Gauge. Dana Arney Townsend, along with a slew of volunteers, focuses attention to colorectal cancer. •••••• Chris Dooley… Continue Reading

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