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School buildings merit review

Re: State budget cuts There have been articles throughout the year about the Wyoming Legislature cutting school budgets because of mineral revenue shortfalls. As an educator who has worked in Wyoming in the 1980s in boom and bust times, why should we be so surprised when we have less, we do with less. It seems… Continue Reading

Will never agree on guns in meetings

Re: Biteman’s HB137 My opposition to guns in government meetings is well known and I find Rep. Biteman’s method, position and logic equally as “troubling.” First, as the mayor of Ranchester and chairman of the Tongue River Valley Joint Powers Board, I preside over at least three public meetings a month. I know how contentious… Continue Reading

Not anti-gun; support law enforcement

Re: HB137, guns in government meetings  I am writing in response to Rep. Biteman’s column (The Sheridan Press, March 18).  I applaud Gov. Mead’s veto of the Wyoming Repeal of Gun Free Zones Act. Rep. Biteman refers to constitutional values — especially that of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. This was written in… Continue Reading

Squandering public resources

Re: Barrasso’s resolution Sen. John Barrasso has introduced a Congressional Review Act resolution that would abolish the Bureau of Land Management’s methane waste prevention rule. This is an irresponsible squandering of public resources and is wrong for numerous reasons. First, federal royalties are used to fund education and infrastructure projects. However, the BLM does not… Continue Reading

SCSD3’s actions ‘wildly irresponsible’

Re: Non-renewal of principal’s contract SCSD3’s decision to not renew Christie Wright’s contract (March 16, 2017) is a failure to check our superintendent’s authority and weigh in the balance the support of the community.  “Personnel issues” does not satisfy me in answering why a dynamic and dedicated leader was removed from my school’s administration. Even… Continue Reading

Letter: Pastry kindness through stranger

Pastry kindness through stranger Wednesday morning, I came out of a store on Main Street to find that someone’s car was parked into mine, damaging the bumper. As I waited to see if the owner would come around, I briefly visited with a lady about what happened. She then went into Red Velvet Bakery. A few… Continue Reading

Letter: Burns explains gun vote rationale

Burns explains gun vote rationale Re: Lundberg letter, Press, Feb. 28 Recently there was a letter in the Sheridan Press chastising me for my vote on three gun bills this past legislative session. The bills were controversial and I’d like to explain my votes. Under current law the University of Wyoming and the seven community colleges… Continue Reading

Letter: Affirmation of youth via ‘Bye Bye Birdie

Affirmation of youth via ‘Bye Bye Birdie Re: SHS production Want some news that’s not political? We attended the musical at Sheridan High School, the performance of “Bye Bye Birdie” on March 4. Sheridan should be very proud of the performance by the entire cast, including the director, Marva Craft, the musicians, the students who moved… Continue Reading

More answers sought with new coal company

Re: Ramaco’s proposed mine In less than a month, Sheridan area residents have read Sheridan Press reports of a new coal company coming to town with reports of mining anywhere from a truckload of coal to eight million tons.  The reports have employees being hired from 10 to 3,000. What company is really coming to… Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – March 4, 2017

Local airline service costly I was thankful to have an airline service return to Sheridan. I have used this service and hope to in the future. I was dismayed to find that it is no longer the affordable, competitive air service we were promised. Here is a real-time example. My uncle passed away yesterday and I… Continue Reading

Letters — Mar. 3, 2017

Disappointed in disrespect Re: Upside down flag  A few days ago, I noticed a photo in The Press of a man holding the flag upside down. I have a great-grandpa, grandpa and cousin who have fought in various wars for our freedoms. I also have family members currently in the military. I am disgusted by… Continue Reading

‘Censorship, not journalism’

Re: Trump, Sweden, Democrats, “fake news,” First Amendment The so-called mainstream national news media believe that President Donald Trump has misstated and exaggerated the societal disruption in Sweden and, by extension, in other parts of Europe. However, Fox News reported that in a Feb. 22 op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, two leaders of… Continue Reading

Sen. Barrasso should represent all citizens

Re: Chamber meeting, Feb. 22 I found it a bit vexing that Dennis Wagner (letter, Press, Feb. 25) complained about protesters interrupting Sen. John Barrasso’s meeting with the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce in Big Horn Wednesday. Since when did the Chamber of Commerce have exclusive right to our senator?  Sen. Barrasso did not schedule… Continue Reading

Missing Sen. Schiffer’s leadership

Re: Wyoming Legislature  Add my voice to those who are increasingly concerned about the lack of legislative leadership around education funding in the state. Our own Sen. Dave Kinskey, who represents the best school districts in Wyoming, is correct when he says we are facing a very difficult funding situation.  But his unwillingness to consider… Continue Reading

Blame Sen. Burns if school attack comes

Re: Campus carry bill I was very disappointed to hear that Sen. Bruce Burns voted against this bill on campus carry in Wyoming.  I believe he made a bad misjudgement.  The legislation strips the ability from law abiding citizens to defend their life and liberty when you deny them the right to carry… especially ones who have… Continue Reading

Letter: BH protest disrespectful

BH protest disrespectful Re: Sen Barrasso’s town hall It was very disappointing to see the front page of Thursday’s Sheridan Press depicting a group protesting, what? What do you object about Obamacare? About the environment? About education? President Donald Trump has done more positive things in 30 days than the previous administration did in eight years.… Continue Reading

Letter: Barrasso town hall marred by protest

Barrasso town hall marred by protest Re: BH Chamber meeting What a shame it is that a few people feel they have the right to hijack a meeting. The Chamber coffees are for business folks to network and present information about their company or organization.  They take time away from their businesses to attend these functions.  I enjoy… Continue Reading

Armed teachers idea ‘ludicrous’

Re: HB 136, 237 Guns do not belong in our schools or public meetings unless in the hands of well-trained professionals. As a member of a very small and unique group, I witnessed a school shooting on 17 September 1993 at Central Middle School in Sheridan and assisted students who had been wounded and traumatized… Continue Reading

Letter: Australian enjoys SC, Whitney, city

Australian enjoys SC, Whitney, city I visited this week to participate in art workshops offered at your Whitney Center for the Arts at Sheridan College. What a magnificent community resource! It is programmed and peopled to contribute so richly to the local community. Thank you for the opportunity to share this resource and the print-making… Continue Reading

Citizens expect education spending cuts to be made

Re: No higher taxes, state Legislature We the citizens of Wyoming understand that a quality education is paramount for the future of this community, this state and this country. We further understand that the current fiscal environment poses a challenge for school districts across the state. These monetary challenges extend to every facet of government.… Continue Reading

Letters — Feb. 15, 2017

Conceal carry should be allowed Re: UW president, college presidents’ column, Press, Feb. 9 Here is an opposing opinion to the guest column, “Guns on campus: worth the risk?” The piece contains this statement at the beginning: “we, like all Wyoming citizens have been asked to rely on anecdote, speculation and hypothesis, often highly emotional, as… Continue Reading

Left wing court irrelevant; abrogates Constitution

Re: Trump’s executive order Consistency was a longstanding feature of the constitutional rule of law in America. Judges were to apply the law objectively to a set of facts in evidence and rule thereon, leaving their personal and political preferences aside. However, over time the federal judiciary has morphed into an ideological entity. The law… Continue Reading

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