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What a cool idea

We’ve had good luck with melons so far this summer. Cold melon is one of the all-time great things about summer. Make a fresh salad using melons and add a cucumber to the mix for crunch. Mix a few cups of cubes or balls of melon with sliced cucumber. Drizzle with a good quality extra-virgin… Continue Reading

Seed Bombs

So called seed bombs — balls of seed, compost and clay — can give an instant lift to any undeveloped area. Meadows, vacant lots, etc. To make, mix together five parts natural air-drying clay, one part compost, and one part seeds. Roll into 1-inch balls; dry on waxed paper a few days. Give them as… Continue Reading

Exotic Twist

Asian food has long been one of my family’s favorites. Spending five months living in downtown Seattle 10 years ago sparked more interest. Dim sum was every Saturday at Dragon Fish. Little dishes of joy we relied on to keep us focused on getting Stephen’s health back. Thai food, curries and stir-frys, and jasmine rice… Continue Reading

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