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SHERIDAN — The city of Sheridan Board of Adjustments approved two variance requests at its meeting Thursday.

The first request was made by Drew Redinger for property he owns at 2727 Coffeen Ave. He requested a variance from the 25-foot front yard setback required in B-1 business districts adjacent to residential districts in order to place a storage shed 10 feet from the property line on Sixth Avenue East.

Adjacent neighbors Mike and Laurel Rogers expressed some concerns to the board about items that have been placed behind the building that are not attractive to the neighborhood.

However, the board cannot put conditions on variances that are not tangible, Board Chairwoman Nancy Drummond said.

“That would be a neighbor to neighbor concern,” Drummond said.

Drummond noted that the Rogers and Redinger are discussing the issue. In fact, the storage shed will be used to house unsightly items in a more attractive way.

“He’s adding onto the south end of the property and raising the roof 2 feet. We saw a mock-up, and the property will look so much better once it’s done. It’s a good improvement,” Drummond said.

The second variance approved was a request by Jim Thompson to build a carport on a double frontage lot located at 1229 N. Gould St.

He needed a variance from the accessory building requirement that any building erected not be built on the front one half of the lot and not occupy more than 30 percent of the rear yard.

The carport will have a 2-foot setback from the street, with the eaves at 1 foot from the street, which will not hamper sight lines, Drummond said. No concerns were expressed at the meeting.

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