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Re: Aug. 19 primary

Kudos: Dixie Johnson and the entire talented staff of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce’s Governmental Affairs Committee and other volunteers for a superbly executed open forum Tuesday night at Sheridan College during which candidates seeking statewide or legislative seats in the 2014 election were given an equal opportunity to present themselves and their talking points. It was a pleasure to be present at this vitally important event.

Kudos: The majority of candidates who spoke informatively and without rancor toward any other candidate.

Kudos: Candidate Ryan Mulholland for speaking succinctly to SF104 and the improper manner in which it was handled by the current Legislature.

Kudos: Sheridan Press reporters for presenting some background information and talking points of each candidate

Brick bats: The (very few) candidates who felt it necessary in their bid for our vote to speak pejoratively about an opponent.

Brick bats: Candidate for Supt. of Public Instruction Jillian Balow who, in her closing remarks, accused the “Hill/Lain administration” of “having approved Common  Core in 2011.”  That statement is completely untrue.  Supt. Cindy Hill and Deputy Supt. Sheryl Lain have been totally opposed to the federalized Common Core standards foisted on Wyoming educators and students by Washington since taking office.  Furthermore, her comment (as printed by the Press) that “the Legislature has had a lack of confidence in the Dept. of Education recently and has been “forced to overstep its authority” is disingenuous. One-third of the Legislators did not “overstep.” Those of the legislators who carried out the unconstitutional actions against Supt. Hill, with the approval of Gov. Matt Mead, did so of their own free will and lack of constitutional acumen, with the consequence that we, the voters, whose votes elected Supt. Hill for that position were set aside at the ultimate cost of $1.3 million of our tax dollars until three of the five Wyoming Supreme Court Justices set the Legislators straight.

In closing, a comment describing Mrs. Lain as a “self-proclaimed national expert on education” is inaccurate.  She did not make a self-proclamation to that effect.


Barbara Auman Hill


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