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“Can do” attitudes brighten futures

Re: Press, Jan. 7 The staff at Legacy Pregnancy Center was so pleased to see reporter Ashleigh Fox capture the brave and “can-do” attitude of Payton Brilz, a third-year nursing student, great mom, and former Legacy client in her January 7 Sheridan Press article. We would like to thank the six families, two churches, and… Continue Reading

Raise grazing fees to offset school deficit

Re: “Ranch-a-lator” lawmakers It sounds as if Wyoming’s public schools are going to be short on funds this year. It should be noted that the state has three million acres of state land that is set aside to support education. These state lands are school sections.  That being the case, it would seem there is… Continue Reading

Legislators should learn COS alternatives

Re: Kinskey column, Press, Jan. 7 State Sen. Dave Kinskey’s column listed actions President-elect Donald Trump and the Congress could take to unravel the mess left by the unconstitutionally unilateral actions of the Obama Administration. From undoing presidential executive orders, to reining in excessive federal regulations, to proposing and supporting corrective legislation to Congress, the… Continue Reading

Study: Transfer of public lands unlikely to succeed

Re: Legislative proposals During the 2015 legislative session, the Wyoming Legislature passed SF 56 providing for a study of state management of Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management administered lands in Wyoming. Completed last August, it is entitled “Study on Management of Public Lands in Wyoming.” The report is 345 pages but the Executive… Continue Reading

Letter: Look out for each other

Look out for each other Re: Harsh winter weather  On Tuesday night, Dec. 27, after an eight-hour drive from Grand Junction, Colorado, to Sheridan without incident and looking forward to being home and relaxing, I turned onto Bryant Street to my apartment and got stuck. Two very kind, thoughtful and patient men, Brian and Jeremy,… Continue Reading

Take aim elsewhere

Re: Cuts to affect teachers For decades, Wyoming has congratulated itself on its strong funding for education and the high dividends that funding has paid. Wyoming schools are strong, and the schools of Sheridan County School District 2 are among the best in the state. Ask an administrator why that is, and you will hear… Continue Reading

Concern for the animals

Re: Kendrick Park plan This letter is concerned with the elk pasture, the animals in it and the people who enjoy viewing them. Our town’s new plan for changes to Kendrick Park include reducing the size of the elk pasture to about two-thirds of its current size and putting walking paths completely around the new… Continue Reading

Tough times highlight need to curb gas waste

Re: Wyoming school budgets Over the next two years, Wyoming schools are facing a $700 million budget shortfall. The Joint Education Interim Committee reported that that budget shortfall could grow to a nearly $1.8 billion shortfall through fiscal year 2022. Gov. Matt Mead has rightly called for a comprehensive look at our current budget crises… Continue Reading

Local ‘listening session’ exceptional

Re: UW strategies Comments, observations and suggestions from the people of Wyoming are an essential element of the University of Wyoming strategic planning process. I was very grateful for the wonderful turnout for our meeting in Sheridan, and I’d like to thank those who offered their candid perspectives on the university. Local participation at all… Continue Reading

Left is real purveyor of ‘fake news’

Re: Brawley, lacrosse players, Brown Since the election, the denizens of the left have been screaming about their latest cause du jour — fake news stories passed over the Internet. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and focus on some genuinely fake news. • In 1987, the mainstream media vociferously championed the cause of… Continue Reading

‘Who’s in on the pimp?’

Re: County contract Sheridan area radio stations ran three newscasts about a contract with Christi Rolston, of Denver, Colorado, and Sheridan County. Christi Rolston is the daughter of Bob Rolston, the chairman of the Sheridan County Commission.  In March of 2016, the district court was given the go ahead to solicit cost estimates to scan… Continue Reading

‘Lion Dogs’ find new home at SC

I wish to thank Kim Love and those of the art committee for finding a permanent home for the Lion Dogs at Sheridan College. Now I would like to suggest they consider a sculpture to replace the Lion Dogs at the entrance to Kendrick Park. I believe Jerold Smiley could do a wonderful bronze of… Continue Reading

Trump supporters ‘automatically believe’

Re: Voter registration fraud Every state has different election laws. In Wyoming, we remove voters from the rolls only when they don’t vote in a presidential election year — the next time is 2020. Wyoming’s Legislature prefers efficiency so it doesn’t require re-registering every year. When President-elect Trump asserts there is fraud, based on Pew… Continue Reading

Letter: “Left” media continues support of “the cause”

“Left” media  continues support of “the cause” Re: Robinson column, Press, Nov. 30 The American left has a long infatuation with communism and its heroes. New York Times reporter Herbert Matthews wrote in 1959 that Fidel Castro was an eloquent young man with “strong ideas of liberty, democracy, and social justice.” Seems the more things change, the… Continue Reading

Leave Sheridan more natural

Re: Parks master plan I am a frequent walker on the paved path that runs behind the Kendrick Mansion, from Pioneer Street to where the trail splits and goes down the hill into Kendrick Park. The area to the immediate south of the trail is very steep and heavily wooded with trees and brush. Not… Continue Reading

Cuban potential, beauty, frustration

Re: Fidel Castro’s death The late singer John Stewart wrote, in “Waiting for Castro to Die,” “Is there a solution to, to the old man’s party line?/Oh, the revolution came and it had its time.” Well, that was composed 13 years ago, and El Comandante easily outlived Stewart, and a more than fair share of… Continue Reading

Letter: Remember Pearl Harbor attack always

The governor of the great state of Wyoming, Matthew H. Mead, has proclaimed Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016 as Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. It is earnestly recommended by the few remaining veterans in Wyoming of the attack on Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941 that we honor the many heroes that fell that day at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,… Continue Reading

Public lands in peril; legislators ignore input

Re: State lands going private The movement to take away our public lands across the West and transfer them to state-management is real and gaining ground. In Wyoming, this movement is accelerating and can no longer be ignored. In the past few years there have been a number of bills introduced in the Wyoming Legislature… Continue Reading

Country should vote like Wyoming

Re: Trump wins state It is interesting to note that the election of America’s first black president, who insisted that “we are not a white America, a black America, or a red America, we are all Americans, etc.”, did not result in a more United States, but divided it worse than anything else since the… Continue Reading

Eliminating Electoral College a moot issue

Re: Nov. 8 election Employing their standard “turn-on-a-dime” tactic, Democrats are now railing about the unfairness of the Electoral College and trotting out their stale arguments for a popular vote, replete with media cartoons, op-eds, and columns. Even lame-duck Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer has introduced legislation to chloroform the Electoral College. Some like to cite… Continue Reading

Officials disregard public opinion on public lands

Re: Public to private transfer The November 12 article in the Sheridan Press about a public lands amendment (i.e. transfer federal lands to Wyoming) is yet another clear example of elected officials who do not listen to their constituents and think they know what is really best for the people who elected them. Despite overwhelming… Continue Reading

God bless local law enforcement

It is about time all law enforcement in our community — both city and county — are acknowledged for their difficult and serious job. I listen to the scanner every day and it seems like the police force is used on so many calls as babysitters for overly immature adults. I often wonder what the… Continue Reading

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