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City administrator job; local traffic issues

Re: Sheridan’s mess Some pet peeves: • Why do we need a city manager? The only excuse Mayor Heath and the city council offer is that Gillette and Casper both have city managers and they are first-class cities. And supposedly, if we don’t get one we will be a second-class city. Give us, the residents, a… Continue Reading

Letter: Media insulting; Hillary, Benghazi

Media insulting; Hillary, Benghazi Re: GOP debate, Oct. 28 The recent CNBC Republican Party presidential debate exposed the American lame stream media for what it is: biased, hubristic, condescending and thoroughly dishonest. The three CNBC moderators repeatedly asked rude, biased and insulting questions of the Republican candidates. They were more concerned with fantasy football than… Continue Reading

Letter: Book recommendations

Book recommendations Re: Climate change, education, Russia, political discourse In his daily column, Sheridan Press Publisher Stephen Woody sometimes includes descriptions of books he’s read. Based on my recent reading, I’d like to recommend the following books. • Given that the character of America’s founding fathers is often attacked these days, a young author, Joshua… Continue Reading

Letter: Media path to “least reality”

Media path to “least reality” Re: Parker column, Sheridan Press To be a syndicated columnist is a privilege not to be taken lightly, I believe, and honesty should play an integral role in reporting on issues contained therein. So I was more than disappointed reading the opening statement of Ms. Parker’s column in last weekend’s edition… Continue Reading

Letter: SHS teacher Teter recalled

SHS teacher Teter recalled Re: Inspiring educator Tom Teter was one in a million. Thousands knew him as their biology teacher at Sheridan High School. He retired in 1996. Many know him as their favorite teacher of all time. I am one of them. In 1956, my uncle stayed in the Teter Quad at the University… Continue Reading

Letter: Halloween? Not scared; meat industry frightening

Halloween? Not scared; meat industry frightening Re: ‘Slave’ wages, public health I was never scared of all the witches, zombies and assorted goblins wandering around on Halloween. What really used to scare me was the meat industry. This is the industry that mutilates, cages and butchers billions of cows, pigs and other feeling animals, that exposes… Continue Reading

Middle East ‘mother of all quagmires’

Re: Bring our troops home When you aspire to be the world’s military policeman, generally you get stuck with the job. And the reasons are never wholly altruistic, as Iraq has shown us, just ask Haliburton or Bechtel. I have long called for the withdrawal of American troops from the quagmire in the Middle East.… Continue Reading

Letter: Omissions from the Democrats’ debate

Omissions from the Democrats’ debate Re: Debt, Hillary’s emails The recent Democrat candidate debate focused on typical leftwing subjects — income inequality, evil corporations, greedy banks, excessive student debt, free college education, gun violence, Medicaid for illegal aliens, taxing the rich more to pay for their schemes, etc., ad nauseam. Not surprisingly, not a single question… Continue Reading

Letter: City leaders ‘incompetent,’ ignoring will of citizens

City leaders ‘incompetent,’ ignoring will of citizens Re: Kinskey, Heath, Rios, firefighters union, vendetta, fluoride, ward system, city administrator, subdivision development Over the past five years, I have witnessed two consecutive city administrations thumb their noses at the citizens of Sheridan. Most residents wanted to retain Sheridan’s wonderful fire department EMTs. Mayor Dave Kinskey, however, replaced them… Continue Reading

Friends, family celebrate recovery

Sometimes it doesn’t take your own funeral to discover how many friends you have. A celebration of new life is far more rewarding. That is exactly what Mary and I had Sunday, Sept. 27, when the Big Horn Mountain Eagles hosted a fund raiser for Mary’s medical expenses from her most recent kidney transplant. (Which… Continue Reading

Letter: A liar and a heretic

A liar and a heretic Re: Pope Francis Recently, Pope Francis visited Cuba. He warmly embraced Cuba’s murderous communist dictators, Fidel and Raul Castro. When anti-communist dissidents tried to meet with the Pope, the Cuban police were tipped-off. The dissidents were beaten and arrested. No complaints from the Pope. Now, the Pope has come to… Continue Reading

Letter: Legislature should be ashamed

Legislature should be ashamed Re: Medicaid expansion Unless the Wyoming Legislature has a secret plan to reinvent the health care system of America to include everyone under an insurance plan of some kind, their stubborn resistance to Medicaid expansion is taking on the distinctive features of hard core callousness. How our Legislators can feel good… Continue Reading

Letter: Congressional Democrats deny science

Congressional Democrats deny science Re: Planned Parenthood Democrat Party operatives and politicians constantly excoriate Republicans as “deniers” who refuse to support science.  And yet, there is an issue on which the Democrats stubbornly cling to outdated and debunked beliefs which are wholly unscientific. Relying on a mid-17th century common law definition of when life begins, supporters… Continue Reading

What’s the rush with a city administrator?

As an elected state official I usually make it a policy to stay out of local politics, however I think some questions have to be asked regarding the city council’s impending vote to change Sheridan’s form of government to a city administrator: 1. What’s the rush? Why can’t this wait for a vote of the… Continue Reading

LTE: Support our law enforcement

Re: National Thank A Police Officer Day   My son is a Sheridan police officer. I wanted to bring to your attention that Saturday is “Thank A Police Officer Day” around the country. On that day, people in their communities display blue ribbons on their cars and homes to show support for the men and… Continue Reading

LTE: A thank you to fire personnel

Re: Sept. 1 fire at gun range   On behalf of the membership of the Sheridan County Sportsmen’s Association, I would like to thank all fire personnel (Goose Valley, Ranchester, Dayton, Big Horn, city of Sheridan) and resident volunteers who worked on the fire on our property Sept. 1. While we sustained some property loss,… Continue Reading

LTE: Celebrating our past, present

Re: Constitution Week “No country on the face of the earth can boast a larger proportion of inhabitants, versed in the rudiments of science or fewer who are not able to read and to write their names than the United States of America.” — The Boston Review, 1800 In 1787, the population of the United… Continue Reading

LTE: Take the day to celebrate

Re: Constitution Week The following is written at the request of the Daughters of the American Revolution. DAR is a patriotic society first organized on Oct. 11, 1890. DAR provides scholarships, supports schools for underprivileged youth and promotes Americanization training. “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union,… Continue Reading

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