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Letters to the Editor

Vote for our father

October 31, 2014

Re: Jennings support We are Mark Jennings’ daughters and we would like to take a few moments to express our thoughts on why our father is the choice for House District 30. From the time we were young, our father has always taught us that honesty and integrity should be guiding principles in our lives. Read More

Government overreach; return to Constitution

Re: Supports Jennings We are recommending Mark Jennings for election to House District 30. We have enjoyed Jennings’ entire family for the past five years. We have spent a lot of time together playing dominoes and enjoying the Bighorn mountains. Most of our time together involves food. We’ve been listening to his comments on where Read More

Letter: Jennings went negative; no show at public forums

October 30, 2014

Jennings went negative; no show at public forums Re: Supports Burgess Nov. 4 I am urging people to not vote for Mark Jennings for House District 30 in Sheridan County. In the last three weeks of the primary season, glossy mailings were sent out on his behalf, smearing his opponent Rep. Kathy Coleman. Since then, Read More

Letter: Optional tax, like slavery, is wrong; is a false choice

Optional tax, like slavery, is wrong; is a false choice Re: Supports 5 percent rate Everyone in Sheridan County can save thousands of dollars by voting against re-imposing the 6 percent sales tax. Now there’s a conversation-starter and solution to low voter turnout. Most people are unaware that they have the power to lower the Read More

Letter: Dogs, cats dependent on one-cent tax revenue

Dogs, cats dependent on one-cent tax revenue Re: Urges community support On behalf of Sheridan’s homeless pets, the board and staff of the Dog and Cat Shelter would like to encourage Sheridan County residents to vote yes on the renewal of the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax. This tax has been in effect since 1989 and Read More

Letter: Wyoming legislation is ‘year round’ work

Wyoming legislation is ‘year round’ work Re: Supports Burgess, Nov. 4 I am fortunate to live in House District 30 and have the opportunity to make a difference by voting for write-in candidate Val Burgess. I have known Ms. Burgess for many years, having worked “down the hall” from her at Sheridan College. As the Read More

Letter: Collaborative process essential to city’s future

October 29, 2014

Collaborative process essential to city’s future Re: More citizen engagement The problem is that what our city, as well as our state and nation, accepts for government: supposedly by and for the people, in actuality, is the influential directing the lives of the many for the benefit of the few. The foundation for community is Read More

Letter: Sellout crowds for ‘42nd Street’ at Wyo

October 28, 2014

Sellout crowds for ‘42nd Street’ at Wyo Hi Sheridan community! Wow! We had sell out crowds every night for the ‘42nd Street’ musical at the Wyo Theater. Would love the cast and crew to read a review. Thank you for your support! Kathy McNickle Sheridan

Letter: Fluoride decision in Nov. 4 election

Fluoride decision in Nov. 4 election Re: Forum at Sheridan College For those of you who were unable to attend the forum at Sheridan College and are interested in the fluoride issue for Sheridan water, I am writing my opinion on the six candidates running for City Council and their positions as stated that evening. Read More

Doesn’t like hashtag (#) in domestic violence story

October 24, 2014

Re: Press headline, Oct. 21 For the sake of those among us who are purposefully not “plugged in” and don’t care to have it pointed out that we’re not one of the smart, trendy set, could you please confine your use of the hashtag symbol to where it belongs  — online in one of your Read More

‘Must embrace all faiths except Christianity’

Re: Jennings endorsement As Election Day draws close, we can do little more than shake our heads in disbelief. How is it that we, as a country and a state, have gone down that slippery slope so quickly? Twenty years ago, if you would have told us that our country would not only approve of, Read More

Business owner, communicator; active in community, WWII vets

Re: Burgess endorsement Last week, a letter was written encouraging voters to vote for candidates thought best to fill the positions they are running for.  One of those candidates is Val Burgess.  We know Ms. Burgess, her husband and family.  She has operated her own business for 25 years.  She has taken an active part Read More

