A can of worms

Re: Riparian Buffer Zone

I am writing in opposition to the proposed riparian buffer zone.

The county wishes to impose a riparian easement of up to 50 feet on lots adjacent to creeks to provide cleaner water. Do they have undeniable evidence this will do just that?

If I understand the proposal, the distance of the easement will depend on the slope of the land. It could be possible to have varying distances on larger lots or adjacent lots. This seems like a can of worms considering personnel and budget.

Ranchers are exempt from this proposal and I am glad. However, I can think of no way to provide cleaner, more pure water when 200 head of cattle are coming in for a drink and relieving themselves along the bank and in the water.

If it is approved and affects me, I am going to trot right down to the assessor’s office and request a reimbursement to cover only the land that is mine to use.


Loy C. Wheeler


By |July 17th, 2013|

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