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FAB is April 28; ‘Founder’ movie

We’re a month away from the fifth annual FAB (For. About. By.) Women’s Conference. It’ll be April 28 at Sheridan College. The half-day and evening event is presented by the Sheridan Press and SC. FAB features concurrent professional and lifestyle tracks with a variety of seminars that include career and personal development and enrichment. Shelli… Continue Reading

How Trump can get his groove back

The central promise of the Trump administration — the repeal and replacement of Obamacare — has failed. The central premise of the Trump administration — that Donald Trump is a brilliant negotiator — has been discredited. In the process of losing a legislative battle, Trump has lost the theory of his presidency. It was a… Continue Reading

Find your ‘thing’

I’ve been thinking a lot about Travis Todd’s presentation at Wednesday’s e2e event at the Best Western Sheridan Center. For those of you who missed it, Todd talked about a company he helped to found called FullContact. The company went from four to more than 200 employees in the span of just a few years.… Continue Reading

School buildings merit review

Re: State budget cuts There have been articles throughout the year about the Wyoming Legislature cutting school budgets because of mineral revenue shortfalls. As an educator who has worked in Wyoming in the 1980s in boom and bust times, why should we be so surprised when we have less, we do with less. It seems… Continue Reading

Bergman concert at SC Friday

Summer’s on the way and with it, the big rock and roll concert tours for the Boomer and Geezer crowds. Many of the acts have noticeably changed personnel, a nod to age and infirmity and the Grim Reaper. Some have merged musicians. Musicians from both the Beatles and the Who will be performing together. The… Continue Reading

Will never agree on guns in meetings

Re: Biteman’s HB137 My opposition to guns in government meetings is well known and I find Rep. Biteman’s method, position and logic equally as “troubling.” First, as the mayor of Ranchester and chairman of the Tongue River Valley Joint Powers Board, I preside over at least three public meetings a month. I know how contentious… Continue Reading

Not anti-gun; support law enforcement

Re: HB137, guns in government meetings  I am writing in response to Rep. Biteman’s column (The Sheridan Press, March 18).  I applaud Gov. Mead’s veto of the Wyoming Repeal of Gun Free Zones Act. Rep. Biteman refers to constitutional values — especially that of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. This was written in… Continue Reading

Things to get excited about

This week has been very exciting for a number of reasons.  First, spring is so close I swear I can taste it (or maybe it’s all that Easter candy that smells of sugar and bad habits?) In addition, the group of women that I hike with picked the days for our third annual backpacking trip… Continue Reading

Squandering public resources

Re: Barrasso’s resolution Sen. John Barrasso has introduced a Congressional Review Act resolution that would abolish the Bureau of Land Management’s methane waste prevention rule. This is an irresponsible squandering of public resources and is wrong for numerous reasons. First, federal royalties are used to fund education and infrastructure projects. However, the BLM does not… Continue Reading

Suffering a death by a thousand cuts

From Ronald Reagan’s “welfare queen” to Donald Trump’s “Detroit single mom,” the unmarried mother remains a constant fascination to Republicans wielding budget-cutting scalpels. Whereas Reagan was propagating a stereotype of the fraudulent abuser of public largesse when he popularized the term in 1976, framing welfare policy thereafter, Trump’s budget blueprint purportedly is aimed at helping… Continue Reading

Things to remember about March — birthdays, basketball

I love March. It means so many things. Daffodils (my all-time fave flower) from the American Cancer Society. The chance that spring (my all-time fave season) might actually arrive. March Madness, which pretty much annually features the Kansas Jayhawks (my all-time fave team).  In addition and most importantly, it’s the month of my birthday! Womb… Continue Reading

SCSD3’s actions ‘wildly irresponsible’

Re: Non-renewal of principal’s contract SCSD3’s decision to not renew Christie Wright’s contract (March 16, 2017) is a failure to check our superintendent’s authority and weigh in the balance the support of the community.  “Personnel issues” does not satisfy me in answering why a dynamic and dedicated leader was removed from my school’s administration. Even… Continue Reading

Notes, quotes anecdotes

While trolling through my one primary cookbook for a recipe the other night, I came upon this discovery, a ripped-out page from a 2004 edition of Texas Monthly magazine. Therein was the story of nachos. Nachos, the perfect food (all the major food groups), has a history dating to 1943.  Ignacio Anaya was the maître… Continue Reading

Hacking is the digital world’s oldest profession

WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange’s revelation last week of the CIA’s arsenal of hacking tools had a misplaced tone of surprise, a bit like Claude Rains’ famous line in “Casablanca”: “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” The hacking community, of which WikiLeaks and the CIA’s cyberwarriors are both aggressive offshoots,… Continue Reading

The worst argument for Trumpcare

Of all the arguments to make for repealing and replacing Obamacare, the very worst is that people don’t need health insurance. Yet this is a Trump administration talking point. White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters last week, “When we get asked the question, ‘How many people are going to get covered?’ that’s not… Continue Reading

Republicans are defining lunacy down

The role of conspiracy theories has been consistently underestimated in the rise and appeal of President Trump. Trump came to the political attention of most Republicans by alleging a conspiracy to cover up Barack Obama’s supposedly foreign birth. “How amazing,” Trump tweeted in 2013, “the State Health Director who verified copies of Obama’s ‘birth certificate’… Continue Reading

Column: Celebrating those around us

On Wednesday, The Sheridan Press featured an article that drew parallels between women of Wyoming’s past to women of Wyoming’s present. Many of our state’s movers and shakers are women who blazed trails for the rest of us. What was fun for me, in particular, was watching our reporter Chelsea Coli reach out to women… Continue Reading

A place to learn and celebrate America’s foundational principles

Encouraging developments are as welcome as they are rare in colleges and universities that cultivate diversity in everything but thought. Fortunately, state legislatures, alumni and philanthropists are planting little academic platoons that will make campuses less intellectually monochrome. One such, just launched, is Arizona State University’s School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership.  A… Continue Reading

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