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Letter: Respect should be paid

Respect should be paid Re: Color Guard at local events As a 13-year survivor of small cell lung cancer and having attended Relay for Life for the last 10 years, I was really disappointed in the way this year’s event was coordinated. The first thing that comes to mind is the way the Color Guard… Continue Reading

Letter: Struggle for global warming narrative

Struggle for global warming narrative Re: Smith letter, Press, June 27 Thanking Ronn Smith for his comments on my letter on the climate change narrative, I have to point out that nowhere have I proposed, as headlined, a worldwide collusion of climate scientists. However, if one wished to do so the Climategate email scandal would… Continue Reading

Disappointed in trail run coverage

Re: Big Horn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run This is in regard to The Press coverage of the Big Horn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run, which was held June 19-20. This event was started in Sheridan, by Sheridan people and has grown to be nationally and internationally known. There are about 1,300 participants, the… Continue Reading

Declare independence from meat industries

Re: Subsidies, diet guidelines Nearly 240 years ago, our founding fathers declared our national independence from Great Britain. This Fourth of July, let’s declare our independence from the meat industry. More than 60 percent of U.S. agricultural subsidies pay for meat, dairy and egg production. Fresh fruit and vegetable farmers receive less than one percent… Continue Reading

Golf pro contract pricey

Re: Press article, May 30 The Press published a front page story about the city’s longtime subsidy of the municipal golf course on May 30. In the story, the golf pro, Brian James, was not mentioned. James manages the golf course under a contract. That contract pays James four times a year. James keeps the… Continue Reading

Vote Barrasso out; beholden to ‘big money’

Re: Medicaid, insurance, Keystone In April, I wrote a letter to the editor concerning the activities of our Sen. John Barrasso, questioning his actions in placing our country and citizens in jeopardy. Another writer disagreed. I ask again: if Sen. Barrasso is so interested in us, why did he not write a letter to our… Continue Reading

Letter: Sheridan Senior Center is ‘best anywhere’

Sheridan Senior Center is ‘best anywhere’ Re: Volunteers appreciated Recently, my husband and I with about 150 other people enjoyed a delightful evening as part of the Sheridan Senior Center  Volunteer Appreciation Night.  We were treated to a wonderful meal. It was a wonderful evening and gave the volunteers an opportunity to visit and get to… Continue Reading

Letter: Justices, politicians, one-world global rule

Justices, politicians, one-world global rule Re: It’s Obama’s fault Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court voted 6-3 to legitimize The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), including the parts which are clearly unconstitutional. The majority opinion included Justices Ruther Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer, and Chief Justice John J. Roberts. These three justices happen to be members of the… Continue Reading

Letter: National public forum on climate change needed

Re: AP story, June 23, Press The Associated Press has again embarrassed itself with their story about an “urgent prescription” described by the 2015 Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change. In its story, AP reports that several “top doctors” are claiming that “thousands of lives are at stake each year” due to the “medical… Continue Reading

Letter: Global warming means ‘global wealth redistribution’

Re: AP story, Press, June 23 A front page headline trumpets yet another anti-coal, global warming story, this time from the prestigious medical journal “Lancet.” The authors declare that climate change (read anthropogenic global warming) is an imminent catastrophe and immediate public health crisis. This is claimed despite the indisputable fact that global temperature as… Continue Reading

Letter: City, BNSF need crossing talk

Re: Trains braking pattern I want to bring to light a continuing problem with the BNSF making or breaking a train. It seems every time they do such an operation, the train is stopped a few feet short of the distance needed to allow the gates to rise. Tuesday morning, the train was about 10… Continue Reading

Letter: Moses, murders, Mexican cartels

Moses, murders, Mexican cartels Re: It’s Obama’s fault Wednesday night, a suspected head-case allegedly shot and murdered nine innocent people in a South Carolina church. Before the bodies were cold, our beloved Emperor Obama appeared on national television, whining for more gun controls. Will President Obama, or any of his minions, kindly give us the… Continue Reading

Letter: Fraud, waste and abuse of tax dollars

Re: Burgess Visitor Center sits empty I am blessed to be a Sheridan native. Like many residents of the area, my family and I have enjoyed the Bighorn Mountains. Two years ago while camping in the Sibley Lake Campground, I observed an elderly couple driving through the area looking for a public restroom. He stopped… Continue Reading

What about bullying?

Re: May 28 Press article regarding high-risk behavior As a mental health professional, I believe needs assessments about high-risk behaviors among youth are important. However, I was dismayed the front page article on May 28 focused almost entirely on marijuana use, which stood out mostly because tobacco use has gone down. I am not saying… Continue Reading

Letter: Keep two in the cab

Re: Amtrak accident It has been a long time since I wrote the editor but felt this needed to be said. The recent Amtrak disaster made me sick at heart, especially when it probably could have been avoided. I retired from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad several years ago as a locomotive engineer and… Continue Reading

Letter: Patriot Act, Sen. Paul, Hitler’s police state

Patriot Act, Sen. Paul, Hitler’s police state Re: NSA’s “national security” Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, was able to stop the reauthorization of the so-called Patriot Act last weekend. While Sen. Paul was busy defending the Constitution, many of his colleagues, in both parties, were attacking him. They will resurrect the treasonous Patriot Act. While the NSA, under the… Continue Reading

‘Moronic’ slogans from ‘loopy left’ persist

Re: Torture, GITMO, Jihadists, Osama, Muslims, Iraq War, same-sex marriage, Bush, Ferguson It is truly sad that disturbingly large numbers of misinformed, politically indoctrinated folks continue to believe the far left’s never-ending supply of moronic slogans and fatuous arguments.   A closer look at the assertions of these ideologues usually reveals something quite different from their… Continue Reading

Chamber supports Red Grade project

Re: Proposed trails system The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce is the proactive voice of local business, working for the promotion, protection and prosperity of our members and community. Our desire is to see Sheridan flourish and we continue to prove our commitment through the various events, committees and task forces we champion in Sheridan… Continue Reading

Trail plan too extensive

Re: SCLT Red Grade project I do not believe that the proposed Red Grade Trail System is the best, most sustainable plan for getting people into the mountains to enjoy their rich and exquisite natural wonders. It is more extensive in scope than the impression given, as it covers 35 linear miles of trails and… Continue Reading

Letter: Civil disobedience, or civil concerns?

Re: Hughes and his gyrocopter Will the public population majority of Sheridan County and possibly the nation defend mailman Doug Hughes’ act of civil disobedience and grant him the opportunity to voice his civil concerns? The people of this nation should invite Hughes to address the nation, before Congress, preferably before June 22. People of Sheridan… Continue Reading

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