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Divided America; loyalty needed

Re: Both parties at fault Rotten cabbage stinks. I’m an American and darn proud of it. Who started this African America, Irish American, Italian American, Polish American, etc., garbage as a division tactic. It has made huge divisions in our country. United we stand, divided we fall has grown way too faint in our memories.… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Confident, exceptional’

‘Confident, exceptional’ Re: health care at SMH I have heard folks say Sheridan Memorial Hospital is pretty good. You never really know until you have to stay awhile.  I had that chance last week. I’m pretty healthy, but by the third morning of not feeling well, I got the order to “put on your coat… Continue Reading

Letter: Benghazi film faithful to book

Benghazi film faithful to book Re: “13 hours” Kudos to the Centennial Theatre for booking the movie “13 Hours” which is currently showing. This is a movie every American should watch as it depicts the ordeal the defenders of the American compounds in Benghazi endured during the terrorist attacks there in 2012. While the language… Continue Reading

Letter: Redle’s work is ‘outstanding’

Redle’s work is ‘outstanding’ Re: Charges, Jan. 12, Press Regarding the Matt Redle story, the remaining question is: what did she say? If it is not fit for print, is she liable to council? As for me, I’ve seen only two sides of Matthew Redle: straightforward and hard working. I’m behind his sterling and outstanding… Continue Reading

Letter: City administrative position justified

City administrative position justified Re: Complex job, efficiencies Some of us citizens of the city of Sheridan question the wisdom of some decisions made by our mayor and city council. One of those decisions has been the hiring of a city administrator. Admittedly, I was among those who questioned the need for this position. After watching… Continue Reading

Letter: Legislator peers don’t address accountability

Legislator peers don’t address accountability Re: ‘Tax-and-spend mentality’ I’m concerned about what I see as progressive liberal ideas — more and new taxes — coming to Wyoming. In the 2015 General Session, I saw several attempts at this while on the revenue committee, and most of the time, a majority of us voted those bills down.… Continue Reading

Letter: Hitler ‘would be proud’ of U.S. government

Hitler ‘would be proud’ of U.S. government Re:  El Chapo? It’s Obama’s fault Recently, Fox News showed their viewers the weapons seized from drug lord “El Chapo” following his arrest by Mexican authorities. His weapons stash included Russian-made rocket propelled grenades and a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle from President Barack Obama’s “fast and furious” gun… Continue Reading

Letter: Election rejection

Election rejection; 13 signatures Re: City administrator job The county has given me the clerk’s tally of the disqualified signatures on our referendum petition. (To put Sheridan’s city administrator position to a public vote.) The county clerk denied 36 signatures. The clerk rejected 33 signatures because the people were not on the voter rolls. Three people… Continue Reading

Letter: National Mentoring Month celebrated

National Mentoring Month celebrated: Re: One adult, one child January is National Mentoring Month and Jan. 15 was national “Thank Your Mentor” Day.  This month is a great time to reflect back on those that have been mentors in our lives, and essentially helped shaped who we are today.  But now isn’t just the time to… Continue Reading

Trump, Cruz and citizenship

Re: Constitutional requirement Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has raised the issue as to whether one of his rivals, Canadian-born U.S. citizen Sen. Ted Cruz, qualifies for the presidency under the constitutional requirement of being a “natural born” American citizen. Trump has stated that he is relying on the professional legal opinion of Harvard Law… Continue Reading

Letter: Wall Street’s odd behavior

Wall Street’s odd behavior Re: Oil prices, stocks The stock market is irrational. It dropped substantially, leaving a fear of greater decline. Reassuring voices in financial reports agree it was caused by a crude oil price decline. The next day the opinions were verified when stock prices rose along with crude prices. (They were quick… Continue Reading

Letter: Climate change’s cash cow — the NSF

Climate change’s cash cow — the NSF Re: Explosions, solar cycles, sheep camp raid The Spring Creek Raid on a sheep camp near Ten Sleep, Wyoming, by cattlemen the night of April 2, 1909, was probably aided somewhat by the Tunguska Event of June 30, 1908. Unintended consequences? I’ll explain. The latest general consensus about CME’s,… Continue Reading

‘Fuddy Duddys’ rule; ATV recreation limited

Re: Red Grade road, commissioners This is the third winter that I have experienced denied access to the Big Horn Mountains using Red Grade via my ATV.  My anger continues to burn red hot towards the Sheridan County Commissioners for their reckless and irresponsible condemnation of ATV travel up Red Grade based on the complaints of… Continue Reading

