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Letters to the Editor

Coleman is ‘go to member;’ no ‘rubber stamp’ official

August 14, 2014

Re: Patton endorsement State Rep. Kathy Coleman has presented qualities of a fine legislator beyond her first time of office. She remains composed when others get confused and seeks information when studying a measure to get a good understanding of the proposal. She gets to the intention of the measure and ferrets out the possible Read More

Candidate forum: kudos & brickbats

August 12, 2014

Re: Aug. 19 primary Kudos: Dixie Johnson and the entire talented staff of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce’s Governmental Affairs Committee and other volunteers for a superbly executed open forum Tuesday night at Sheridan College during which candidates seeking statewide or legislative seats in the 2014 election were given an equal opportunity to present Read More

Elect change

August 8, 2014

Re: Vote Miller for Senate   For nearly 18 years Wyoming’s senior Sen. Mike Enzi has found comfort in his ability to work behind the scenes. So far behind the scene, in fact, that the good people who elected him to office may be hard-pressed to recite any notable piece of legislation that Enzi has Read More

Vote out Common Core

Re: 2014 election If you do not like the Common Core education curriculum (basically the 1, 2, 3, 4 grading system rather than A, B, C, D, F) please keep reading. The Common Core curriculum gives the federal government more control of our education system and takes our control as parents and states away. It Read More

Vote to uphold the Constitution

Re: Mark Jennings for Legislature Last year Wyoming legislature passed SF 104 catching most of us off guard with the speed our vote could be lost. We wondered how the legislature of any state, but especially ours, would effectively take our vote by a transfer of almost all duties from one of the five administrative Read More

Do your homework on fluoride

August 7, 2014

Re: Heath’s comments   I want to comment on the article in the paper (Aug. 5) regarding fluoridation of Sheridan’s city water. The comment that Mayor John Heath made, “I voted that way, (meaning no) and then I got more educated, I saw that there was some benefit to the subject.” He noted he spoke Read More

Berger, Burns endorse Coleman candidacy

August 5, 2014

Re: Aug. 19 primary   We are writing to give the voters fair and helpful comments, supporting the re-election of state Rep. Kathy Coleman to the Wyoming Legislature. We believe our local citizens are served well by Rep. Coleman. Voters should not be swayed by the inappropriate mailings regarding her voting record that have been Read More

Enjoying neighbors’ hard work

August 1, 2014

Re: Garden Tour   I would like to publicly thank Landon’s Greenhouse and Nursery for the wonderful garden tour they put on for the community. This was the second annual tour. It was a great experience to be able to visit so many gardens and get good gardening ideas. The home owners were on hand, Read More

Enzi merits re-election; effective for Wyoming

Re: Aug. 19 primary Sen. Mike Enzi has been a lifelong friend. Throughout our years of friendship, I can attest to his profound love for the outdoors, especially witnessed through his passion for fly-fishing. Because Sen. Enzi has been a lifelong outdoorsman, I believe that he approaches public lands issues with the perfect mindset. Growing Read More

Obama, press ignore facts about Hamas, Jews

July 31, 2014

Re: Build hotels, not tunnels Gil-Ad, Naftali, and Eyal, by a considerable stretch, could be blamed for the rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel. After all, they had the gall to be captured by Hamas tunnel rats who emerged from the ground in Israel, grabbed the boys, dragged them into Gaza, then brutally tortured and Read More

Recognizing community heroes

July 29, 2014

Re: 20 Under Forty   I wanted to commend The Sheridan Press for taking the time to recognize the people of the community. In an era where there is bad news everyday, it is heartwarming to learn about the good news. People of all ages deserve to be known for their contributions to our community; Read More

Citizens may like chief of staff choice

Re: Adriaens appointment   There certainly has been lots of furor surrounding Mayor John Heath’s recent appointment of Rich Adriaens as a temporary chief of staff. I don’t see why. In his first regular council meeting serving in his new capacity, Mayor Heath was the first to admit that he needed assistance to run a Read More

