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Sheridan Press implementing paywall tonight

SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Press will implement a new metered paywall Monday at 6 p.m. on its website,

Prior to the newspaper’s website redesign in March, The Press had what is known as a “hard” paywall, meaning everything was behind the curtain. Local content, with the exception of obituaries and classifieds, were accessible only with a subscription.

A metered paywall is different. It will allow readers to access seven articles each month free of charge before being asked to log in or purchase a subscription. The e-edition, or downloadable PDF, version of the newspaper will always require a subscription.

The metered paywall will allow casual readers and visitors to the community to read local news and explore the website freely.

Here is how it will work.

• Readers, once they’ve read three articles, will see a welcome message appear in a pop-up box informing them that they have a total of seven free stories each month.

• Once they’ve read five articles, the reader will be warned that they have free access to just two more stories.
• After the seventh article is accessed free of charge, attempts to access Press articles after that will result in a pop-up box informing readers that they have reached their limit and can either log in or subscribe.

• At that point, because this will be our readers’ first time logging into the new system, they will be asked to create an account and password. They will also be asked to provide their name, address, phone number and account number. The information provided by the reader will be matched against what is in The Press subscription system. As long as three of the five criteria are correct, readers will be given full access to the website.

If less than three are correct, readers will receive provisional access while subscriber information is verified.
“The metered paywall will allow more area residents and visitors to access the newspaper’s wealth of information and learn about community events and news,” Sheridan Press Managing Editor Kristen Czaban said. “We truly believe these changes are will only improve the best local news source in Sheridan County.”

If any issues occur while a reader is attempting to log in to The Sheridan Press website or create an account, an option will also be available in the pop-up box to seek help.


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