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SHERIDAN — The boys in blue and orange are headed to the big game this weekend and Sheridan has Broncos fever.

While some may simply be swept up in the excitment, for some fans, this is a life- long passion at its finest.

Super fans are everywhere, hiding among us as average citizens. But when you look closer, their true colors show through, sometimes in some very odd ways.

Do you have a Broncos shrine in your home? Do you wear clothing, or even body paint, of orange and blue year round? Are your friends sick and tired of you talking, tweeting, blogging and posting messages on Facebook about your second family — the team?

If so, you may be a super fan like Kay Roush.

How long have you been a Broncos fan?

Ever since I was a little girl my dad and I watched football, he taught me about the game. As I became a teenager in the 70s the Broncos were heading to their first Super Bowl and from then on I was hooked.

What sets you apart as a super fan?

I wear Broncos gear year round including a Broncos purse, wallet and my cellphone cover.

I paint my nails blue & orange. I have a Broncos Room in my house and a Broncos inspired bathroom. Every Christmas I put up a Broncos themed tree. In the summer I fly a Broncos flag on our camper in the mountains Every fall I order football magnets with the Broncos schedule to give out to clients, family and friends. My dog wears a Broncos collar with a bone shaped Broncos ID tag. I enjoy watching anything and everything Broncos on television. I love to reminisce with other Broncos fans about past players, games, scores and highlights. I’ve also survived 4 very bad Super Bowls with the Broncos and then celebrated two championships. I’m hoping for a third one this Sunday!

3. What is your most prized Broncos possession?

I have so many but I’d have to say my framed Rod Smith jersey that my friend Tammy gave me as a gift. In my opinion, he was the best wide receiver to ever wear the blue and orange. He played 13 seasons with the Broncos and earned 2 Super Bowl Championships.

4. What’s your best moment as a Broncos fan?

I’ve been fortunate to have gone to at least one game per season most years. My husband and I attended the Divisional playoff game two weeks ago against the Chargers and it was crazy to see how quiet 76,000 plus fans get when Peyton and the offense are on the field and then how loud the fans get when the Defense is playing. The experience was amazing. The old mile high stadium was one of a kind as far as noise levels are measured, got to see so many great games there too. I actually saw the last Monday night game in the old stadium and the first Monday night game in the new one. I’ve met several players over the years; old players like Carl Mecklenburg and Bob Swenson come to mind. So far my best moment as a Broncos fan was when the Broncos won back-to-back Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII.

5. What are your plans for the Super Bowl?

A small party at a friend’s house, I think there will be about 7 of us. We enjoy watching the game and analyzing the plays, we are sort of serious about it! I’ll be wearing my #80 jersey which has been my favorite number from clear back in the late 70’s. Some of my favorite players who have worn #80 include; Rick Upchurch, Mark Jackson, Rod Smith and now Julius Thomas (I hope he has a huge game on Sunday).

6. … and if they lose?

Take Monday off work… just kidding. Talk about what a great season it’s been, and look forward to next season. God willing, Peyton will be back!


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