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SHS announces ‘Principal’ honor roll

SHERIDAN — Sheridan High School has announced their third quarter honor roll recipients.


“Principal” honor roll — 4.0

Davis Alden, Sarah Alley, Lyndsee Anderson, Sierra Atwell, MaKenna Balkenbush, Heather Belus, Owen Bensel, Heather Bergey, Madison Bland, Peyton Bomar, Clara Bouley, Rebecca Bouley, Lachlan Brennan, Titus Brown, Brittney Buckler, Cheyenne Buyert, Aaron Campbell, Katherine Campbell, Zachary Campbell, William Carpenter, Liam Casey, Shania Channel, Judy Chen, Shayla Christensen, Thomas Clift, Kylene Coonis, Shandyn Covolo, Robert Culver, Brayden Dempsey, Hannah Deutscher, Gretchen Dougherty, Nicholas Eaton, Mackenzie Dougherty, Matthew Eisenhauer, Raien Emery, Abby Fauber, Julia Fenn, Laurel Fosnight, Alison Geary, Anastasia Giljum, Stephanie Granger, Samantha Hamilton, Shariah Harper, Marissa Hegy, Brady Holden, Carson Holwell, Caleb Hoopes, Corrina Husted, Morgan Jacobs, Michelle Jeliazkova, Emma Jost, Tyler Julian, Sydney Kaupang-Kinter, Cole Kayser, Joseph Klebba, Paden Koltiska, Lacey Koropatnicki, Allison Kruse, Lillian Kukuchka, Lauren Largent, John Lenzi, Dylan Lindly, Alyssa Magestro, Behley Malkuch, Sheridan McKinley, Anna Miech, Tyler Myers, Chadron Newton, Brittany Nixon, Kaija Nymeyer, Helen Patten, Victoria Petermann, Cameron Ralston, Tyra Relaford, Brandt Ross, Jared Ross, Daniel Sessions, Zoe Sherman, Kylie Stedtnitz, Coy Steel, Chloe Swan, Janika Sweeney, Delainy Szmyd, Garrett Szmyd, Luke Thompson, Kaycen Townsend, Taylor Townsend, Holly Trujillo, Claire Turner, Meredith Weber, Lauren Weitzel, Shayna Wile and Catherine Winnop.

*Editor’s note: Information on “A” and “B” level honor roll recipients will be printed in future editions of The Sheridan Press.

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