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Letter Sept. 27, 2013

Fuel prices high

Re: Comparison to Casper

We’ve all heard the term “shop local.” The term means when you support your local merchants, they will, in turn, give you a fair deal. Such is not always the case.

The trading floor price for wholesale unleaded regular gasoline has been trending downward for nearly all September. Monday, Sept. 23, the closing price was $2.62 a gallon. This is the lowest closing price since Dec. 13, 2012. Yet Sheridan’s gas stations continue to charge $3.619 per gallon for unleaded regular. Casper’s gas stations will sell you the same gas as low as $3.299 a gallon, 32 cents per gallon cheaper. How can Sheridan’s gas stations earn the trust of their customers when they continue to hijack their customers for every penny they can?

John Fafoutakis


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