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SC Tech Center means employment

Re: Bond vote, Aug. 20

Sheridan College is our Community College. Sheridan College is one of seven community college districts in Wyoming. Beginning with the original Whitney Building that opened in 1959, voters of Sheridan County have seen the vision and long-term benefits that Sheridan College provides to our community by supporting a bond issue to create capacity for students and programs.

Almost three years ago, the Board of Trustees recognized the need to remodel and expand the Tech Center. Equipment needs to be updated, electrical and mechanical systems are out-of-date to handle current loads and space is insufficient. More importantly is that two out of three students who apply for admission are turned away not because of academic reasons, but because the Tech Center doesn’t have the capacity. Thanks to the generosity and vision of Whitney Benefits and other foundations and philanthropists in our community, we have received funding for faculty positions for the next five years to expand these programs.

Graduates from the Sheridan College technical programs are being sought by employers in our community, throughout our state, and nationally to replace retiring baby boomers and to expand their businesses. Now is the time to modernize and update equipment and expand facilities to provide opportunities for young adults in our community. Let’s step up to enable more young adults to be trained on current technology that will enable them to support a family with a living wage.

Sheridan College is one of the reasons that we decided to move to Sheridan more than 15 years ago. Please join us in voting “Yes” for the upcoming bond issue to remodel and expand the Tech Center at Sheridan College.


Bob and LaDonna Leibrich



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