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Powder Horn in top 100 again

In the last presidential election, just 25 percent of all voting age residents in Wyoming cast ballots. This, according to the Wyoming Secretary of State office (2014 data). Too, just half of the state’s voting age population is registered to vote. The Sheridan Press wants to move that needle upward. Come Sept. 17, the Press… Continue Reading

SC humming; welcome Zeke

Must say, September One was a good day to visit the Sheridan College campus. It’s the beginning of a new school year and the vibe was evident. The new Whitney Center for the Performing Arts is open and active with students. There are new classrooms, music studios and galleries. It’s home, too, to a 422-seat… Continue Reading

Hayes changed NFL landscape

A word, or several, about Bob Hayes what with the NFL season beginning tomorrow and the Denver/Carolina Super Bowl rematch. Hayes changed football more than any other player. In one word: speed. When he came onto the field in the Cotton Bowl and later Texas Stadium, people stirred in the seats. They pointed. He was electric.… Continue Reading

ERA Rodeo, global visitors

September? Already? •••••• One more dose of ink for the Elite Rodeo Athletes rodeo Saturday at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds. The athlete meet-and-greet starts at 2:30 p.m., the rodeo at 4 p.m. There’s also a fanfest Friday night (4-8 p.m.) and a street party Saturday night (7 p.m.) in downtown Sheridan. I’m told tickets are… Continue Reading

Witnessing vision, history

Some 150 citizens plus witnessed a dose of local history Monday afternoon. It was the groundbreaking of the forthcoming North Main Interstate 90 interchange. It’ll be transformational. There will be new businesses in the retail and hospitality industries. New industry will be attracted or will expand, given better transportation access. Give it, say, five years,… Continue Reading

Football tonight; ERA Rodeo coming

Friday night lights! The defending state champion Sheridan Broncs (that rolls off the keyboard nice) start the 2016 season tonight hosting the Laramie Plainsmen. It’s at 6 p.m., inside the friendly confines of Homer Scott Field. The Sheridan High School cheerleaders will be tossing Sheridan Press footballs into the stands as souvenirs. •••••• We’re a… Continue Reading

1,000th DAC flight Saturday

Shawn Parker is the executive director of Sheridan Travel and Tourism and president of CAST (Critical Air Service Team), aka the folks who have initiated and nursed commercial air service into Sheridan. Denver Air Connection began servicing the city last November with two flights daily that serve Sheridan and Johnson counties. Saturday, DAC will land… Continue Reading

‘Rhino Run’ to benefit SC nurses

Come Saturday, Sheridan College’s nursing department will host its third annual “Rhino Run.” Second year nursing students are taking the lead in this fundraiser. It’ll feature friendly competitions in 5K, 1 mile and 50-yard dash for children. Cost is $12 day of race, $10 in advance and includes T-shirt, snack and water. Info: call Tammy… Continue Reading

Farmers market, rodeo coming

It’s hard to have a conversation hereabouts regarding rodeo without mentioning Zane Garstad. He’s one of the movers-and-shakers from the Sheridan WYO Rodeo. A former professional rodeo cowboy himself, these days he’s the director of college services with Sheridan College. He sends along an email about the forthcoming Cowboy State Elite Rodeo. The event will… Continue Reading

One vote does make a difference

Vote! As the Press’ presses roll (usually around noon), and the Tuesday edition goes up online, there’s still time to visit the polls and exercise your right. •••• Years ago when the kids were small, we were sitting around the evening dinner table one Election Day when Susan suddenly dropped her fork and announced: “I… Continue Reading

Baas scores one better

It’s the wanderlust. America’s national parks are being “mobbed” this year, according to a story Thursday in The Wall Street Journal. More than 300 million visitors overall, it’s estimated. The National Park Service is celebrating its centennial. The WSJ story cites the popularity of film documentarian Ken Burns’ movies about national parks, cheap gas and… Continue Reading

Brinton welcomes artist ‘rendezvous’

Welcome, visitors. •••••• Awhile back, 1972 in fact, a coalition of Western artists formed in Helena, Montana. The Northwest Rendezvous Group of Artists honor the West. For years, they convened for a show and sale, usually at top Western galleries and museums. But for the last four years, they have been on hiatus. The rendezvous… Continue Reading

Notes, quotes, anecdotes

So, how hot does it get in Texas in August? Jeff Salamon, who writes the “Texanist” column in Texas Monthly magazine, went off against meteorologists who always throw the high degree forecast in with a heat index. Something like 102 degrees with a heat index of 118. “It’s like saying, ‘It’s going to be hotter… Continue Reading

