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Barrasso ‘out of touch’ with state education needs

Re: Congressional Review Act By now, most Wyomingites are well aware of the numerous bills coming out of Cheyenne designed to dramatically cut funding from our public schools. Our state is dealing with extremely difficult financial times. That is why I cannot understand why Sen. John Barrasso would be using the Congressional Review Act to… Continue Reading

County Democrats supports public education in Wyoming

  Re: Legislative proposals Our Founding Fathers believed that public education was critical for democracy. Thomas Jefferson noted that education should be both public and equal for all citizens. Benjamin Franklin said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. John Adams wrote, “The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the… Continue Reading

Short-term actions threaten long-term success

We are writing to express our dedication to our public schools and our concerns over the flurry of bills in Cheyenne cutting funding to Wyoming schools. As educators we are passionate about seeing all of our students succeed. Public schools are a very important part of our communities and Wyoming is blessed with excellent public… Continue Reading

‘We are all immigrants’

Re: Italy to America In 1917, Congress passed legislation requiring a literacy test for any immigrant entering America. Along with other questions regarding health, relatives and work experience. This was designed to send the message to the Jews and Italians to “keep out” of the U.S. I am not sure how much education my grandfather… Continue Reading

Foundations essential to kids’ dental health

February is “Children’s Dental Health Month.” We would like to take this time to publicly thank the B.F. and Rose H. Perkins and Kibbee Foundations for their contributions to children’s dental health. These foundations have financed the Healthy Habits, Healthy Kids Program for elementary students during the past three years. This is a voluntary program… Continue Reading

New Gateway Park will celebrate community

Re: Taylor letter, Press, Feb. 1 The undersigned North Gateway Park project partners feel compelled to clarify inaccuracies asserted in a recent letter to the editor by Ms. Vicki Taylor.  • The City of Sheridan is owner of the recently acquired North Gateway property. It is fully accessible to the public, though currently lacks any… Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor — Feb. 2, 2017

Jennings should focus on more important issues Re: Wyoming’s bathroom bill I’m writing in concern of the recent Government Nondiscrimination Act and public indecency. Specifically, the inappropriate use of a designated public bathroom by the sex designated at birth • First off, as a woman, if I have to “go” and the women’s line is… Continue Reading

Look, but don’t touch

Re: North Gateway Park paid for with tax dollars   The Sheridan Community Land Trust announced on Dec. 9, 2016, a conservation easement on 31 acres on Goose Creek in Sheridan. The city of Sheridan in 2008 had identified this 31-acre parcel as a desirable purchase for the city as a park space. However, it was… Continue Reading

Sheridan’s crown jewel

Re: Park master plan Kendrick Park is Sheridan’s crown jewel as it stands now.  However, the proposed plan will ruin it. We, the undersigned, are in full agreement with the December 2016 letters by Dick Shackelford and Jim Jurosek concerning the park. The north hill bordering the park will no longer be a refuge for… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Battle Royal’ coming over Court showdown

‘Battle Royal’  coming over Court  showdown Re: Rs, Dems, Trump If you think that the left’s obstructionist tactics against President Donald Trump’s initiatives have been intense, ya ain’t seen nothin’ yet. In the coming days, Trump is expected to make his first nomination to the Supreme Court. If he keeps his campaign promise to nominate only… Continue Reading

Letters to the editor — Jan. 27, 2017

Women defending rights as Americans Re: Vera Cole letter, Press, Jan. 25 The women and men who marched Saturday in Denver — and in Cheyenne, Washington, D.C., and in all 50 states — felt their time was worth spending on something as simple as defending their well-being as Americans. To those who marched as grandmothers, mothers,… Continue Reading

Death, taxes IRS, exemptions

People who are concerned about death taxes on their estate might be interested to know that the IRS has announced the 2017 numbers for annual gift tax exemption and the lifetime estate and gift tax exemption. The 2017 annual gift tax exemption is $14,000, which is the same as it was for 2016. That means… Continue Reading

‘Land of opportunity’ for women’s marchers

Re: Coli column, Press, Jan. 23 I’m glad that Sheridan Press reporter Chelsea Coli enjoyed her participation in the Denver edition of the Women’s March. Sounds like it was great fun and young people should have fun. Based on Hillary Clinton’s tweets on the subject, she also thoroughly enjoyed watching the marches on television, calling… Continue Reading

‘Stand up for Medicare;’ retirement age concerns

Re: Trump nominees Serious concerns have been raised over congressional attempts and proposals to “privatize” Medicare and turn it into a voucher system. The results of such actions are simply put: pay more, get less. For those of us who have paid into the Medicare system every day of our working lives, this proposal from… Continue Reading

“Can do” attitudes brighten futures

Re: Press, Jan. 7 The staff at Legacy Pregnancy Center was so pleased to see reporter Ashleigh Fox capture the brave and “can-do” attitude of Payton Brilz, a third-year nursing student, great mom, and former Legacy client in her January 7 Sheridan Press article. We would like to thank the six families, two churches, and… Continue Reading

Raise grazing fees to offset school deficit

Re: “Ranch-a-lator” lawmakers It sounds as if Wyoming’s public schools are going to be short on funds this year. It should be noted that the state has three million acres of state land that is set aside to support education. These state lands are school sections.  That being the case, it would seem there is… Continue Reading

Legislators should learn COS alternatives

Re: Kinskey column, Press, Jan. 7 State Sen. Dave Kinskey’s column listed actions President-elect Donald Trump and the Congress could take to unravel the mess left by the unconstitutionally unilateral actions of the Obama Administration. From undoing presidential executive orders, to reining in excessive federal regulations, to proposing and supporting corrective legislation to Congress, the… Continue Reading

Study: Transfer of public lands unlikely to succeed

Re: Legislative proposals During the 2015 legislative session, the Wyoming Legislature passed SF 56 providing for a study of state management of Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management administered lands in Wyoming. Completed last August, it is entitled “Study on Management of Public Lands in Wyoming.” The report is 345 pages but the Executive… Continue Reading

Letter: Look out for each other

Look out for each other Re: Harsh winter weather  On Tuesday night, Dec. 27, after an eight-hour drive from Grand Junction, Colorado, to Sheridan without incident and looking forward to being home and relaxing, I turned onto Bryant Street to my apartment and got stuck. Two very kind, thoughtful and patient men, Brian and Jeremy,… Continue Reading

Take aim elsewhere

Re: Cuts to affect teachers For decades, Wyoming has congratulated itself on its strong funding for education and the high dividends that funding has paid. Wyoming schools are strong, and the schools of Sheridan County School District 2 are among the best in the state. Ask an administrator why that is, and you will hear… Continue Reading

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