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SHERIDAN — It is an uncanny coincidence that this year’s 125th Rose Bowl Parade has the theme of “Dreams do come true” because for one Sheridan resident that is exactly what is happening.

Linda Robbins, owner of Annie Greenthumb’s Flowers and Gifts, has been invited to participate in floral designing for two of the Rose Bowl Parade floats.

“It’s bucket list!” Robbins said. “It’s like the Super Bowl in football. It is the supreme floral event.”

Robbins said she has watched the parade on television for 30 years and had always dreamed of being involved in it one day. She began applying for the opportunity to participate in the parade four years ago and this year, was finally chosen as one of 40 floral designers.

In order to be chosen for the parade, a floral designer must be accredited through the American Institute of Floral Designers, which has 1,500 members.

Robbins will travel to Pasadena, Calif. on Dec. 26 and will immediately begin work on the two floats she has been assigned to assist with. She said the crew of floral designers is required to work from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day until the parade. The day of the parade, the crew will work through the night until judging of the floats begins at 4 a.m. They will then view the parade from VIP seats.

Robbins has been assigned to work on the queen’s float, which will carry the Rose Queen and six Rose Princesses. She said the design of the float changes each year and this year’s float will have 5,000 red Freedom roses as well as white gerbera daisies and tropical flowers.

“It really was a huge honor to get to work on the Queen’s Float,” said Robbins. “The woman in charge of the float asked that I be on the design team for the Queen’s Float. It is pretty unusual for a first timer to get chosen to be on that team.”

In addition, Robbins will design the back of the Stella Rose Wines float, named Stellabrate Good Times.

“I’ve never done a float,” said Robbins, about her prior experience. “Nothing on this scale. It is one of those things you put way up on your list and you aspire to do that. I’ve done $100,000 floral weddings, which is a huge project, but nothing like this. This is the Super Bowl of floral design.”

Robbins said she will be posting photos of her time in Pasadena and of the parade float preparations on the Annie Greenthumb’s Facebook page so friends and customers can follow her progress. The pictures will be posted at


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