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New phone scam hits Sheridan

SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Police Department issued a warning Tuesday after reports of a phone scam featuring a caller who claims to be a local police officer and then solicits funds.

The SPD does not conduct fundraisers for any of its services.

In a press release, Sgt. Travis Koltiska revealed a caller notified the police they had received a call from a man who identified himself only as a police officer named Dustin.

The man then said he was trying to raise funds to assist with enforcement of drunk driving laws.

Koltiska said the call was in no way affiliated with the local police and other Sheridan residents who receive similar calls should not provide any credit card or bank account information.

Police are aware scammers have targeted Sheridan residents with the fake fund drive, so reporting an unsuccessful solicitation attempt from a scammer is not necessary. However, anyone who believes they may have given out financial information before they realized they were being tricked should report the incident to police by calling 672-2413.

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