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Letters to the Editor

Sept. 3, 2014 Letter to the Editor

September 3, 2014

Pure water a human right Re: Fluoridation In 1931, Dr. H.T. Dean of the U.S. Public Health Service initiated a major project to investigate dental fluorosis. Fluorosis is a condition of brown stain on teeth caused by fluoride in drinking water. Dr. Dean saw a benefit of fluoride, that it hardened tooth enamel. In 1944, Read More

Freedom! Freedom! charities and fluoride

August 30, 2014

Re: November vote Two big issues facing Sheridan are the addition of fluoride to our water and the vote on re-imposing a 6 percent sales tax in November. Your freedom is a common factor in both. The freedom to choose what we ingest is at stake in the fluoride debate. And the freedom to decide Read More

Humans not ‘bright’ with voting choices

Re: Aug. 19 primary I’m so disappointed and confused by the outcome of our Wyoming primary with the race for governor and Wyoming state representative, District 40. It is beyond my understanding how the Republican Party (or any other party) could support a candidate for governor who broke the law (or at least was not Read More

Candidate info access needs improvement

August 27, 2014

Re: Aug. 19 primary It’s no wonder less than 40 percent turned out for the Aug. 19 primary. Informed voting takes more than a little time and effort and I suspect many lack the time or resources to do it adequately. In the state where I used to live, sample ballots were mailed out weeks Read More

Low voter turnout keeps Republic at risk

August 26, 2014

Re: Apathy, Congress   No wonder Congress is so comfortable in Washington, just talking and blowing smoke while they do nothing but add to the cost of government. They vote themselves raises and increase the debt. I guess most of our registered voters feel comfortable with what is happening or just don’t care. It is Read More

VA director retiring; Vet appreciates tenure

August 22, 2014

Re: Hirschman story, Press, Aug. 21   The director of our VA hospital will be retiring. I am president of the Veterans Support Council, so on behalf of the Veterans that utilize this facility, I want to say thank you to Ms. Debra L. Hirschman for her service. I first met the director when she Read More

Want growth, get out of the way

Re: Aug. 14 Press article Those of us experienced Sheridan citizens know that historical opportunities for growth have been greeted with reluctance and tepid enthusiasm.  The resistance generally prevailed, producing a lengthy trail of rejected prospects. That’s why I was very intrigued and yet perplexed with the front page article in last Thursday’s Sheridan Press Read More

Educators, politicians: give us a longer summer

August 19, 2014

Re: School year calendars   People who have lived in Wyoming for any length of time can tell you summer is short here. Summer activities are at the mercy of weather patterns that do not necessarily fall in line with solstices and equinoxes. Because of this, activities in multiple venues are often slated on the Read More

Coleman is role model, approachable, attentive

August 15, 2014

Re: Aug. 19 primary   I have had the pleasure of knowing state Rep. Kathy Coleman since she began her term in the House of Representatives. My first experience with Rep. Coleman was during my attendance of a Labor, Health, and Social Services committee meeting. She was extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and engaged in the meeting Read More

Debt becomes city’s economic development

Re: Who is managing liabilities?   The Aug. 9 edition of The Press printed a public service ad titled, “There’s a lot going on in Sheridan.” This ad updates progress on five city construction projects. The minutes of City Council for Aug. 4 show that council passed three resolutions, without discussion, on the consent agenda. Read More

Mead ‘dishonored’ oath; Haynes a better choice

Re: Aug. 19 primary   Gov. Matt Mead took an oath to “support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the state of Wyoming” when he took office. He broke that oath when he signed SF104 into law. In addition to being unconstitutional, SF104 was legislation that we, the Read More

Coleman helpful with new mayor

Re: Aug. 19 primary   As the new mayor of Clearmont, I have been working hard at moving the town of Clearmont forward in a positive manner. I have contacted state Rep. Kathy Coleman on several issues. She has been very helpful with researching state statutes that have given me guidelines on how I should Read More

