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Legislative endorsement

Re: House District 30 I heartily endorse Val Burgess, House District 30, as the best qualified candidate. Ms. Burgess has experience as an educator, successful small business person, advocate for community development and extraordinary veteran support. All come from active participation in our community, state and at the national level. Not rhetoric or paid advocacy.… Continue Reading

‘Overreach of power’ can be changed by ballot

Re: Federal lands, state action In what would seem an outrageous overreach of power, Senate File 12 was passed by our Wyoming Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Matt Mead. This file banned citizens from collecting data from any Wyoming land outside city limits. In so many words, if you saw cattle destroying creek… Continue Reading

‘How would Arnold play this’ golf shot?

Re: Arnold Palmer, 1929-2016 I was very saddened to learn of the Sept. 25th death of the great golfer Arnold Palmer at age 87. His prime years as a pro came in eras which included other greats, including Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Billy Casper and Lee Trevino. Palmer’s ability to play the game… Continue Reading

‘Wrong person’ elected means loss of freedoms

Re: Presidential election, Nov. 8 As a veteran who took a solemn oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, I am deeply concerned about the outcome of the Presidential election.  If the wrong person is elected, I fear that all of those who fought for and died to defend the Constitution may… Continue Reading

Public lands legacy is American issue

Re: Debate, election 2016 Outdoor users, such as myself, are alarmed by the threatened takeover of our public lands by Wyoming and other western states.  These public lands were given to each and every one of us by courageous and visionary public leaders such as President Theodore Roosevelt and others in the early 1900s. This… Continue Reading

Lies and politics

Re: House District 51 race  I feel obligated to comment on the race for the Wyoming House District 51 seat, which has been very competently served by Rosie Berger until her defeat in the Republican primary by her opponent, Bo Biteman. Biteman and Democrat Hollis Hackman will face off on Nov. 8. I think we… Continue Reading

Repeal 22nd Amendment; no Hillary, no Trump

Re: Jonathan Swift and the presidential election Dreadful times may call for dreadful proposals.  Or modest ones. Too many years ago in Dublin, I veered away from a pilgrimage, of sorts, to the landmarks (i.e., pubs) of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” to search for another point of interest. In Anglican St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the Catholic… Continue Reading

Federal land return issue merits scrutiny

Re: State, congressional races In 2015, the Wyoming Legislature passed Senate File 56 (Study of Public Lands) which directed the Office of State Lands and Investment to commission a study and provide a report addressing the management of certain specific federally administrated public lands in Wyoming. The study, which cost $75,000, was to be completed by… Continue Reading

Debate coming: Media shilling for Democrats

Re: “Moderators” are laughable The debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Sept. 26 will be moderated by Lester Holt of NBC. Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC will co-moderate the second debate on Oct. 9, with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace handling the third debate on Oct. 19. Having “moderators”… Continue Reading

More time for city, rather than Cheyenne

Re: Lee campaign, Press story, Sept. 12 Alex Lee in his campaigning mentions the time he plans to spend in Cheyenne. We are electing a mayor for Sheridan, not an ambassador to Cheyenne. If Mr. Lee enjoys hanging out in Cheyenne, he should do it on his own dime, not the city’s. Charles Vickery Sheridan Continue Reading

Letter: Let’s celebrate Constitution Day

Let’s celebrate Constitution Day Re: Friday, Sept., 16 I was asked by our local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to submit a few thoughts in celebration of Constitution Day.  First off, I would like to thank the work of the DAR and all of our civic organizations that depend on willing and… Continue Reading

Letter: Heroism, propaganda

Heroism, propaganda Re: Vietnam tours, Guard truck My name is Ronnie Fowler. I served two (in combat) combat tours in Vietnam. I have these awards (four bronze stars, one silver star) and I was trained to fight. On Sept. 6, I saw a National Guard truck parked at the Holiday Inn. On the side of the… Continue Reading

Johnson and “Aleppo,” an “honest mistake”

Re: Press opinion cartoon, Sept. 13 “This too shall pass,” an adage popularized by Abraham Lincoln, seems never more appropriate than to this peculiar political season. So this is certainly no endorsement, but while Gary Johnson’s ignorance about “Aleppo” may not deserve our complete sympathy, it should not necessarily be an ultimate disqualifier of his… Continue Reading

Texting is dangerous

Re: Distracted driving The dangers of distracted driving is all over the national news lately. Similarly, the operation of smartphones by drivers navigating our fine town’s intersections is all too common. Recently, I stood on a corner and watched as four of six drivers looked down at their phones while passing through. I hope it… Continue Reading

Lee’s photo bigger than Miller’s

Re: Sheridan mayoral race When I opened my Sheridan Press on Friday, Sept 2, I was confused by the layout on page A3. The first thing I noticed was a large Press photo of mayoral candidate Alex Lee. I then noticed the article under his photo, “Mayoral candidates talk government transparency,” with a postage stamp-sized… Continue Reading

Let’s help Barbra Streisand relocate

Re: Venezuela a choice Barbra Streisand says she’ll move to Canada if Donald Trump wins the election. Why Canada? I thought they were our friends. Why not Mexico? Heck, why stop there. Venezuela’s politics would suit her politics even better but the place is probably too messy for the queen of OCD. It must be… Continue Reading

What does legalization mean?

Re: Krauthammer column, Press, Sept. 2 In arguing for “enforcement plus legalization,” Charles Krauthammer claims that “hunting criminal aliens” has been “the enforcement priority of President Obama.” Krauthammer sees sealing the border as a precursor to the America’s willingness to “exercise its natural magnanimity and legalize.” On immigration, the Democrats have been playing a bait… Continue Reading

SPD standoff response measured, successful

Re: Appreciation of police The recent armed standoff on Broadway ended without any loss of life. Our community owes great thanks to the brave members of the Sheridan Police Department for their work. Thanks are due as well to the many other responding law enforcement agencies. There is no guarantee that such incidents will end… Continue Reading

STOP means stop; buses and videotape

Re: Watembach letter, Press, Sept. 1 I am a school bus driver. So many people do not understand the camera system or the STOP sign on a bus. We do have stops on Coffeen and Main Street. We do not have kids cross over these busy roads. They are let out on the side of… Continue Reading

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