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Dutch Baby

Something so special happens when making this incredible German breakfast treat. And with the simple ingredients we all have in our pantries, breakfast takes on a specialness not reserved for company or holidays. While Dutch Babies seem to be intimidating, much like a soufflé, your pre-heated oven does all the work. The key to the… Continue Reading

Spring fever

We’ve all been bitten. Raking the yard, cleaning up flower beds, planning, planning and more planning. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing about garden projects that are easy, inexpensive and beautiful that you might consider incorporating into your yard this spring. Using a little DIY muscle and some creative inspiration is all you’ll… Continue Reading

Column: When to use a convection oven

Convection settings are now being built into most new ovens. Originally limited to higher-end ranges or wall ovens, convection ovens offer faster and more evenly cooked dishes than regular ovens. These ovens have a built in fan that helps heat the oven faster, eliminates hot spots within the oven, and enables cooking on all oven… Continue Reading

Slow cooker stew

For those who love the convenience of cooking with a slow cooker this recipe may intrigue you. Having all the flavor of a pot roast dinner without the fuss, enjoy this Sunday-best meal. Slow-Cooker Red Wine Beef Stew 2 cups beef stock 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard 1 pound carrots, cut into… Continue Reading

What to do for March

What to do for March

Inside: Daylight Savings Time begins March 12 — spring forward one hour. Deep clean carpets and rugs. Rent or buy a carpet cleaner. If you have wool rugs or carpet, or any that are valuable, hire a professional for cleaning. Take advantage of any warm days to open a few windows for airing and water… Continue Reading

Starting over

Over the last few weeks I have made an effort to slowly go through my recipe files. I’m hoping to sort through the massive quantity of recipes; cull out those I’ve never tried and get rid of many of those that I’ll just never get around to. In writing a food column for so many… Continue Reading

Column: The secret habits of healthy people

Having trouble getting your wellness plan on track? February seems to bring out the best or worst when it come to exercise and diet. But studies show that the healthiest among us all share these habits: • They don’t diet Researchers from Cornell University created the online Global Healthy Weight Registry (GHWR) to study the… Continue Reading

Recipe makeover

If you like cinnamon rolls (and who doesn’t) but can’t stand the thought of the 550 calories and 11 grams of saturated fat (or more considering the giant size of some) associated with them, this recipe is a delicious alternative. Not only are these muffins a quicker version of the rolls, they are not packed… Continue Reading

Column: Home styles, floor plans: the new neutral

When we were in Oklahoma in November for the funeral of Stephen’s 108-year-old aunt we spent time with family and got the grand tour of my brother-in-law and his wife’s new home they were planning to move into. They are downsizing from about 5,000 square feet to something about half that size. And the decor… Continue Reading

Vegetables, on the side

I’ve been collecting what I think are exceptional recipes that are mainly vegetables or that incorporate vegetables into what would ordinarily not be considered a vegetable dish. This slaw recipe is really tasty and not overly spicy. I love coleslaw in almost all of its forms and usually add sliced spring onions or diced red… Continue Reading

Sunlight and our eyes

We have all read columns and news articles about how much time our youth spend in front of either a TV screen or a computer screen or a phone screen. They discuss how little time kids are spending out in the great out-of-doors simply playing. I have always wanted my children to be children as… Continue Reading

The 10-minute dessert

Sometimes you just have to have something sweet. But with new scientific health data about what excessive sugar does to the body, it is hard to justify grabbing a Snickers bar in the checkout line and heaven forbid you should think about stopping by the Dairy Queen. One of the best things I learned while… Continue Reading

Column: What to do for February

Inside: Clean one messy closet each weekend. If necessary, purchase new organizing bins. Donate clean, gently used clothing. Throw open your curtains and let the sun in. It is especially import for houseplants. For uniform growth, rotate pots a quarter turn each week. If the air is dry, try setting pots on saucers filled with… Continue Reading

The case against sugar

Just read an interesting article about a new book by the author of the 2010 book “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes. His newest book, entitled “The Case Against Sugar,” should be mandatory reading by anyone concerned not just with their overall health, but the health of our nation as a whole. A lot… Continue Reading

Column: Separate kitchens

I feel vindicated. For the last decade, the open floor plan has been all the rage. Walls came down and the public rooms of houses became these open barn-like spaces that everyone had to share whether you wanted to or not. Don’t get me wrong, I too think they look good, but I don’t want to… Continue Reading

Texas reds

This is Texas Reds time of year, time for the exceptional grapefruit that comes from the lower Rio Grande valley. I’ve become acquainted with them from having lived with a Texan for 40 years. He loves them, so I buy them. It is also a great story about how a company (South Texas Organics), through… Continue Reading

Too many cooks in the kitchen?

Too many cooks in the kitchen?

The American Time Use Survey, an annual report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, found that 43 percent of men said they cook at home — the highest share in 30 years. They also spent more time cooking: an average of 49 minutes in 2015, the most time in the last 50 years. Conversely, now… Continue Reading

Posole proud

I’ve been making a lot of soup lately. A spicy meat free chili, a rich garlicky potato and a really nice posole. I found the recipe in Cooking Light and kind of made it my own. It was a slow cooker recipe but I didn’t want to wait that long so I borrowed the ingredient… Continue Reading

Taking stock

January always seems such a good month to take stock of one’s surroundings and to formulate a plan for the upcoming months and year. No, I don’t make resolutions, but I do make plans. For the last few weeks, I have been going through a stack of old shelter magazines that I kept for a… Continue Reading

Freezing with ease

Over the holidays we celebrated with family and had our usual Christmas dinner of filet and crab legs. This is a fairly easy dinner to prepare and, because my birthday falls on this holiday, I decided I didn’t want to spend all of it in the kitchen. So we throw some dead flesh on the… Continue Reading

A mouse in the house

Starting the new year with a clean and organized kitchen was painfully thrust upon me by the presence of a mouse in our kitchen in Colorado. We had planned our Christmas trip to see kids and grandkids and have a few leisurely lunches with friends, but I spent several of the first days there cleaning… Continue Reading

Trying new recipes

I took my own advice and tried three new Christmas cookie recipes in December and didn’t have much luck with any of them. I tried a date pinwheel recipe because dates are a favorite and you often see those great Madjool dates in the produce section at this time of year. Yum. But not very… Continue Reading

Being a good host

There are a lot of plants that are given as gifts this time of year. Many are easy to care for and most are not hard if you know a few basic guidelines regarding care. As I have written before I have two Christmas cacti that are many years old. One came from my older… Continue Reading

Maturity has its charms

When box after box of washed baby spinach crushed the market several years ago we all went along with the convenience and the thought that spinach in all its forms was a good thing. You no longer had to wash larger leaves by hand trying to relieve them of the grit that mature plants bring… Continue Reading

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