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Letter: Civil disobedience, or civil concerns?

Re: Hughes and his gyrocopter Will the public population majority of Sheridan County and possibly the nation defend mailman Doug Hughes’ act of civil disobedience and grant him the opportunity to voice his civil concerns? The people of this nation should invite Hughes to address the nation, before Congress, preferably before June 22. People of Sheridan… Continue Reading

Local fathers support Red Grade project

Re: Quality of life, health We all believe that this community is a wonderful place to raise our children. Support the Red Grade Trails project and it will be even better. As engaged fathers, we continually look for opportunities to spend quality time with our children in the outdoors. The Red Grade Trails system will… Continue Reading

Effects of poverty more than data

  Re: Press story, May 30 While I can appreciate Mr. Wilson’s data and research regarding the poverty levels in Sheridan County, I am reminded of the quote that says, “Help is help only when it is perceived by the ones being helped.” While research may state that 21 percent of households in Sheridan County… Continue Reading

Respect traffic lights, or install cameras

Re: Dangerous intersection on West Loucks Street Plea to motorists of Sheridan: Please STOP at red lights! (Even the pedestrian stop light and crosswalk at West Loucks and Bellevue Avenue!) It is time to save a life and for red light cameras to be installed to ticket offenders. My family and I moved to your lovely… Continue Reading

‘Greatest good’ must be considered

Re: Red Grade Trails project I recently read the opinion letter in the May 28th edition of The Press titled “Whole Bighorns Are the Backyard.” I know the author and have a great deal of respect for him as a person and for the years he served as a state representative. However, as a long-term… Continue Reading

Wildlife adapts well

Re: Support Red Grade Trails The walking and biking trail proposed by the Sheridan Community Land Trust will pose no threat to the wildlife of this region and will be a great boon to nature lovers. When the Decker Coal Mine opened in 1970, there were dire predictions of the demise of wildlife, but, in… Continue Reading

Letter: SHS grad coverage ‘disturbing, offensive’

  Re: SCOPE program, Press, May 23 After completing the rigorous expectations that the state of Wyoming requires of all students, approximately 290 young people graduated in Sheridan County over the weekend. Friends and families from all over the U.S. came to our community to join in this great celebration. What a perfect opportunity for… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Whole Bighorns’ are the backyard

  Re: Press editorial, May 23, 2015 The editorial concerning Red Grade Trail was disappointing in its attack on people who express the downside about the trail proposal because of a “not in my backyard” attitude. Then who should be allowed to voice concern? For many of us here, the whole Bighorn Mountains are our… Continue Reading

Letter: Outdoor opportunities becoming more valuable

Re: Support for Red Grade Trail Project I would like to express support for the Red Grade Trail Project. This project will provide recreational opportunities that are easily accessible to the residents and visitors of Sheridan and surrounding communities. As time constraints increase with work and family life, opportunities like this become even more valuable.… Continue Reading

Letter: Sheridan community outdoes itself again

Re: Support of Drum and Bugle Corps Once again the Sheridan community and surrounding areas have more than outdone themselves in helping out with donations of items for the auctions and raffles for the Baltimore or Bust fundraiser. The event was held at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds on May 2 to support the American Legion… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Knowing what we know now’

Re: Bush, Clinton, national media redux The national “news” media (sarcastic quotation marks intentional) have already begun their quadrennial exercise of attacking Republicans and providing cover for Democrats. Republican presidential hopefuls are being bombarded with the “Bush question,” i.e. “Knowing what we know today, would you have invaded Iraq?” It would be nice to see… Continue Reading

Letter: Current coal royalties work

Re: May 16 letter, Hackman As a Sheridan County School District 2 board member, Hollis Hackman may know something about education. But he clearly knows nothing about the subject of his May 16 letter to the editor: coal royalties. While parroting the claims of coal mining opponents, Hackman is embarrassingly unaware that the U.S. government’s… Continue Reading

Letter: Coal companies need to stop cheating the system

Coal companies need to stop cheating the system Re: Federal royalties Coal companies have invested a lot of time building a network of subsidiaries that they have effectively and legally used to work around the federal royalty system. Here’s how it works: The coal companies sell coal to an affiliated company at artificially low prices — paying… Continue Reading

Letter: ACS Relay for Life benefits Sheridan

  Re: Cancer survivors, caregivers The American Cancer Society Relay For Life is the opportunity for people to come together to remember loved ones lost to cancer and to honor those who have won their battle. One of the most moving parts of the event is the Luminaria Ceremony. (June 26, Kendrick Park, 6 p.m.… Continue Reading

Letter: Signs and solutions

Re: Bullying Sir Winston Churchill once was quoted, “For every one man that digs at the root of a problem, there are 100 that whack at the leaves.” As a guidance counselor who works with teenagers, this quote would be fitting if one considered the “problem” to be bullying. Bullying is a horrific act that… Continue Reading

Letter: FAB Conference was ‘fabulous’

Re: April 17 at SC I would like to thank The Sheridan Press and Sheridan College and all of the sponsors for the wonderful FAB (For. About. By.) Women’s Conference held April 17 at Sheridan College. It was fabulous! The keynote speaker, Karen McNenny, was one of the best speakers I have ever heard. The… Continue Reading

Letter: Moral obligation not to waste food

Re: Earth Day film On Earth Day, a special documentary aired, “Just Eat It.” It revealed that we waste 40 percent of all food while 15 percent of our people don’t get enough to eat. The waste begins in the field where unsuited product is left behind. The product is culled again in packing —… Continue Reading

Letter: Dangerous intersection

Dangerous intersection Re: Wyoming, Sheridan Avenues The intersection at Sheridan Avenue and Wyoming Avenue is an accident waiting to happen. The turn lanes for north and south Wyoming are designed wrong and are going to cause a head-on collision. I hope the city addresses this situation as soon as possible. Dwight Thompson Sheridan Continue Reading

Letter: Press request reasonable

Re: Rocky Mountain Ambulance reports The April 14 Press article on the RMA contract reported that Sheridan Police Chief Richard Adriaens does not keep the RMA end-of-month ambulance call reports. The end-of-month reports are kept by RMA, by Sheridan County and the state EMS office. The reports are part of Wyoming Trauma Reporting and are… Continue Reading

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