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3.15.2013.JAVAMOON.2WebSHERIDAN — Jess Hehn, Lacy Park, Alicia Knight and Theresa Rice are baristas at the Java Moon on Main Street. Each day they make dozens of coffees, sandwiches, salads and snacks for customers. Java Moon has been in business since 1997 and employs nine people.

The best thing about working here is…between the customers, staff and the daily smiles it’s hard to say. This job just puts me in the best mood! I’ve never been so happy.

You wouldn’t know it, but…all of our items are fresh baked in our bakery from scratch. Many recipes are from various home kitchens just like your mom’s and grandmother’s. In fact, our infamous crescent moon cinnamon roll came from our proprietor, Theresa’s own mom. Also, our meats used for our sandwiches are all fresh cut by the staff. Nothing pre-packaged here!

We wish we had a dollar for every time we heard…do you have milk?

The hardest thing to learn here was…remembering all the customers’ names as well as how they like their drinks. We strive to do this. We like everyone to feel the sense of family and after so long you DO become family to us! As far as learning the tasks and mastering the art of being a barista, this is definitely a learning process. This all comes with time and hours of training, but our philosophy here is that it can be mastered given the patience needed.

The drink that is most requested is…probably a simple, single flavored latte. We also sell a lot of our brewed coffee, dark and medium roasts being the most requested.

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