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Enzi says thanks

Last week, Diana and I traveled more than 2,000 miles across Wyoming. We held “collecting common sense for Washington from Wyoming” listening sessions in 11 communities in the state. We were pleased to hear from Sheridan area residents. What always impresses me about the people of our state is their ability to come up with… Continue Reading

Obama, media, lies, cuts, sequestration

The first truth about sequestration is that it was the Obama Administration’s idea. That is a fact he is now denying, but it is the truth. Jack Lew was the originator of sequestration when he was director of the office of management and budget later to become White House chief of staff. Continue Reading

RINOS should resign

Once again, the RINO Republicans in the Wyoming Legislature have shown their true color — yellow. Senate Majority Floor Leader Phil Nicholas, R-Laramie, who controls which bills get a hearing, didn’t bring up the pro-”assault-weapons” bill or a companion pro-gun bill by Friday’s deadline, according to The Associated Press. Both bills had already cleared the… Continue Reading

Key to the American economy

Sequester, fiscal cliff, tax reform, gun and voting rights, right to life; we are wearing ourselves out rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic. America’s immediate and existential issue is physical economic growth. Other discussions are frivolous twitter. Economic growth and expansion of jobs is only possible with the restoration of Glass -Steagall combined… Continue Reading

Biden advice worth parodying

In response to Vice President Joe Biden’s advice to American citizens to step outside and fire a shotgun into the air as a warning to possible home invaders: Someone is missing a great opportunity to make a video spoof of that asinine advice. Picture this: a Joe Biden look-alike actor leaps from his chair when… Continue Reading

SF104 fallout to cost taxpayers

A recent article by Parker Jackson dealt with the disservice the Wyoming legislature did to the citizens of Wyoming by passing SF104. That bill stripped the elected superintendent of public instruction of her duties. Legislators did this without much consideration for what she had actually done to improve education for the children of Wyoming. Maybe… Continue Reading

Wear blue March 1

Re: Colon Cancer National Dress in Blue Day In January, 2011 — I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I’m one of the millions who have been affected by this disease. Fortunately, my cancer was discovered and I was able to seek medical treatment, have surgery performed and completed many months of difficult chemotherapy treatments … for… Continue Reading

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