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SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Gun Club was littered with shells at a much higher rate than usual this weekend as the site played host to nearly 300 shooters in the state’s premier trap shooting event.

The 98th Wyoming State Trap Shoot was held Friday through Sunday with Sheridan taking its turn on the four-year rotation that hits Laramie, Torrington and Casper.
“It’s the members that make it work,” Sheridan Gun Club member and Wyoming State Trap Shooting Association Vice President Jerry Reed explained.

The club was packed with campers and vendors as shooters won titles across multiple age divisions and classes, with some advancing to the Grand American Trap Shooting Championships Aug. 5-15 in Sparta, Ill.

Besides the state event, Sheridan pops up on the 2013 Shoot Card three other times as weekend events can be found across the state from the first week in April through the first week in October. This weekend’s event not only brought shooters from the Cowboy State, but also drew plenty of out-of-state competitors and even some from as far as Canada.

“In order to have the state shoot you have to have the physical ability — 12 program traps minimum, and you have to have a community with restaurants and hotels that are supportive,” Reed said.

Thursday was a warm-up day and people who had never shot in Sheridan could familiarize themselves with the club. Friday was “class day” when the state supplied trophies to the different levels of shooters, as they competed between single-released traps from 16-yards away. Shooters are rated by their average, with the lowest average being a D Class shooter on up to A and AA Class.

“You’re shooting against people of equal ability for that trophy,” Reed explained.

Winners from Friday advanced to Saturday where they had a chance for championship trophies and a shot at nationals. Sunday, doubles (two traps released at once) championships were held along with handicap championships — in trap, handicap means shooting back further from the 16-yard line.

“We had a lot of people from out of the country, out of the state this weekend,” Reed said.

“I would guess half the people here are out-of-staters. There’s at least 20 states here represented. People like to come here and shoot. The weather is usually good. We usually don’t have the wind like other parts of Wyoming have.”

Look for results from the event in a future edition of the Sheridan Press.

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