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A busy weekend fersure, hereabouts:

• Sheridan College conferred 466 degrees and certificates Saturday afternoon at the Bruce Hoffman Golden Dome. The commencement was packed with family members, students and friends of SC.

• At the same time, the 10th annual Snickers Big Horn Soccer Cup was going on, attracting youth soccer teams from all over the state and region. They played Sunday, too, in some tough weather.

• Saturday night, The Good Samaritan Awards were handed out at the Holiday Inn Conference Center. Tony Forman, senior pastor at Cornerstone Church in Sheridan, was the emcee of the evening that attracted some 200 people for a message of hope, strength and community service.




Some eight people were recognized Saturday night, The Salvation Army’s celebration of “acts of kindness.” The Sheridan Press profiled the recipients in Friday’s editions.

The ministry of our local Salvation Army was also detailed with data regarding the number of people served in the Sheridan area. Capt. Don Warriner and Lt. Kim Warriner explained the impact of The Salvation Army and how it makes a difference for many of our citizens.

“Capt. Don,” who leads the SA efforts here, spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy and was in Juneau, Alaska, before relocating here last year. He noted one considerable improvement: the SA store’s parking lot. It was repaved last year thanks to the generosity of the Genesis Foundation. “Before then,” he said with a laugh, “we always had duck season,” explaining how the large potholes in the parking lot often attracted ducks.

The keynote speaker was Irene Lewis, the executive director of the Salvation Army Red Shield Youth and Community Center in urban Los Angeles. In January, she was a special guest of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the State of the Union address at the U.S. Capitol and was recognized for her 14 years of developing innovative youth programs in a tough inner-city environment.

She told the audience about her personal growth through The Salvation Army, having grown up poor as the daughter of farm workers in Salinas, California. She frequented the SA’s community center and it became a focus in her life, stressing how “The Salvation Army can be an influence in the lives of so many through selfless service.” Ms. Lewis was in Sheridan for a few days last week, “taking in the beauty of this city and its blessed people.” She challenged the Sheridan area to continue its partnership with The Salvation Army and to “cherish our children.”




When we walked into The Sheridan Press Monday morning, there was new carpeting and tile pretty much throughout the building. The layered, blue-denim and gray tones flooring certainly lifts the atmosphere and work environment.

It looks terrific. Plus, the degree of upset was minimal — it was done over a three-weekend period. Thanks to Jeremy Bland and Interior Images. Credit office manager Becky Martini and Susan Woody for the color selections and making it happen. The staff, too, pitched in and moved furniture here and there during the process.




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