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August? Already?


The eighth annual Sheridan College Big West Arts Festival kicks off this weekend on its campus featuring artists from throughout the West. It’s always a festive event and free.

This year’s sponsoring partner is Fremont Toyota. Others involved in making the event a success include: Sheridan Public Arts Committee, Sheridan Media, Bella Graphics & Display, Zowada Recycling.


Of local art……

Jody Sauers, executive director of the Sagebrush Community Art Center, notes how eight students participated in the Young@Art Summer Art Camp recently. Teachers included artists Neltje, Mary McDougall, Sonja Caywood and Margie Rea was cited for her abilities in keeping the camp “forwarded and focused.”

Later this month, Aug. 18, Sagebrush is partnering with the Big Horn Equestrian Center for Art & Polo. Jody is asking local artists to come that day and set up a booth to sell their works. (; 674-1970).

Incidentally, the art of Dianne Wyatt and Jerry Smiley opens today at Sagebrush and runs through Aug. 24. The gallery/center is located at 201 E. Fifth St.


A politician’s campaign is usually over when it becomes a nightly punch line of the late-night funny men. Such is the state of former Rep. Anthony Weiner, slipping quickly in the polls for the election of New York City’s next mayor. His proclivity for “sexting” has been a boon for comedy writers, especially about his Internet nom de guerre, Carlos Danger.

One retired NYC school teacher told The New York Times she would not shake Weiner’s hand at a rally because, “I don’t know where that hand has been.”

A favorite line of Weiner’s dates of June, 2011, the first time he was in the news for sending photos of himself to “admirers” via social media. When pushed by a reporter, Weiner could not “say with certitude” that the crotch in the photo was his.


For years, coffee, candy bars, cereals, snack chips and so forth have had less product, but have kept the prices steady to secure customer loyalty. One example is how Tropicana now sells its orange juices in 59 ounce bottles whereas before, the juice came in a 64-ounce jug.

Along comes toilet paper. Leading U.S. manufacturers of the stuff have reduced the width of the roll and reduced the number of sheets by 13 percent on average. “Desheeting,” it’s called, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal. Few consumers have noticed, says one marketing exec and profits are up by about 5 percent.

There’s data, of course.

On average, Americans use 46 sheets of toilet paper over about five trips to the bathroom daily.


Winning Classified Ad

“Estate sale. Glenwood Hills North. 60 year marriage, nine children, everything must go.”

— Albuquerque Journal


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