Tell the flea beetles just to attack leafy spurge

Re: Sheridan Press, Aug. 9   We once again see government interfering with nature. I do not argue that leafy spurge is a noxious weed and must be dealt with in some fashion. My issue comes from introducing an equally noxious pest, such as the flea beetle. The article is correct in how the flea Read More

Coleman is pragmatic voice for resource industries

Re: Aug. 19 primary As we cast our ballots Aug. 19, we owe it to our state’s future to support candidates with a demonstrated record of support for the industries that fuel both our economy and our way of life–our natural resource industries including energy, agriculture and tourism.  Voters in House District 30 have that Read More

Diversity, demographics will change with Mulholland

Re: Aug. 19 primary Ryan Mulholland running for the Wyoming Legislature? I will not vote for him.  A few years back, he ran for the Sheridan City council and was elected.  However, within a short time, he resigned his seat on the council, effectively negating our votes in that general election.  Why would any of Read More

$137,427 ‘helper’ – Does city need position?

August 14, 2014

Re: Adriaens as chief of staff   The people of Sheridan said no to a city manager position in 2008. Yet when John Heath was appointed mayor, he immediately elevated Sheridan police chief Rich Adriaens to the job of “chief of staff” at a salary of $137,427.10 per year. Not bad, for a small town Read More

Coleman diligent, articulate, focused

Re: Aug. 19 primary   It is often times very difficult for voters to really know whether their representatives are serving them well or not. In the fog of mailers and verbiage surrounding an election, it becomes difficult to tell substance from mirage. Knowing that, I wanted to let you know that Rep. Kathy Coleman Read More

Mulholland deliberative while on city council

Re: Aug. 19 endorsement   Our legislators have recently considered legislation that includes job creation and economic development funding for communities like ours, funding for clean water projects and infrastructure repair, the protection of our 2nd Amendment Rights, local control of education and the protection of our children in school.  These are just a few Read More

Coleman is ‘go to member;’ no ‘rubber stamp’ official

Re: Patton endorsement State Rep. Kathy Coleman has presented qualities of a fine legislator beyond her first time of office. She remains composed when others get confused and seeks information when studying a measure to get a good understanding of the proposal. She gets to the intention of the measure and ferrets out the possible Read More

Candidate forum: kudos & brickbats

August 12, 2014

Re: Aug. 19 primary Kudos: Dixie Johnson and the entire talented staff of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce’s Governmental Affairs Committee and other volunteers for a superbly executed open forum Tuesday night at Sheridan College during which candidates seeking statewide or legislative seats in the 2014 election were given an equal opportunity to present Read More

Elect change

August 8, 2014

Re: Vote Miller for Senate   For nearly 18 years Wyoming’s senior Sen. Mike Enzi has found comfort in his ability to work behind the scenes. So far behind the scene, in fact, that the good people who elected him to office may be hard-pressed to recite any notable piece of legislation that Enzi has Read More

Vote out Common Core

Re: 2014 election If you do not like the Common Core education curriculum (basically the 1, 2, 3, 4 grading system rather than A, B, C, D, F) please keep reading. The Common Core curriculum gives the federal government more control of our education system and takes our control as parents and states away. It Read More

Vote to uphold the Constitution

Re: Mark Jennings for Legislature Last year Wyoming legislature passed SF 104 catching most of us off guard with the speed our vote could be lost. We wondered how the legislature of any state, but especially ours, would effectively take our vote by a transfer of almost all duties from one of the five administrative Read More

Do your homework on fluoride

August 7, 2014

Re: Heath’s comments   I want to comment on the article in the paper (Aug. 5) regarding fluoridation of Sheridan’s city water. The comment that Mayor John Heath made, “I voted that way, (meaning no) and then I got more educated, I saw that there was some benefit to the subject.” He noted he spoke Read More

Berger, Burns endorse Coleman candidacy

August 5, 2014

Re: Aug. 19 primary   We are writing to give the voters fair and helpful comments, supporting the re-election of state Rep. Kathy Coleman to the Wyoming Legislature. We believe our local citizens are served well by Rep. Coleman. Voters should not be swayed by the inappropriate mailings regarding her voting record that have been Read More

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