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In response to the letter written by Dennis Wagner (March 29) it appears we are mostly on the same page.
Wagner was very instrumental in writing the Wyoming Business Council Grant for the remodeling of the Tongue River High School into the wonderful community center we enjoy today.

Wagner puts in long hours and is instrumental in keeping the mechanical systems which power the Tongue River Valley Community Center operating. He would have preferred to leave TRVCC Dayton out of the article but TRVCC was brought into this controversy by the superintendent and the recreation district as a justification for spending Sheridan County School District 1 Recreation District money on a community center in Big Horn.

I agree that when they try to use the Tongue River football field money as a justification that is also laughable.

I think that it was very important to let the public know that tax dollars were not used for TRVCC up until this year, and that because of what Marty Kobza, Jeremy Smith and Zac Cummins did — spending our money — was NOT suppose to happen.

Wagner’s concern is that the donors of TRVCC would decide not to donate anymore or support them anymore because of the small but welcome contribution of $12,500 per year from the county commissioners and the $10,000 from the Recreation District out of their budget of $80,000. It takes many times those amounts to keep the doors open.

The Recreation District contribution should be the full amount of the tax dollars that the Tongue River community pays.

The point I would like to get across was that TRVCC accomplished what they did without tax dollars and with community support.

I do not see either of these things happening in Big Horn.


The Sheridan Press did a great job in their reporting and they have exposed the real reason behind this ridiculous endeavor.

Laurie Morris

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