Letters to the Editor

Computers enrich student development

July 5, 2013

Re: White letter, Press, June 28 The author states more or less unequivocally that computing devices in K-12 educational settings are a waste of tax dollars, adding after spending “millions of dollars” on computers “there is absolutely no evidence that any of it has resulted in improved student learning.” How it is that anyone could Read More

Responsibility of freedom

July 3, 2013

In a society where we all have free will and in a country where we all have freedoms no other does, it is our obligation to realize there are boundaries to the liberties we choose to exercise. Responsible citizens, for example, may choose to have a drink if not driving, may choose to smoke a Read More

Plan botched from the start

June 28, 2013

Re: Riparian buffer zone I am strongly opposed to the newly proposed “Riparian Area buffer Zone Law” Here’s why. 1. First and foremost, simply due to the taking away of private property rights without due compensation. 2. It would lower property value by the restriction of use of the new buffer zone area. 3. There Read More

CrossFit community a family

I am writing in reference to the article “God bless you, crazy 100-mile people” written by (Sheridan Press Sports Editor) Brad Estes. I find the article to be done in poor taste and simply put, an insult to many people. I do not think it is appropriate to label them “crazy 100-mile people.” These athletes, Read More

Computers not always the answer

Re: School District No. 1 technology program I read the recent article about Sheridan County School District No. 1’s technology program with interest. It’s a clear example of the sort of muddled thinking surrounding computer technology that schools have been engaged in for more than 30 years. Nationwide, schools have spent millions of dollars over the years Read More

Appreciates care for local cemetery

June 19, 2013

I happened to buy your fine newspaper during a recent road trip. Because of personal experience, may I thank the writer, your newspaper and the local folks who are caring for and maintaining the area within Sheridan Municipal Cemetery devoted to infants and children. It is those who have lost such that have the uncommon Read More

Sheridan ‘top-notch’ for citizens, visitors

Sheridan ‘top-notch’ for citizens, visitors Re: Enjoy local attractions When Bev and I moved here in 1990, we liked the quality of life here and we saw great potential. We’ve not been disappointed. Sheridan has an amazing park system, a growing theater arts presence, an excellent college, great volunteer groups doing amazing things. There are Read More

An innocent workout can turn into much more

June 18, 2013

Is CrossFit a sport? Probably not, in and of itself. Does it assist people to become stronger, healthier, so that they can run marathons, talk nicer to others, lift other peoples’ heavy children? Yes. While you are entitled to your opinion as to what constitutes a “sport,” I am disappointed that you did not cover Read More

Safe passage needed

June 13, 2013

Democracy creates winners and losers, so I was prepared to take the magnanimous path with my neighbors until I read in the editorial pages of the Press (June 11) my neighbor crowing about the “responsive” and “responsible” city engineering staff and the fact that we, on Pima Drive, were not getting a sidewalk. Responsive, yes! Read More

A responsive and responsible government Re: City of Sheridan sidewalk project

June 11, 2013

The city of Sheridan recently proposed a sidewalk project on the east side of Pima Drive. Upon contacting the affected neighbors, I found that more than 80 percent of them (including myself) were against the project. After reading an article in The Press, in which our city engineer Lane Thompson was reported as not wanting Read More

A little tolerance goes a long way

The Sheridan Press praised the value of tolerance in American society and cited the Boy Scouts recent decision on gays and a Cheerios ad depicting an interracial family as examples of such laudable tolerance. Unfortunately, there is a segment of American society which has exhibited rampant intolerance in its attitude toward views and beliefs which Read More

‘Keep it real’ Re: Kendrick ice cream

June 7, 2013

The lady who wrote the letter about our local ice cream stand in Kendrick Park and how cheap the prices are on ice cream cones, I say keep it real. I believe children may get more calories at home or elsewhere during the day. The ice cream stand in our park is unique and has Read More