Keep close the little things of memory

I believe the little things in life are important. My son and his family, who live in California, came to visit me over the holidays.  The youngest child had never seen snow. They came in the front door, dropped their luggage, said “hi Gramma,” hugged me, walked through the house out the back door and… Continue Reading

Letter: Meat industry, 9 consumers, 0

Meat industry, 9 consumers, 0 Re: National dietary guidelines The “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” released this week by U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services mark the ninth time in a row that the meat industry has successfully suppressed scientific findings recommending reduced meat consumption. The reduction was recommended by the government-appointed Dietary Guidelines… Continue Reading

Letter: Wyo. legislators: no to Medicaid expansion

Wyo. legislators: no to Medicaid expansion Re: National debt, taxes The governor’s proposed budget includes Medicaid expansion, one of three main parts of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. We know the federal dollars will continue to decline while Wyoming people pay more and more of Medicaid costs. Obviously, offering Medicaid expansion with… Continue Reading

Letter: Local TV news access compromised

Local TV news access compromised Re: Dish TV, Rapid City stations I am a subscriber of Dish TV. Yesterday, I tried to get channel 21 on Dish, which is an NBC station out of Rapid City. They stated how they no longer broadcast NBC on Dish TV. Upon calling Dish, they said the reason was… Continue Reading

Letter: Obama ‘most criminal president’ in history

Obama ‘most criminal president’ in history Re: He’s coming for our guns; impeachment, Fox News, ISIS, Social Security, ‘gutless politicians’ Throughout much of 2015, I’ve been warning people about President Barack Obama’s plan to disarm law-abiding citizens. Tuesday, Obama began his criminal attack upon America’s gun owners with myriad gun-control edicts. These illegal executive orders would… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Lefties’ losing their equilibrium

‘Lefties’ losing their equilibrium Re: Clinton, Obama, immigrants, ISIS, media, ‘sanctuary cities’ Secretary Hillary Clinton said during a recent Democratic Party debate: “We have to prevent the Republicans from rolling back the progress that we’ve made.” Wow!  Where should I begin? Would that be the awesome “progress” they’ve made with our economy where over 90… Continue Reading

Letter: Republican ‘surrender’ in omnibus budget

Republican ‘surrender’ in omnibus budget Re: Obama, terrorism, media, GOP ‘leadership,’ shutdowns In passing a $1.1 trillion “omnibus” budget bill, the Republican “leadership” in Congress has again caved to President Barack Obama’s radical agenda. Columnist Julia Hahn reports that this bill fully funds Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, Obama’s refugee resettlement operation, all his Mideast immigration programs, sanctuary cities,… Continue Reading

Letter: Petition submitted

Petition submitted Re: City administrator It has been said that voting is the heartbeat of a democracy. I want to thank all 553 people who signed the petition to put the city administrator to a vote of the people. The petition was submitted to the city on Dec. 16. The people who signed not only… Continue Reading

Letter: Doesn’t like local fuel prices

Doesn’t like local fuel prices I filled up my SUV at a gas station on Main Street for three days at the rate of $2.23 per gallon. I asked the clerk why Sheridan gas prices were so much higher than other towns in Wyoming. She had no idea why the prices were higher and hoped they… Continue Reading

Generosity, openness benefits citizens

Re: South Park It’s amazing what can happen when good people work together toward a solution. A month ago, representatives of citizen groups approached Nic Bateson and Mathers Heuck at the city of Sheridan to ask if they would consider moving the giant snow pile away from the South Park Natural Area.  Out of this… Continue Reading

Letter: Obama’s acts of treason

Re: Terrorism, FBI tactics Once again, Islamic terrorism has struck in the U.S. This time in San Bernardino, California. Previously, it was a Navy/Marine Corps recruiting station and before that, at Fort Hood, Texas. In every instance President Obama has refused to call it what it is: radical Islamic terrorism. What will Obama blame for… Continue Reading

Letter: First responders are appreciated

First responders are appreciated Re: Stroll fall We have some very alert and conscientious first responders in Sheridan. On Nov. 29 (Black Friday), I was downtown with my family and suddenly I fell onto my knee and into a light pole. Before I could even realize what happened, three responders came to my attention. Thank you,… Continue Reading

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