Clean break from current administration

Re: Vote Ceballos for superintendent of public instruction As a school board trustee, I have found the conflicts between the governor, the current superintendent of public instruction and the Legislature to be a huge distraction. Among the two candidates for superintendent of public instruction in this election cycle, one offers a fresh start and one Read More

Letter: Don’t use Canada attack to assault liberties

Re: Terrorist threat prompts  gun-restriction advocates Wednesday, a tragic terrorist attack occurred at, and near, the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa. At least one, unarmed, Canadian solder was murdered in the attack. Let’s see how long it takes before our corrupt, disreputable politicians start whining for more gun controls, and other loss of our liberties, Read More

Letter: Support for Dayton projects appreciated

October 23, 2014

Re: Community hall, chili cook-off Small town America is alive and well. The Dayton School Benefit Club put on a chili cook-off and dinner/dance this past Saturday. We are in need of a new roof for the Dayton Community Hall, which is a lovely historic building built during the Depression as a Works Progress Administration Read More

Letter: Protect our Second Amendment

Re: Vote Mark Jennings Who could miss the stories about gun control across the nation? For instance, ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is funneling some of his billions of dollars into states to pass gun control laws. Surprisingly, some even here in Wyoming would choose to limit guns. Some feel if they don’t have Read More

Letter: Vote Val Burgess

Re: House District 30 I am writing in support of Val Burgess as a write-in and independent candidate for House District 30. She is my friend and I would like you to know her as I know her. We got reacquainted years ago when I attended one of her presentations on American prisoners of war, Read More

Passing on an age-old tradition

October 21, 2014

Re: Women’s antelope hunt With another year under our belt and a bit of down time to reflect upon this year’s hunt, I pause to count my blessings. With another successful hunt consisting of all women, I am truly blessed to be a part of this great event that introduces women to the age-old art Read More

We can make a change

Re: Rethinking settlements Recent news has all eyes on Ebola. The outbreak was initially a quick news ticker and now has average Americans wishing they lived in a bubble. A story that has not frequented the headlines may just cause Wyoming residents sweaty palms and vomiting. Shortly after Gov. Matt Mead confirmed his Republican nomination Read More

Taking the time to get informed

October 17, 2014

Re: Election 2014 Let us encourage our friends and neighbors to take a close look at who is running for office, and to consider voting for the person, not the party. It’s so easy to learn about the candidates and even contact them with questions and concerns via the Internet. Allowing paid campaign advertisements to Read More

Letter: Ceballos the best choice

October 16, 2014

Ceballos the best choice Re: Superintendent of public instruction The office of superintendent of public instruction needs new leadership to recover from the mess of the last four years. Mike Ceballos is the best choice if people want to see a change. Mike has over 30 years of executive and management experience, 14 of those Read More

Letter: A one-cent gift

A one-cent gift Re: Optional One-Cent Sales Tax If the voters approve the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax on the November ballot, that tax, after approval, can be continued without a vote by a resolution. This November vote could be the last opportunity to deny the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax. If voted for, approximately 65 percent Read More

Letter: Food Bank donations needed for holidays

October 15, 2014

Food Bank donations needed for holidays Re: A ‘hand up’ for residents The holiday season is a milestone for most people. It marks the harvest celebration of a year’s hard work. The Food Bank of Sheridan designates the upcoming holiday season as a time to collect food for a number of requests for food assistance Read More

Letter: They’re back: Hashashins; Mongols, Muslims et al

October 14, 2014

They’re back: Hashashins; Mongols, Muslims et al Re: Eradicate radical Islam About 12 years ago, with the help of a rare book published in the 1920s, I prepared a series of columns detailing the history of Islam.  I thought it might be helpful for folks to understand where and how this twisted mish-mash of preexisting Read More

Letter: Considering information to make reasonable decisions

Considering information to make reasonable decisions Re: Optional One-Cent Sales Tax A recent letter in the Press stated that the upcoming Optional One-Cent Sales Tax election was “too important to risk on ill-informed citizens using one-sided information.” As a longtime Sheridan resident, I have a lot more confidence in my fellow citizens to sort out Read More