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Letter: Heroism, propaganda

Heroism, propaganda Re: Vietnam tours, Guard truck My name is Ronnie Fowler. I served two (in combat) combat tours in Vietnam. I have these awards (four bronze stars, one silver star) and I was trained to fight. On Sept. 6, I saw a National Guard truck parked at the Holiday Inn. On the side of the… Continue Reading

Johnson and “Aleppo,” an “honest mistake”

Re: Press opinion cartoon, Sept. 13 “This too shall pass,” an adage popularized by Abraham Lincoln, seems never more appropriate than to this peculiar political season. So this is certainly no endorsement, but while Gary Johnson’s ignorance about “Aleppo” may not deserve our complete sympathy, it should not necessarily be an ultimate disqualifier of his… Continue Reading

Texting is dangerous

Re: Distracted driving The dangers of distracted driving is all over the national news lately. Similarly, the operation of smartphones by drivers navigating our fine town’s intersections is all too common. Recently, I stood on a corner and watched as four of six drivers looked down at their phones while passing through. I hope it… Continue Reading

Lee’s photo bigger than Miller’s

Re: Sheridan mayoral race When I opened my Sheridan Press on Friday, Sept 2, I was confused by the layout on page A3. The first thing I noticed was a large Press photo of mayoral candidate Alex Lee. I then noticed the article under his photo, “Mayoral candidates talk government transparency,” with a postage stamp-sized… Continue Reading

Let’s help Barbra Streisand relocate

Re: Venezuela a choice Barbra Streisand says she’ll move to Canada if Donald Trump wins the election. Why Canada? I thought they were our friends. Why not Mexico? Heck, why stop there. Venezuela’s politics would suit her politics even better but the place is probably too messy for the queen of OCD. It must be… Continue Reading

What does legalization mean?

Re: Krauthammer column, Press, Sept. 2 In arguing for “enforcement plus legalization,” Charles Krauthammer claims that “hunting criminal aliens” has been “the enforcement priority of President Obama.” Krauthammer sees sealing the border as a precursor to the America’s willingness to “exercise its natural magnanimity and legalize.” On immigration, the Democrats have been playing a bait… Continue Reading

SPD standoff response measured, successful

Re: Appreciation of police The recent armed standoff on Broadway ended without any loss of life. Our community owes great thanks to the brave members of the Sheridan Police Department for their work. Thanks are due as well to the many other responding law enforcement agencies. There is no guarantee that such incidents will end… Continue Reading

STOP means stop; buses and videotape

Re: Watembach letter, Press, Sept. 1 I am a school bus driver. So many people do not understand the camera system or the STOP sign on a bus. We do have stops on Coffeen and Main Street. We do not have kids cross over these busy roads. They are let out on the side of… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Empire building’ at Sheridan hospital

‘Empire building’ at Sheridan hospital Re: Closure of Dr. Batty’s office What’s up with Sheridan Memorial Hospital? A few years ago, my husband was near death in the Intensive Care Unit due to severe emphysema. A hospital doctor treated him. He was denied treatment by his primary doctor. Why was this sacred doctor/patient relationship disrupted at… Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton is ‘professional politician’

Re: Press, Krauthammer column, Aug. 26 Briefly reading ‘What’s the Case for Hillary,’ Charles Krauthammer says Secretary Hillary Clinton seeks office for (etc. etc.) several miscellaneous reasons. Baloney! Hillary is running because she is a professional politician. We seem to have quite a few of those in office already. That is mostly what has sent… Continue Reading

Unwilling to assimilate

Re: Parker column, Press, Aug. 17 Kathleen Parker does not understand. Or, perhaps, she chooses not to understand. Parker recently devoted an entire column to the overhyped “issue” of three French towns banning the wearing of what she calls “burkinis” on French beaches. Parker claims that the burka symbolizes “the practice of modesty associated with… Continue Reading

Election year notes and quotes

Re: Czaban column, Press, Aug. 13 Sheridan Press managing editor Kristen Czaban shared some election year quotes. Here are some quotes from my files dealing with government and elections. • “When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from those who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing… Continue Reading

Berger leadership valuable for Sheridan

Re: Primary election Sheridan County is fortunate to have an incredibly effective delegation in Cheyenne. A team that works together to deliver real results for the people of our community. A team that is led by Majority Floor Leader — and soon to be Speaker of the House — Rosie Berger. Over the past 14… Continue Reading

Stubson civil, witty, a good neighbor

Re: Primary election In the race for our next congressional representative, I want to let people know that the candidate that will best represent us is Tim Stubson. How do I know this? Because I had the good fortune to be neighbors with Stubson for four years in Casper. I got to know him and… Continue Reading

Biteman has ‘traditional values’

Re: Primary election These are trying times. Wyoming is facing one of her many downturns in mineral revenue. The larger society seems out of control and the federal government is clearly on the wrong track. We need legislators who are rooted in our traditional values. However, they also need to be wise statesmen and managers.… Continue Reading

Economic diversity needs Kinner leadership

Re: Primary election There’s every reason to have Rep. Mark Kinner continue to represent House District 29 in our fine Wyoming State Legislature. I have kept in touch enough with legislative work in the Capitol to know that he has performed well in our House of Representatives. Ever since I stepped out of the picture… Continue Reading

Letter: Elections about more than one issue

Elections about more than one issue Re: Berger right for Sheridan  Tuesday’s primary election is much more than a single issue. I’ve known Rosie Berger for more than 30 years, and can say that she strongly believes in the individual right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed in both the U.S. and the Wyoming… Continue Reading

Letter: Berger an anchor, consummate leader

Berger an anchor, consummate leader Re: Race for HD51 Many of us are frustrated with national politics: divisiveness, discourtesy, and inaction. We Wyomingites deserve to take pride in the culture of civility and decorum that exists in the Wyoming State Legislature. We have historically come to Cheyenne to do the best we can do for… Continue Reading

Letter: It’s just Wyoming

It’s just Wyoming Re: Grateful for help from legislators It’s really hard for someone not from Wyoming to understand Wyoming and our life here. How do you explain to them that we drive everywhere or how we take our kids to the park to play in the river. It’s just Wyoming! Here in Wyoming, people… Continue Reading

Letter: Jennings campaign a deceptive brand

Jennings campaign a deceptive brand Re: Vote Gail Symons for HD30 Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of working with my sister, Gail Symons, candidate for Wyoming House District 30. Being a Washington state resident, I can’t vote in the upcoming primary election. But I have helped with various chores so… Continue Reading

Article V convention of the states

Re: Kuzara letter, Press, Aug. 8 Kudos to Mike Kuzara for his recent letter suggesting consideration for a constitutional Article V convention of states. Once this frustrating election cycle is over, 2017 could and should be the year for state legislatures to pivot to an alternate constitutional tool bequeathed to us by the founders of… Continue Reading

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