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Re: new chief of staff


The “memo” has created a new job at city hall. City officials have said the city is in a “transition” period. The acting mayor, John Heath, is silent. Perhaps he is lying in a dark room, with a cool cloth on his head. City hall is now run by Rich Adriaens. The “memo” made a swift response to the departure of the former mayor. Who is the “memo”? Is the memo, like in the “Wizard of Oz,” a little man behind a curtain pulling the levers?

Adriaens, the new boss at city hall, has said a “discussion” had been ongoing for years to create his job. Who was the memo talking with for years?

Adriaens will retain “some police department duties during the transition.” Is Rich Adriaens still a police officer? What duties will Adriaens retain? How long will the “transition” last?

The Russians have a name for a bloodless regime change. It’s called a “put,” a take over from the inside. Americans call this an “inside job.” Maybe we will hear more from the “memo.”


Vicki Taylor


By |July 25th, 2014|

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