Believe it or not, I’m ready for snow

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I’m ready for snow. This 90-something degree heat is starting to get old to me. Everyone is sweaty. You have to escape inside to stay cool. When you go to work you have to be prepared for the breeze from the air conditioning giving you goosebumps.

Plants begin to look droopy no matter how many times you’ve watered them and somehow, even though your darn grass won’t stay green, the weeds find a way to thrive.

But, I’ve always been partial to cooler weather.

Fall is the absolute perfect time of year.

It is warm enough in the day to wander outside with just a light coat or sweater, but nights require you to be curled up under a blanket or two.

There is also always that chance of a freak snowstorm. You know the kind I’m talking about. They dump six inches of snow during the day and give you just enough time to make a snowman before the warmth of the next day makes it all disappear.

When I first moved to Wyoming people joked about designing Halloween costumes around their snowsuits.

We did that as kids in Wisconsin too.

I often used to wonder what Halloween in Florida was like. Their princess, pirate and baseball player costumes never got ruined by the need to wear marshmallow shaped clothes, mittens and ear muffs.

One thing I’ve noticed everywhere, though, is that everyone seems to get all worked up over the first snow.

Some love it, some hate it. But, everybody feels the need to post a picture of it on Facebook or Instagram.

As if we all can’t look out our windows and tell the weather.

But, I suppose, the grass is always greener on the other side.

In four months or so, I’m sure many who wished for snow (including myself) will be whining about the biting cold or how tired we are of shoveling.

But for now, the idea of bundling up with that cute scarf I bought late last spring or drinking hot chocolate while I look out the window at gently twirling snowflakes is utterly appealing.

Forecast for Monday: 97 degrees.

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