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New study indicates less than half Wyoming of nurses hold bachelor’s degree

SHERIDAN — Employers in Wyoming have significant influence on whether nurses in the state aspire to return to school for advanced degrees.

A new study from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services also indicates that approximately 45.2 percent of nurses currently practicing in the state have less than a bachelor’s degree.

While employer groups and national associations have begun to advocate for more educated nursing, both motivation and employer support were cited as major contributing factors in a nurse’s decision to return to school.

“As the level of perceived employer discouragement increases, job satisfaction decreases while the level of personal and professional motivation increases,” said a recent press release from DWS.

“The result suggests that employers continue to play a direct role in a nurse’s intent to return to school regardless of how motivated or satisfied they are with their jobs.”

Of the nearly half of working nurses in the state that were surveyed last summer, 86 percent had indicated they had thought about going back to school to enhance their careers.

Professional nursing associations hope to attain a rate of 80 percent of nurses having a bachelor’s degree by 2020.

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