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Things to remember about March — birthdays, basketball

I love March. It means so many things. Daffodils (my all-time fave flower) from the American Cancer Society. The chance that spring (my all-time fave season) might actually arrive. March Madness, which pretty much annually features the Kansas Jayhawks (my all-time fave team).  In addition and most importantly, it’s the month of my birthday! Womb… Continue Reading

Health Watch: The cost of eating healthy

“Eating healthy is expensive.” “It is easier and cheaper to choose less healthy foods.” “I can’t afford to eat well.” As a college educator and health coach, these are the types of remarks my students and clients share with me as we discuss the barriers to achieving a healthy lifestyle and establishing healthier practices. Simply… Continue Reading

Late night pizza

Last Friday was scheduled to be the last day of the 2017 legislative session. By law, the Legislature meets for 40 days in odd numbered years. This year’s session was scheduled for 37 days. For several hours on Friday, it was unclear if we would leave on time. The Legislature has two houses: the House… Continue Reading

Catching up on the news

The Legislature took a long President’s Day weekend off. I got home Thursday night for the first time in six weeks. I could sleep in my own bed and have a home cooked meal — simple pleasures are often the best. Donna had waiting for me back issues of the Kaycee Community Voice, the Buffalo… Continue Reading

Health watch: Do the D!

Vitamin D is one of the most common nutrition supplements I see my clients self-prescribe. In this article I would like to share what I tell my clients to help them ‘Do the D’ safely and effectively. First, know the limits. There is actually an ‘upper limit’ that is considered safe for this fat soluble… Continue Reading

Burning issues this week

Last Friday, there was a fire at an office building Donna and I own. By the grace of God nobody was hurt. By the time we learned of it, the fire was out. I wrote thank you notes to each of the responding agencies. When I called Donna the morning of the fire, I thought… Continue Reading

Treasures found from the Sheridan WYO Rodeo

Treasures found from the Sheridan WYO Rodeo

You never know when a “treasure” from the Sheridan WYO Rodeo will surface. These treasures are rodeo memorabilia that have been hidden away in a closet, trunk or box in a shed sometime during the last 87 years and are suddenly discovered. These can be eureka moments.  The latest treasure to surface was found in… Continue Reading

Why no income tax? It never ends

When in Cheyenne, the weekends, for me, are for catch-up. I started early this Saturday to resolve a backlog of email and then start in on the budget and education bills. Ordinarily, I cannot do much more in an email reply from home than to briefly say thank you. But, one recent inquiry, about the… Continue Reading

Guns on Wyoming campuses: worth the risk?

Proponents of legislation currently making its way through the Legislature believe that allowing concealed firearms on campus will make our campuses safer and suggest that past acts of violence could have been minimized or avoided entirely, had concealed carry been allowed. Opponents of the legislation argue that more firearms on campus will result in more… Continue Reading

Column: Being with loss

Loss is a topic we all would rather avoid, but nothing is more inevitable. As humans, it is part of the fabric of our being to focus on survival and attempt to control as much of life as possible.  So, when loss hits, for ourselves and those near us, we cannot help but be shocked.… Continue Reading

Tripling of fees not business friendly

Late last Friday afternoon, Jan. 27, Rep. Jerry Obermueller of Casper submitted House Bill 267 to the Legislature seeking to increase the minimum annual reporting fees for businesses by 200 percent — from $50 to $150 — effectively tripling fees for most businesses.  While we all recognize the budget difficulties our state is currently facing,… Continue Reading

Health Watch: Update in cardiology

It has been over six years since my arrival to Sheridan and just over four years since our Cardiac Catheterization lab opened. Since that time my partner, Dr. Joseph Garcia, and I have placed more than 300 stents and treated 70 acute myocardial infarctions with acute coronary intervention. These procedures have likely saved many lives and… Continue Reading

Column: Separate kitchens

I feel vindicated. For the last decade, the open floor plan has been all the rage. Walls came down and the public rooms of houses became these open barn-like spaces that everyone had to share whether you wanted to or not. Don’t get me wrong, I too think they look good, but I don’t want to… Continue Reading

Between a rock and a hard place

The Wyoming Supreme Court has weighed in on public school finance five times. The Court has held that equal finance of elementary and secondary education is a fundamental right under the Wyoming Constitution. The first suit was prompted by a desire from non-energy districts to redistribute the windfall of wealth, accrued within energy-rich counties and… Continue Reading

Health Watch: The ‘whole’ truth

Grocery stores are loud, crowded, and offer an abundance of food products – many of which claim to be “healthy” or a “good source of” something. It’s not always appealing to take time to scrutinize the ingredient lists when we are already overstimulated by the chaos of our surroundings. While evaluating the ingredients is a… Continue Reading

Too many cooks in the kitchen?

Too many cooks in the kitchen?

The American Time Use Survey, an annual report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, found that 43 percent of men said they cook at home — the highest share in 30 years. They also spent more time cooking: an average of 49 minutes in 2015, the most time in the last 50 years. Conversely, now… Continue Reading

Bridging the gap between hospital and home

Bridging the gap between hospital and home

The Senior Center is the home of many hats. I have worked for the Senior Center for almost nine years and am still amazed at all the programs we have to help our senior and disabled community. While all the services at the Senior Center are truly wonderful, the one that is nearest and dearest… Continue Reading

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