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I’ve a friend, Ed Marston of Paonia, Colo., an engineer by trade and profession (Ph.D, Cornell) who for 20 years published the High Country News, an environmental newspaper that has a national and global readership. He and Betsy Marston put that into a trust for it to continue. He’s also an entrepreneur, cancer survivor, marathoner and got into local power cooperative politics 10 years ago, serving on the elected board of the Delta-Montrose Electrical Association, (DMEA) based out of Montrose, Colo.

While most of the candidates have straight-forward, vote-for-me-because advertising, Ed’s ads are always clever. For example.
One issue there is high-speed, expanded broadband Internet access for a mostly rural service area. In his ads, Ed has a picture of himself while in his 20s or so with the caption: “Ed Marston before hitting “send.”

In the next photo of Ed, the caption reads: “Ed after the email finally uploaded.” It’s a photo of Ed taken recently. I’m thinking Ed is 70.

The ad emphasizes: “We’re ALL getting old waiting for our emails to upload.”

Local politicians too often miss the opportunity to use humor to attract votes.

If you poke a little fun at yourself — and cleverly use it to further a campaign issue — the voters are likely better served and it often lowers the blood pressure of any political race.

Of elections……
I read where the Falkland Islands, site of a 1982 war between Great Britain and Argentina, had an election to again discuss sovereignty. Argentina wanted the two wind-swept islands 8,000 miles from London; the British government said no. An election was recently held. The vote: 1,513 voted to remain with the crown, three voted to opt for Argentine rule. The Falklands are more than 500 miles from the Argentine coast and home of 2,932 residents.
The 1982 conflict last for 74 days and took the lives of 649 Argentine military personnel, 255 Britons and three residents of the two islands.


Looking ahead to June, the popular Third Thursday Street Festival will launch its four-event run June 20.
No doubt there will be live music, booths and a whole lot of catching up between friends and neighbors therein the closed-off blocks of Historic Downtown Sheridan.
Third Thursday is one of the showcase events for the Downtown Sheridan Association, a diverse member of 140-plus. It was formed in 1985 to promote downtown Sheridan. Last Saturday, volunteers were hanging flower pots, there’s the popular “Christmas Stroll” that kicks off the holiday season, the wine and food festival in March and much more. There’s always something happening downtown. (Two new restaurants — Warehouse 201, Frackelton’s — for example.)



“Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.”

— James Cromwell, actor, Academy Award nominee

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