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Runners serve as inspiration

This weekend, as I’m sure you’ve learned by reading The Sheridan Press over the last week or two, hundreds of people will take to the Bighorn Mountains in pursuit of a runner’s high. You know, that feeling you get when you’ve accomplished a goal — finished a race, achieved a personal best time or defeated… Continue Reading

Column: Read this victim’s letter

Throughout Sheridan County, and communities across our country, individuals work tirelessly to teach kids about sex. They talk about various forms of birth control; they talk about sexually transmitted diseases; they talk about consent. They beg teenagers to be smart and make good choices. Those individuals and the organizations they represent open their doors to… Continue Reading

Community leadership bigger than most of us

From May 23-27, two dozen of Sheridan’s established and emerging leaders hung out at Eatons’ Ranch and talked about issues that were important to the community and how we all can be better about tackling those issues. The occasion was the CiViC leadership program. The program cost approximately $100,000 to put on, but was free… Continue Reading

Sharing optimism

As an avid reader of the New York Times and a number of other national news publications, I often find myself asking friends and family members something like “Did you see that article…?” I like to share things I’ve read or learned, which is part of why I think I’m so well-suited for my job.… Continue Reading

Love for all kinds of moms

I know it’s Mother’s Day. I know I’ll probably get in trouble for not sharing the heart-warming memories and stories I have about my mom. (There are too many to choose from and she knows how much I love her). But, this weekend, I want to take time to recognize the different kinds of moms we… Continue Reading

Column: Supporting each other a beautiful thing

Everyone needs a little support sometimes. We all go through times in our lives that are difficult. Sometimes those situations are self made; other times life throws us a curve and we’re forced to adjust to hit the pitch. This month, I was thrown a lot of curves. But, I always had a core group… Continue Reading

Column: Navigating the scary, creepy, unrealistic

Recently, the issue of what is scary, what isn’t and how you navigate figuring out which is which has been a theme in my conversations. On two separate occasions at two different places, friends of mine have broached the topic. Some of those involved said the gory, blood-filled movies are the ones that bother them… Continue Reading

Exciting political seasons upon us

The political season never seems to end these days. Candidates declare early. Talking heads spend endless hours examining and picking apart every statement made. Politicians speak, back pedal then try again. Last weekend, I covered the Sheridan County Democratic caucus for The New York Times. This was a dream come true. Most reporters would jump… Continue Reading

Column: Rallying for women

April is an important month for women. On April 12 we’ll recognize Equal Pay Day and then on April 29, we’ll celebrate the amazing women in Sheridan County with the FAB (For. About. By.) Women’s Conference. Equal Pay Day is a symbolic day when women’s earnings “catch up” to men’s from the previous year. It… Continue Reading

Readership surveys and tourism ad campaign

On Monday, some Sheridan Press subscribers will receive through email and through the print edition a readership survey. For those who get them — subscribers were randomly selected — we hope you take the time to fill them out and return. We want your input. The readership research has been in the works for several… Continue Reading

Apologies for an embarrassing, deplorable mistake

Recently, a Sheridan Press reporter made an embarrassing and deplorable mistake. Ryan Miller of Sheridan was incorrectly identified in a March 4 story in The Sheridan Press regarding a felony domestic abuse case in 4th Judicial District Court. The Press staff and I understand the severity of the error. The Sheridan Press promptly removed the… Continue Reading

Column: Moving on from grudges

Because it is spring break for the University of Wyoming, I’ve had some extra time to read for fun. While I should have been working ahead on homework assignments and papers that are due soon, I opted for an escape from textbooks. The books I have been reading, though, all seem to have a theme.… Continue Reading

Can you believe this weather?

This weather is insane. I know it is odd to write an entire column about the weather, but be honest, that’s all you can think or talk about anyway. It’s Wyoming. It’s March 12. It is forecasted to reach 70 degrees today. We keep joking that it will snow two days from now, but that… Continue Reading

Column: No surprise youth aren’t interested

It should no longer surprise anyone that many young voters don’t turn out at the polls on Election Day. Look at their options. How can an 18-year-old or a 26-year-old relate to the individuals seeking our nation’s highest office? Donald Trump is 69 years old. Bernie Sanders is 74. Hillary Clinton is 68. Sure, Marco… Continue Reading

Column: Working together, inspiring each other

Next week will be an exciting week. On Wednesday, the members of The Sheridan Press newsroom will head to Centennial Theatre to take in “Spotlight” the movie based on the true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese. Recently, I read a piece… Continue Reading

Column: Best season of the year

This week, pitchers and catchers reported to spring training in Arizona and Florida. It is, officially, the best time of year. For as long as I can remember, I have played and watched baseball (or softball). I used to do homework while the Cubs games were on TV. I would watch SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight… Continue Reading

Column: Nagging need for perfection

Perfection is an interesting topic that has crept into conversations rather routinely recently. The conversations have taken place at work, with friends, with family and, ad nauseam, in my head. By definition, perfection is something free from fault or defect. How boring, right? But, if that is the case, why do so many of us… Continue Reading

Life before Facebook

This week, Facebook celebrated the social network’s 12th birthday. Its founders and leadership team were also likely celebrating the 1.6 billion — yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’ — users of the site. While I still get looks of contempt when I comment on how old I feel sometimes, the celebration of Facebook’s birthday really… Continue Reading

Column: What it means to be young in Sheridan

Sheridan is a great place to live. We hear that statement over and over again. For those of us who have lived here a long time, or for those who grew up here, it isn’t a phrase that is difficult to believe. For newcomers to the community, though, it can be tough. Recently, I attended… Continue Reading

Column: Press staff earn WPA honors

This weekend, I and a couple of Sheridan Press staffers attended the Wyoming Press Association Conference. Industry or organization conferences are always interesting to me and this one in particular is one I look forward to each year. Weird? Yes. To many people, conferences are a snore. They are an excuse to get out of… Continue Reading

Column: Sharing stories of our neighbors

The longer I’ve lived in Sheridan, the more I’ve learned about all of the amazing things area residents have done in their lives. Some have attempted to summit Everest, others have started nonprofits to better the lives of others and still others have succeeded in their careers to extents that would likely surprise you. For… Continue Reading

Column: Do your homework

Now that we have officially entered the year of the 2016 presidential election, I’m sure the coverage by media organizations of the races — while seemingly impossible — will only multiply. American citizens will likely be overwhelmed by information about all of the candidates. We’ll hear sound bites from candidates that may or may not… Continue Reading

Column: New faces, talents at The Press

It is time, once again, to introduce a couple of new faces working in the newsroom here at The Sheridan Press. I’ve been here more than seven years, and I’ve seen many reporters come and go. Such is a fact of life in a small-town newsroom. Many times reporters use The Press as a way… Continue Reading

Changing traditions

It is funny how traditions change over the years. You think by their very nature, they’d stay the same. But as new generations are born and included in holiday festivities, the same-old traditions get altered, slowly, over time. My family always used to go Christmas tree shopping together. We’d head down the road to the… Continue Reading

The joy of giving

This time of year is a joy. Beyond the Christmas cheer and the holiday glow, there is a sense of community and giving that doesn’t exist other times of the year. That isn’t to say Sheridan isn’t always full of giving, caring, philanthropic individuals. You need only look around Sheridan to see proof of local… Continue Reading

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