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Sheridan Press Editorial: Despite frustrations, each vote mattered

This 2016 election season left many feeling frustrated. Some who supported Hillary Clinton have taken to the streets to protest the results. Some who supported Donald Trump are repeatedly trying to disregard the accusations of racism and misogyny hurled their direction. Some, too, feel their voices aren’t being heard. In fact, some voices weren’t heard.… Continue Reading

Sheridan Press Editorial: Tides of public opinion

With social media at the fingertips of most area residents, the number of opinions voiced about the standoff last week on Broadway Street quickly outnumbered the number of antelope in the Bighorns. A small, but vocal number of individuals advocated how Sheridan police should start breaking down the doors and rush in, guns blazing. Most… Continue Reading

Interchange a boost to economy

The total impact that the North Main Interstate 90 interchange project will have on Sheridan likely can’t be measured in a truly accurate way. We can estimate, but the bottom line is it will be big. The project itself will cost approximately $58.7 million. More than a dozen subcontractors will be contributing to the project’s… Continue Reading

Sheridan Press Editorial: Power loss, change; more votes

Election season tends to make fools of bettors, and the primary election in Sheridan County on Tuesday was no exception. Rep. Rosie Berger, R-Big Horn, lost her long-held seat in the state House to newcomer Bo Biteman of Ranchester. The city’s mayoral race, which before Tuesday included five candidates, now features two drastically different candidates.… Continue Reading

Rand’s observations, Gore’s claims Re: Earth Day, 2016

The 44th annual “Earth Day” folderol has now passed. Interestingly, its observance falls on the birthday of Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin. This year’s event was particularly noteworthy as some 130 nations signed the Paris Climate Agreement containing language barring all signatory nations from withdrawing from it prior to 2020. Way back in 2008, a study… Continue Reading

Sheridan Press Editorial: Start thinking about local elections

The candidates for the 2016 presidential election have taken over except when there’s a mass shooting, an ISIS beheading or a terrorist attack. Media is filled with politicians. Consider that the most interesting elections will be here in Sheridan County next year. For the Legislature, the seat for Senate District 22 — which includes all… Continue Reading

Sheridan Press Editorial: Help ensure that nobody rides alone

Today, area residents will participate in the Out of the Darkness community walk to help raise awareness for suicide prevention. Survivors and their friends will share stories and support each other. Information will be shared about where community members can seek help when and if it is needed. The group has also started emphasizing the… Continue Reading

Editorial: Why is ABF struggling so much?

For roughly four years, the Antelope Butte Foundation has been working to revitalize and reopen the Antelope Butte Ski and Recreation Area. The nonprofit needs somewhere between $2.9 and $4.33 million to complete the task. As of last week, ABF had raised a little more than $210,000. So we have to ask: Why is the… Continue Reading

Editorial: It’s time to take action

Every year, it seems, our nation’s summer headlines are filled with news of droughts, storms and the inevitable wildland fires that wreak havoc on our forests. Last week, the U.S. Forest Service announced that for the first time in its more than 110-year history, it is spending more than 50 percent of its budget on… Continue Reading

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