Aunt Esther’s summer vacation

One of Sheridan’s visitors this summer has been Esther Capone Pelletier, aka “Aunt Esther.” She’s the great aunt of Sheridan developer Paul DelRossi. For years, I’ve heard about Aunt Esther and Aunt Vic (Victoria), who recently passed away at 101. Esther is a bundle of life and opinion at 91 years young. She’s a proud… Continue Reading

Troopers say thanks for the ‘thank yous’

State trooper Dave Motsick stopped by Wednesday morning with a “thank you” note unlike others. Motsick, in uniform serving and protecting us since 2001, said recent events have sparked the public to stop and thank them more than usual. Here’s his note: “To the wonderful citizens of Sheridan and Johnson counties, “As members of the… Continue Reading

‘Are we playing for keeps?’

Mass shootings are unfortunately too common these days. At schools, night clubs, movie theaters, city streets. Not going to get into the why fors and here abouts; each incident is peculiar in its own horror. If there’s a link in these tragedies, a genesis starts with Charles Whitman. Fifty years ago, Aug 1, 1966, Whitman… Continue Reading

WYO Rodeo sets records

Tip of the hat! It’s information certainly worth repeating. The Sheridan WYO Rodeo this year sold 26,508 tickets. A record. That’s up from 22,647 in 2015. The purse also increased to $306,258. Go back to 2010, and the attendance at the rodeo was 18,150. Congratulations to Nick Siddle, rodeo board president, Zane Garstad, and all… Continue Reading

Teen’s act of kindness

Signe Hill of Sheridan dropped by to recognize a young man’s kindness. Last week, she was sitting at Perkin’s Restaurant having finished breakfast. Nearby, a teenager sat looking like he was waiting for someone. Ms. Hill was leaving when the wait person informed her that he had paid for her meal. She was told he… Continue Reading

Dr. Hanke to lead Whitney Center

Lived here. Left. Returned. Sheridan, as many will tell you, gets in your blood and head and heart. It’s a familiar story. Dr. Erin Hanke, too. She is the new director of the Whitney Center for the Arts. It will open next month at Sheridan College. Dr. Hanke grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and… Continue Reading

Notes, quotes anecdotes

Money can’t buy happiness. Everyone knows that. Still, it’s more comfortable crying in a Lexus than a used Yugo. •••••• My. What a time it is. The Sheridan WYO Rodeo, last week and all of its ancillary activities. The Wyoming Theater Festival kicked off yesterday for the next two weeks. And recently south of us,… Continue Reading

Notes, quotes, Rin Tin Tin

The second half of the baseball season cranks up this weekend after the 92nd All-Star Game break Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal recently provided insights into the hitting streak of Joe DiMaggio which was 75 years ago this summer and lasted for 56 games. The commentary by Jo Craven McGinty analyzes how likely the streak… Continue Reading

Golf fundraiser; Press notes from ‘81

The third annual “Swinging for Smiles” golf tournament generated more than $53,000. It was held last month at the Powder Horn and 42 teams participated. Perkin’s Restaurant and “Scotty” Scott are the movers-and-shakers for the two-day event and fundraiser. As a result, children and their families are able to spend time away from treatments for… Continue Reading

Welcome, WYO Rodeo Week Let’s Get WYO’d!

It’s “Rodeo Week” hereabouts; welcome visitors! Check the Press daily for news, photojournalism, schedules and updates. The WYO Rodeo magazine, 156 pages of news, features, photography, marketing, rodeo explanations, WYO Rodeo history and much more, is available everywhere. Free. It’s a keeper. •••••• Digressing…..or “devolving,” given current presidential politics. To wit: • Donald Trump has… Continue Reading

Wright show opening Monday

The art of Bill Wright will be shown for the first time in 26 years come Monday and Tuesday (July 11-12) at the Sheridan Inn. The art — oils, acrylics, watercolors, other media – will be in the hotel’s ballroom each day starting at 9 a.m. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the convalescent care… Continue Reading

Mudra story; Thai truck

The new edition of “The Log,” the official publication of the Sheridan County Historical Society and Museum, arrived in Tuesday’s mail. It always lifts the stack of nighttime reading. The cover story is terrific, a profile of Sheridan saddle maker and artisan Rudy Mudra. The story is by Kathy Muller Ogle and it’s based upon… Continue Reading

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