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Letter: Not the Democrats’ first anti-CIA rodeo

Not the Democrats’ first anti-CIA rodeo Re: Senate CIA report Kudos to Charles Krauthammer whose column in Friday’s Sheridan Press correctly excoriated the report of the Senate Special Committee on Intelligence panning the so-called “torture” administered by CIA personnel after the 9/11 attack. As Krauthammer correctly notes, the chair of the SCCI, Dianne Feinstein, D-California,… Continue Reading

Letter: Story home for sale; what’s going on Cheyenne?

Story home for sale; what’s going on Cheyenne? Re: Gov. Mead, tax laws, UW, Somalis, debt, proliferate spending, liberal (imported) professors, “forced charity,” the Constitution and other crap Dear Gov. Mead: I regret to say I am selling my dream home and leaving Wyoming because I cannot afford the government rent (property taxes) you (Czar… Continue Reading

Letter: Promote ambition, early graduation

Promote ambition, early graduation Re: SCSD#2 graduation coach It is great to see the community of Sheridan address the issue of school drop-outs, however, one group of students is being ignored — those who do not wish to be there. Young adults are amazingly capable. They have the energy, the ambition, brain-power and the time… Continue Reading

Fuel prices dropping everywhere but here

Re: $1.99 in OKC Thursday evening (Dec. 3), all of the network newscasts showed Oklahoma City to be the first city in the U.S. in four years to be selling fuel (87 octane/regular) for $1.99 per gallon. The same day, Sheridan’s gas stations were selling 85 octane/regular for $2.97 a gallon. We’re paying  98 cents… Continue Reading

Letter: Gruber lies, disrespects citizens via Obamacare

Gruber lies, disrespects citizens via Obamacare Re: Health costs hit home In August of this year, we were informed that our retirement medical insurance was being cancelled due to the rising cost of health care and the requirements of ObamaCare. After working professionally for 54 years, we were counting on our promised health insurance. On… Continue Reading

Letter: WYO Theater part of memories

WYO Theater part of memories Re: Wyo 25th celebration Last Saturday, my husband and I had the great pleasure of attending the WYO Theater’s 25th anniversary celebration. The first time I ever set foot in the WYO Theater, it was as a performer. Selected as one of a handful of area elementary school students to… Continue Reading

Letter: Woodward reporting perpetuates myth

Woodward reporting perpetuates myth Re: Czaban column, Press, Nov. 15 In Sheridan Press managing editor Kristen Czaban’s recent opinion page column, she virtually deified Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward for his stellar journalistic coverage of Watergate which led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation. In passing, I must note that Woodward himself said in a PBS… Continue Reading

Letter: Keystone Pipeline, Wyoming coal income

Keystone Pipeline, Wyoming coal income Re: “Tar sand” issues The pipeline is to transport “oil” from Canadian tar sands from Alberta to the Gulf Coast for refining and export. How will this cause Wyoming oil to be more marketable? Oil from tar sands is not the same as Wyoming’s oil. Extraction of oil from tar… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Mr. Wonderful’ act unappealing at home, abroad

‘Mr. Wonderful’ act unappealing at home, abroad Re: Vera Cole letter, Press, Nov. 14 Vera Cole has every right to be deeply concerned with the obfuscation of the       “transparent” Obama administration. She outlines the snake oil tactics orchestrated by M.I.T. professor Jonathan Gruber who blithely admitted that the ACA (Obamacare) was purposely… Continue Reading

No doubt remaining about media bias

Re: Gruber, ACA revelation This week proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the so-called mainstream “news” media will go to any length to protect the Democratic Party and its programs. Thanks only to Internet watchdogs, several video clips have been discovered showing one of the chief architects of Obamacare, M.I.T. Professor Jonathan Gruber… Continue Reading

Letter: Meaning of the midterm election

Meaning of the midterm election Re: Deliver what was promised The ink wasn’t dry on the reports from the Nov. 4 midterm election when the pundits in the so-called “news” media took up damage control to explain to us lackwits the “meaning” of the Republican victory, conforming as they do with every Republican win to… Continue Reading

Making less sense

Re: Fluoride choice? The more I think about fluoridation of our municipal water supply the less sense it makes to me. From a practical perspective just consider what tiny percentage of total water usage is actually consumed. For that which is consumed, I suspect uniform application to the teeth would be extremely inefficient. Additionally, I… Continue Reading

Letter: ‘Pen and ballot!’

‘Pen and ballot!’ Re: Thanks to Vets President Barack Obama boasted, “I have a phone and a pen.” Many thanks to our soldiers who fought in wars and who gave their lives. We can proudly say, “I have a pen and a ballot!” Evelyn B. Thompson Sheridan Continue Reading

Letter: State majority, GOP; Wyoming voters informed

State majority, GOP; Wyoming voters informed Re: Anderson letter, Press, Oct. 31 Mr. Anderson decries his perceived imbalance in our elected officials. He sees a majority of Republican lawmakers and politicians because a majority of Wyoming voters are registered Republicans. Imagine that! Oh, I get the point of diversity of thought all right and agree… Continue Reading

Vote for our father

Re: Jennings support We are Mark Jennings’ daughters and we would like to take a few moments to express our thoughts on why our father is the choice for House District 30. From the time we were young, our father has always taught us that honesty and integrity should be guiding principles in our lives.… Continue Reading

Government overreach; return to Constitution

Re: Supports Jennings We are recommending Mark Jennings for election to House District 30. We have enjoyed Jennings’ entire family for the past five years. We have spent a lot of time together playing dominoes and enjoying the Bighorn mountains. Most of our time together involves food. We’ve been listening to his comments on where… Continue Reading

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