Range Management activies hosted at Sheridan College

SHERIDAN — The Wyoming Society for Range Management hosted activities at Sheridan College last week including lectures, a ranch tour, the annual Rangeland Cup youth forum competition and an address from SC President Dr. Paul Young.

For the Cup, students receive their topics mid-October and must prepare research, a speech and a poster.

The students presented their information to six judges along with fellow students and members of the public.

Two Sheridan College teams edged out teams from the University of Wyoming in the competition Nov. 12.

SC Sophomore Julia Collins, 20, of Crowheart, and teammate freshman Karyn Rieger, 19, of Worland, won the competition with their presentation, “Removal of Russian Olive on Rangelands: An Unintended Consequence on Adjacent Land Users.”

The pair’s review of a case study showcased an influx in deer population in accordance to the management, or not, of Russian Olive on multiple locations in northern Wyo.

Collins and Rieger are each majoring in natural resources and ranch land management.

Sophomore Torrey Belus, 19, of Banner, and freshman Trae Holliday, 18, of Dayton, received second place for their presentation, “Managing Prairie Dogs: Restoring Rangeland Health.”

Overall the activities were well received and highly attended.

The presentation Nov. 12 which was part of the Natural Resource Lecture Series saw roughly 100 in attendance and a general technical session on Nov. 13 was attended by more than 80 people.

Additionally, SC had six students take the Undergraduate Range Management exam and seven students take the Range Plant Identification exam.

For more information contact Wendy Smith at 307-674-6446 extension 2801.


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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..

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