Overpaid administrators

Re: SCSD2 stipends   I’m wondering if I am the only person who was surprised to read that Sheridan County School District 2 administrators receive vehicle stipends every month in amounts like $700. As part of their jobs, where do they drive? Who decided on this particular benefit? Couldn’t these funds be re-allocated toward the Read More

Water challenges

July 25, 2014

Re: Stopping fluoridation   As we move forward with our challenge to stop water-fluoridation, we will continue to educate in an effort to tell the truth of what water-fluoridation entails. The following is a chemical analysis of hydrofluorosilicic acid: H2SiF6 24.04 percent, HF 0.16 percent, SPGV 1.211 g/ml, TPA 0.02 percent, APHA 20.00, Arsenic 32ppm, Read More

No respect for voters’ wishes

Re: chief of staff appointment   I read in Saturdays paper that police chief Adriaens was going to be appointed as interim Chief of Staff. This position really sounds like a city manager. A few years ago we the voters voted down the city manager position. Really, is Sheridan big enough for a chief of Read More

Adriaens appointment a ‘put’

Re: new chief of staff   The “memo” has created a new job at city hall. City officials have said the city is in a “transition” period. The acting mayor, John Heath, is silent. Perhaps he is lying in a dark room, with a cool cloth on his head. City hall is now run by Read More

‘Fatality fine’

Re: Time to get serious about worker safety   This letter is to the citizens of Wyoming and elected officials in the state and is in response to the worker safety statistics addressed by the Casper Star-Tribune editorial board in its May 19 editorial (“Time for lawmakers to restart worker safety conversation”). Its wake-up call Read More

Don’t want an administrator

July 22, 2014

Re: City’s chief of staff   Amazing; The Sheridan Press’ articles on the “new” chief of staff position in Friday’s and Saturday’s editions of the paper came at a surprise. Saturday morning’s edition article is correct. The title of chief of staff is a name only change for city administrator. Although the residents of Sheridan Read More

Couldn’t have said it better

Re: July 17, Kinskey column   I’m writing in response to the July 17, 2014, Publishers Notebook by Stephen Woody, “Column about Kinskey, no need to say more.” Your graceful commentary could not have framed it any better. No thinking person can deny that Mayor Kinskey provided outstanding leadership and acted in Sheridan’s best interest. Read More

Rock quarries good for local uses, economy

July 16, 2014

Re: County commission decision   Recent letters in The Sheridan Press indicate that some of our citizens have a problem with the operations of rock quarries and the transporting of such on some of the Sheridan roads. The question is: Do these residents fully understand the demand for all the products that a rock quarry Read More

Leftist tactics, whoppers; opinions versus facts

July 15, 2014

Re: Milbank column, Press, July 12   In his column published in Saturday’s Sheridan Press, Dana Milbank once again put the tactics of the left on full display, constructing a straw man of an attention deficit disorder affliction in today’s politics, then weaving into his destruction of that straw man some subtle, yet quite illuminating, Read More

Supports Pete Carroll

Re: Aug. primary   Under the leadership of Pete Carroll, the Sheridan County Treasurer’s office runs efficiently and effectively.  If you ask Pete why that is, he’ll tell you that it’s because he has a great staff who are dedicated to serving the people of Sheridan County — and that’s true. But a great team Read More

Letter, July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014

Pay off mortgage; accountability needed Re: SCSD1 rec center proposal I have been a citizen of the Tongue River Valley for 31 years. I received my college education in recreation leadership, and therapeutic recreation from Central Michigan University in 1982.  I am very proud to be one of the original founders of the very successful Read More

Letter, July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014

Inept administration causes needless deaths Re: Rath letter, Press, June 20   I couldn’t agree more than with letter writer Dale Rath’s letter. Coincidentally, Charles Krauthammer’s column, “Abdication has a price – return of insurgency” which also appeared in the same issue was in total accord with Rath’s letter. You’re in excellent company, Mr. Rath. Read More

Letters, June 28, 2014

June 27, 2014

Returning to Sheridan Re: Bighotn Mountain Wild and Senic Trail Run   This last weekend I had the distinct pleasure (yes, pleasure!) of returning to Sheridan to run in the 22nd Annual Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run. While the mountains served up a not-unexpected dose of fickle weather, the unflappable spirit and support Read More

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