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Letter: ‘Freedoms’ being redefined in Indiana

‘Freedoms’ being redefined in Indiana Re: Civil, business, gay rights Is this really a debate about religious freedom or just freedom itself? After all, isn’t America the home of the free and the brave? Or has it become a nation where the brave are branded as dangerous bigots and our freedoms are eroded daily? For several… Continue Reading

Letter: Trans-Pacific Partnership harmful too, Re: trade agreements

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be just as harmful to the world as NAFTA, the North American Trade Agreement. It will destroy the rights of actual people to benefit international corporations involved in trade. It will protect the international corporation’s monopolistic rights while destroying national sovereignty. It is opposed by hundreds of organizations including human… Continue Reading

Letter: Grateful parent

Grateful parent Re: Proud of Arvada-Clearmont schools This week’s Arvada-Clearmont Spring Concert featuring Basque Heritage was a pure delight. I commend Mrs. Olson, the K-12 music teacher for Sheridan County School District 3, for her ability to plan a unique, lively and rich musical and dance experience for our students. My heart swelled to see… Continue Reading

Letter: Commander in chief totally out of line

Re: Senators disrespect commander in chief, Donna Robbins letter “It is both disappointing and shocking that a former constitutional law professor (President Obama) thinks he can avoid the constitutional checks and balances on the branches of government on a technicality, especially when it involves one of the most significant foreign policy issues of our time.”… Continue Reading

Letter: Heed the lessons of the past

Heed the lessons of the past Re: Sowell column, March 23 I sincerely hope that my fellow Sheridan Press readers read Thomas Sowell’s column in Saturday’s edition. He made an excellent case for heeding the lessons of the past in approaching today’s dangers. Citing Winston Churchill’s famous warnings about the existential threat Adolf Hitler posed… Continue Reading

Unexpected mentors

I’ve been to a lot of conferences. Wyoming Press Association, Inland Press Association, women’s conferences, sports conferences — a lot of things are different about each event, but one things is consistent. At each of those conferences, at least one speaker talks about the importance of finding a mentor. Even for the FAB (For. About.… Continue Reading

Letter: Secret ballots a disservice to voters

Secret ballots a disservice to voters Re: Council decision on liquor license After sitting through the Sheridan City Council Meeting on March 15, I was so disappointed that the Council made its decision pertaining to the available retail liquor license under a series of secret ballots. In today’s political environment nationwide, I was astounded that our… Continue Reading

Letter: Go Cowboys!, Re: Lack of UW coverage

I realize that you have a small space to devote to sports and that local sports take precedence, but Sheridan is a Wyoming town and many of the residents have attended the University of Wyoming or their children have. I find that the Press’ coverage of the University of Wyoming basketball has been spotty at… Continue Reading

Exit circus elephants; big cats, horses next

Re: Ringling Bros., animal rights Ringling Brothers has bowed to animal-rights pressure and announced the end of the participation of elephants in its circus by 2018. Count on the big cats to go next from the center ring, then the horses, finally the atrocity of little dogs walking on hind legs. Rodeo is likely to… Continue Reading

The denigration of patriots Re: Parker column, Press, Mar. 4

Kathleen Parker, assuming the role of adjudicator of congressional pragmatism, excoriated some 50 conservative members of the Republican House majority, opined that “principles defended at the expense of pragmatic application is the business of priests.” So, officials whom the American people elected to stand up to an out-of-control president should just apply “pragmatism” and cave… Continue Reading

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