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Health Watch: Embodying tolerance

“To a great extent, our ability to influence our circumstances depends on how we see things.” (J. Kabat-Zinn, PhD) Looking around, we see friends, associates and even strangers making choices we “know” are just wrong, and we all have our opinions, whether voicing them or not. We meet people every day who are fighting some… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Benefits of fasting

Having a very low calorie intake for five consecutive days every month may improve your health. Specifically, you would have 1,090 kilocalories for one day, then 725 kilocalories for the next four days. For more detail, you can Google “Fasting Mimicking and Enhancing Diet from USC.” Examples of foods often used in this diet include… Continue Reading

Laying the foundation for economic development

Recently, Forward Sheridan board members convened our annual planning session to review our approach to economic development and our relationships with our sister organizations. We were fortunate to have the city of Sheridan, Sheridan Travel and Tourism, Downtown Sheridan Association and Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce provide very precise and informative presentations. Economic development, and… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Uniting to discuss veteran mental health support

On Aug. 11, community stakeholders gathered at the VA Community Mental Health Summit on the Sheridan College campus to enhance access to mental health services, share information and address the needs of veterans and their family members in Sheridan and throughout Wyoming. This event, held annually, yielded small group conversations and solutions relating to improving… Continue Reading

Another Brewfest in the history books

Many of you attended the Suds and Spurs Brewfest last weekend, an annual event that serves as the Chamber’s primary fundraiser and draws hundreds of visitors to Sheridan. The weather was beautiful, the location fantastic, the music outstanding, and those in attendance showed up to support the Chamber while sampling delicious craft brews in beautiful… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Live smart to learn smart

As summer wanes, we are presented with an opportunity to get back in to a routine. Instead of returning to the “same old” habits, use this time to examine the home environment and create some smart living practices to support the learning needs of children. Aside from extracurricular activities a new academic year invites, children… Continue Reading

Counting the Christian vote

Politics is thick in the air.  It’s part of our bi-annual American ritual that leads up to voting for various candidates. Voting in elections is something my congregation takes seriously as I am certain 96 percent of the adults eligible to vote in the congregation, vote. As I am certain, the same high percentage of… Continue Reading

Health Watch: You are a light in the world

Life is just too short! Recently, I attended the memorial service of a high school classmate, a friend of mine. Shortly before he passed away, he was an active, vibrant individual, full of life. Yet, like many of us are, he was vulnerable to age-related physical issues, his time on earth shortened due to an… Continue Reading

Where there’s a will

A good horse is an indispensable asset when you live in remote country.  No matter how good the horse, however, he is useless unless his feet are able to carry him the distance. The late summer sun was shooting low angles through the canyon ponderosa pines as the lazy shadows they were making provided a perfect… Continue Reading

Dog Days require tart therapy

Settling into August is always a test of will for me. Hot and you know the cool down is just around he corner, but won’t I melt before that happens? It’s time to take a simple crust and make amazing fruit or savory vegetable tarts that everyone will love. They will also travel well to… Continue Reading

This week at the WCA…

This column will discuss upcoming events happening at the new Whitney Center for the Arts at Sheridan College. In addition to gallery exhibitions, concert listings and reviews, lectures and dance and theater productions, you will be able to learn more about the arts faculty at the college. More information on the WCA can always be… Continue Reading

Scoop your lemonade

Just a small scoop of this rich, tart and tangy dessert will make the end of the meal the best part. And dessert doesn’t get much easier than this. You will need an ice cream freezer and three simple ingredients for this simple chiller. To mix: In a medium mixing bowl, combine 4 cups whipping cream,… Continue Reading

Word confusion strikes again in world of couponing

Most of the time, using coupons is easy — simply read the wording on a coupon to find out for what product the coupon is valid. However, my readers have been adept at spotting unusual or questionable wording on coupons lately, and here’s another batch of reader email sharing what they’re seeing on their coupons:… Continue Reading

Nutrition buzz words — Dietary nitrates

Dietary nitrates may provide many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and improving athletic performance. This is most likely achieved through the process of converting dietary inorganic nitrates to inorganic nitrites in the digestive tract, and then to nitric oxide in the blood stream. Nitric oxide helps improve oxygen delivery to your brain, heart and… Continue Reading

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