A cruicial response

June 5, 2013

Since 2007, Congress has declared the first week in June as National CPR and AED Awareness Week. It is absolutely essential that people know the difference between a heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest, and how to properly respond to each scenario. Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes about 360,000 people annually and less than 10 percent Read More

Obstructionism in patriotism’s name

June 4, 2013

During Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power he claimed to be “defender of the French Revolution” and after he arrived, the coins were inscribed with “Emperor according to the Constitution of the Republic.” That’s a popular tactic in politics today; swearing to love country and Constitution, while secretly hating and undermining them. Congress is destroying government Read More

Publishing public notices online

What is up with state Rep. Rosie Berger? Rep. Berger wants public entities to save money by publishing official notices online. What a scary suggestion. Official information on the Sheridan County web page comes with the following statement: “The accuracy of this data is not guaranteed.”Imagine reading an online notice with that attached. This is Read More

Kendrick ice cream pricing

May 31, 2013

I read The Sheridan Press daily, but somehow the April 18 edition got away from me, until today. This is in regard to the price of ice cream at Kendrick Park. The article indicates last year’s and this year’s prices for single and double scoop cones and cups went up from $1.50 and $1.75 to Read More

‘Fair and Balanced?’

May 28, 2013

I admit that publisher Woody’s “Notebook” observations are usually (at least to the extent that I have read them) relevant to local events and sometimes nostalgic reminisces, as well as additional ruminations, but I take exception to a recent reflection in his “Three kind words, Benghazi, TV opinion” Notebook writings. I suppose his words could Read More

Press coverage unnecessary

May 24, 2013

How sad is it that The Sheridan Press takes so much pleasure in deliberately embarrassing public officials. It is difficult to find good business people to seek public office. To report an issue, on the front page no less, about our public officials will only discourage good people from serving the public. Those who serve Read More

Kim embodies spirit of SC

May 22, 2013

Hats off to Taesub Kim from South Korea. He won the President’s Award from Sheridan College at graduation May 11. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Taesub when I had surgery at the end of October. Some of the college’s nursing students, along with their professor, were there for part of their training. Read More

‘Common Core’ education standards

Why is there no public awareness of the curriculum invading Sheridan County schools? Common Core Federal Standards (aka, Common Core State Standards) has been in the mill since 2009 thanks to the $125 million dollars from the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation. This is an enormously expensive curriculum. The costs include teacher training, curriculum material, Read More

Wyoming education secretary’s petition

May 17, 2013

Recently, the Wyoming legislators chose to remove the voters’ constitutional right to vote for the Wyoming Secretary of Education (SF-104). A petition to allow current Wyoming voters to have an opportunity to decide for themselves and future voters if this is a good choice is circulating in Sheridan and throughout the state. Why the legislators Read More

Associated Press at it again

Several weeks ago I wrote a letter to the editor dealing with The Associated Press’ announcement that its stylebook would no longer include the terms “illegal immigrant” or “Islamist.” I pointed out that this was yet another in a long list of examples of the left’s incessant efforts at controlling the flow of information to Read More

Tax cheats the real problem

May 16, 2013

The president is outraged. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., is demanding an investigation. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, wants someone’s head. When any group gives itself a politically charged name like eagle, freedom, republic, justice, democratic, tea party or patriot and claim they are not political to get tax-free status they should expect to be questioned. Read More

Work for a healthier Wyoming

Wyoming is no stranger to substance abuse issues. Whether it is alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, the associated costs to the public are astonishing. The annual economic burden of alcohol abuse alone to Wyoming residents is more than $850 million. That’s the finding of a sweeping study prepared for the Wyoming Department of Health by Read More

‘God bless you,’ Obama tells PP

May 8, 2013

I am appalled that more than 50 million babies have been aborted in this country and President Barack Obama spoke to Planned Parenthood and that the last thing he said to them was, “God bless you.” No other president has ever spoke to Planned Parenthood, the abortion providers. Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor in Read More