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Column: Inspiration to be better

Everyone can use a dose of inspiration now and then. It’s evident if you scroll through anyone’s Facebook newsfeed. Pretty images with inspiring words often fill those feeds. Sometimes, pretty words with an uplifting message can give us that extra boost that we need. If we’re sad, we look for sayings like, “You can’t have… Continue Reading

Column: Dreading, anticipating World Series

“Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world.” The Babe once said that, and he was absolutely correct. Baseball has the capacity to both lift you up, creating hope, excitement and exhilaration, and drop you like a sack of flour with a resounding thump. Being a Chicago Cubs… Continue Reading

Are we worthy leaders?

Sometimes — and I’ve said this before — all things point to one idea, one concept or one theme. Last time I wrote about it, it seemed all things were pointing me to consider friendships. This time around, it seems leadership is at the heart of it all. The first clue came from my homework… Continue Reading

Disappointed in no-shows

Sometimes social media is unbearable. People feel they can say whatever they want behind the protection of a screen and distance. One part of my job is to track social media for breaking news stories, issues that seem important and relevant to our community and just, generally, to see what folks in Sheridan are talking… Continue Reading

Learning young

Being a journalist has always been a dream of mine. I grew up watching the evening news with my family at dinner and since then, I just knew. So, in high school, I joined the school newspaper. The first time my local newspaper asked to republish one of my articles, I couldn’t believe it. I… Continue Reading

Column: Remembering solidarity

Tomorrow, many Americans will recall where they were when the world stop turning. They’ll talk about being in school, at work or driving. They’ll recall with vivid detail exactly what they were doing when they heard about the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. As part of that remembrance, organizations throughout the country will set… Continue Reading

Moving the dial on voter participation

Politics can often be frustrating and disheartening. Many people this election cycle have said that neither of the two primary candidates for president this year are appealing. Some say the same of local candidates. The same people complaining are often the last to get involved. They are often the last to volunteer to make things… Continue Reading

Changing friendships

Sometimes, a theme develops in your life. Some call it a coincidence, others fate. No matter what you want to call it, sometimes you find yourself having similar conversations with different people. Mine started Tuesday. A group gathered at Little Goose Liquors to catch up. We hadn’t been in the same place at the same… Continue Reading

Column: What dedication can do

These last two days have felt like fall is just around the corner. School supplies fill shopping carts, fall sports teams have taken to their practice fields, the pool will close in a couple of weeks, and soon the snow will begin to fly. In today’s edition of The Press, reporter Mike Dunn spoke to… Continue Reading

Column: Vote — it is that important

This year, voters have more options than usual. While some may argue that some of the options aren’t really options, they are on the ballot nonetheless. Your voice matters. So, get to the polls on Tuesday (or earlier) to make it heard. There are so many good movies, jokes and memes these days about voting… Continue Reading

Living on through letters

Things have been rough for many folks I know these last few weeks. The slam of summer, it seems, has caught up to us. As he has written in his column, Sheridan Press sports editor Mike Pruden’s grandmother recently passed away. The mother of one of our sales representatives recently died. My grandmother, who lives… Continue Reading

Mountains are calling

I’ve fallen absolutely in love with Wyoming’s new branding and advertising effort — “That’s WY.” I’ve written about it before, but the images and messages are striking. They use humor and beauty to describe Wyoming and why visitors should come here. It makes me happy, and the advertisements just constantly reinforce why we live where… Continue Reading

Making plans with room for adventure

Recently, I took a personality test — Meyers Briggs — as part of the CiViC Leadership retreat held at Eatons’ Ranch. I think I know who I am, but the results of the test were interesting: I am a planner, sort of. I know I like to plan. I enjoy lists and checking off things… Continue Reading

The tale of two garden plots

This year, somehow, I ended up with two garden plots at the Sagebrush Community Garden. My husband and I had reserved one for a friend of ours who later decided he wasn’t going to have the time the garden required. So, my husband and I decided to put some seeds in the ground and see… Continue Reading

Excitement extends beyond rodeo

Sheridan WYO Rodeo Week starts soon. Tuesday boasts the Sheridan WYO Rodeo Boot Kickoff event at Kendrick Park, a guaranteed good time. The rest of the week is chock-full of all kinds of rodeo-related activities. Beyond rodeo, though, I’m very excited about the free time I’ve gained since my summer semester of graduate school ended.… Continue Reading

Column: Celebrate responsibly so others can too

Each year I like to write about the men and women who spend the summer protecting homes, property and people from the dangers of wildfire. Yes, my husband and many friends work with the U.S. Forest Service. They travel all around the country to battle wildfires and forest fires. But this isn’t just about them.… Continue Reading

Going for a swim

Leaders in the community often tout all that Sheridan and the surrounding area has to offer. We have the Bighorn Mountains, parks, pathways, infrastructure, countless nonprofits that offer services and so much more. One of the most prized amenities, at least to some, is the Kendrick Park pool. It offers a cheap way for local… Continue Reading

Runners serve as inspiration

This weekend, as I’m sure you’ve learned by reading The Sheridan Press over the last week or two, hundreds of people will take to the Bighorn Mountains in pursuit of a runner’s high. You know, that feeling you get when you’ve accomplished a goal — finished a race, achieved a personal best time or defeated… Continue Reading

Column: Read this victim’s letter

Throughout Sheridan County, and communities across our country, individuals work tirelessly to teach kids about sex. They talk about various forms of birth control; they talk about sexually transmitted diseases; they talk about consent. They beg teenagers to be smart and make good choices. Those individuals and the organizations they represent open their doors to… Continue Reading

Community leadership bigger than most of us

From May 23-27, two dozen of Sheridan’s established and emerging leaders hung out at Eatons’ Ranch and talked about issues that were important to the community and how we all can be better about tackling those issues. The occasion was the CiViC leadership program. The program cost approximately $100,000 to put on, but was free… Continue Reading

Sharing optimism

As an avid reader of the New York Times and a number of other national news publications, I often find myself asking friends and family members something like “Did you see that article…?” I like to share things I’ve read or learned, which is part of why I think I’m so well-suited for my job.… Continue Reading

Love for all kinds of moms

I know it’s Mother’s Day. I know I’ll probably get in trouble for not sharing the heart-warming memories and stories I have about my mom. (There are too many to choose from and she knows how much I love her). But, this weekend, I want to take time to recognize the different kinds of moms we… Continue Reading

Column: Supporting each other a beautiful thing

Everyone needs a little support sometimes. We all go through times in our lives that are difficult. Sometimes those situations are self made; other times life throws us a curve and we’re forced to adjust to hit the pitch. This month, I was thrown a lot of curves. But, I always had a core group… Continue Reading

Column: Navigating the scary, creepy, unrealistic

Recently, the issue of what is scary, what isn’t and how you navigate figuring out which is which has been a theme in my conversations. On two separate occasions at two different places, friends of mine have broached the topic. Some of those involved said the gory, blood-filled movies are the ones that bother them… Continue Reading

Exciting political seasons upon us

The political season never seems to end these days. Candidates declare early. Talking heads spend endless hours examining and picking apart every statement made. Politicians speak, back pedal then try again. Last weekend, I covered the Sheridan County Democratic caucus for The New York Times. This was a dream come true. Most reporters would jump… Continue Reading

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